2013 Christmas Vid and Give-Away

Send us a 5-10 second Christmas greeting that we can use for this years Whitesnake Christmas Card and be entered to win prizes!!!

Here is Lauren Carroll to show you how to do it!!!

This year we think it would be fun to build a Christmas card video that is FROM the WS fans, to WS fans... to the world even. In order to do this we need your Video Christmas Greeting taken from your webcam or phone. It has to be simple, that is why we are giving you a 5-10 second time limit.  Something as basic as "Seasons Greetings and Happy New Year from Poor Albert. Hoping that the Year of the Snake was your best year ever!". Improvise, be creative and have fun with it, but remember your time limit. Send your video to pooralbert@whitesnake.com by December 10th.

Your greeting is not just to David, but to all Whitesnake fans so keep that in mind. There will be no questions for David like we did on our last video project.

In return for your efforts we have gathered a some Tourbooks and CD's and will distribute them in our usual fair manner to those chosen from the list of entries.  And all you have to do is send us a Video Christmas Greeting!!

Some suggestions for your video:

1. We won't be using your video full screen, instead incorporating yours into the rest of our Christmas Card video. So keep the camera settings at medium to low so the vid will be small enough to email. Such a short vid should not be more than a couple of megabytes.

2. If your camera (and some do) takes both portrait (taller than wide) and landscape (wider than tall), make sure it is taken in landscape mode. We want the sizing of the vids to all be the same.

3. Speak clearly, but don't worry if English isn't your language. You may speak in any language your feel comfortable with. It really doesn't matter here, the only thing that matters is YOU!

4. Remember, we are sticking to the 5-10 second rule (which is plenty of time). Anything longer will have to be clipped, or not used at all. Do not ask questions of David, this is a greeting to ALL Whitesnake fans.

5. Please encourage your other friends to send a video as well. We want as many people as possible. Shy is understandable but not fun at all, and they won't get the chance for prizes.

6. Include your family. After all, aren't they the most important part of the season? And we love children.

Then just send us your video with your NAME (real name or Username) so we can identify you. Thank you!!!



If you can't send a vid.... then a nice picture will work too!!!