If you would like to send a video question to David Coverdale this is what you need to do:

  1. Use your camera, webcam or mobile phone. Make sure that it is holding still. If you are taking it of yourself do not hold the camera in your hand but prop it up somehow so that it doesn't move.
  2. If your camera takes portrait video, meaning that the video is taller than it is wide, make sure that it takes the video in landscape mode. Tall and thin video is not useful for our format.
  3. Keep the length of your question under a minute, under 30 seconds if you can do it. The shorter and more concise your question is the more likely we are to use it. You can say a lot in that amount of time so don't worry.
  4. Keep to the question please, after all this is about asking questions of David. I know you want to tell so much, but if it is too much we can't use it.
  5. Make sure you can be heard clearly, and the camera is not too far away. We want just your beautiful face and voice.
  6. IMPORTANT: You must submit a written transcript of your question. This is so David completely understands what you are saying, and YOU won't have to worry that you are being understood. This is for everyone, native English speakers included.
  7. Video will be used at our discretion and we will use only content we feel 'works' with what we are doing at the moment. Video used may or may not be used immediately but in future videos. Please don't be impatient if yours is not used right away. Good questions are timeless.

How to send video:

  1. If you keep your video under 10mb you may email it directly to me pooralbert@whitesnake.com 
  2. If you would like me to preview the video first before I send it to our talented video guy 'Toast' that puts all this together, please say in the email that it is 'for review'. I know that many of you are self-conscious about showing your video in public and want reassurance that you are FANTASTIC, or tips on making it better.
  3. If you have a youtube account you may upload the video there and then send me the link. You must make that video public and downloadable for me to capture it.  This is an easy way if your video ends up being too big to email.


Just about any format we can work with... that we know of so far. If I have problems I will let you know. Please be aware that we resize your video to about 320px wide. This is to keep all fan video consistent.  So if you are taking a large format video it may end up being bigger than it needs to be. Please do not do any fancy effects or editing on the video. Our video guy will  adjust it as needed.