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  • isleofwight   2015-03-28 11:32:59
    Actually very positive about hard of hearing cat and our choir.......know the issues (reduced WS set particularly with great sounding Purple album) and yes Journey were not everyone's cup of tea, on last tour....c'est la vie......Be positive kittens got claws.... 4232
  • pam   2015-03-28 11:08:57
    Although Ticketmaster are saying vip seats ,the venues told me today that they are mistaken and on the floor is standing , so I'm confused as to which is right ? Pam (-: 4231
  • Emmie   2015-03-28 10:30:01
    Doh! Thanks Oonaa, you're a star! 4230
  •   2015-03-28 09:03:48
    Thank you Oonaa 4229
  • therocker   2015-03-28 07:36:32
    Are all the UK venues seated for these gigs ? 4228
  • ant1765   2015-03-28 06:17:17
    I was wondering about the VIP tour packages for the current tour mainly when Whitesnake play Belfast on 7th December basically I've read this Whitesnake - VIP Tour Package includes: . One premium reserved ticket located in the first 12 rows OR general admission with priority entry . Specially designed Whitesnake tour shirt etc but what I want to know is do you actually get to meet the band backstage at the concert with a chance of getting a photograph taken with the band etc Thanks in advance if anyone can answer this for me 4227
  • lee burnett   2015-03-28 05:55:15
    Is there a telephone number to order pre sale tickets for nottingham gig or do you order via link 4226
  •   2015-03-27 22:37:45
    We Love you so much and miss you a lot!!!! Love, Brazil/Rio de Janeiro. ❤ 4225
  • Oonaa   2015-03-27 19:48:45
    @kani.bawa the pre sale code is purple2015, unless you've already figured it out. all info is there people just read carefully :) cheers 4224
  • snakelover   2015-03-27 18:44:55
    Whoa DC it's gonna be a SNAKEY ride...Woo Hoo...Just ordered my tics...Can't wait...Yeah Baby...Have a great weekend...Luv, L 4223
  • magoo   2015-03-27 16:18:20
    Sooo looking forward to the return of whitesnake to Belfast ,feels like forever from you guys have been here.xx 4222
  • geordiesnake   2015-03-27 15:44:19
    Great news on tour date,s but come on D.C please be the last act on seen the 2008 shows with def lep and the 2013 show we need you lot on last no body can stand up to the bomb called Whitesnake ,can not wait doon the arena at the toon 4221
  • Emmie   2015-03-27 15:33:36
    Glad we've got UK tour dates now, but would have liked Whitesnake only tour in smaller venues. Presumably not financially viable? Anyway, not moaning...much! Just be fab to see DC again. Was wondering about presale code for fans though?? 4220
  • pam   2015-03-27 15:23:47
    Thank you for the Tour dates David ,see you in Newcastle and Manchester hopefully ,will be a great Birthday treat for me.I love xmas time concerts ,must sort some tinsle out .Pam (-: x 4219
  • pam   2015-03-27 15:15:39
    Thank you for the tour dates David ,see you in Newcastle and Manchester hopefully ,will be a great Birthday treat for me Pam .I love Xmas time concerts (-: x 4218
  •   2015-03-27 13:50:37
    Why can't I find a presale code for uk gigs? 4217
  • Julia17   2015-03-27 13:15:30
  • helena73   2015-03-27 13:08:32
    Hope to see you in Sweden soon? ;) 4215
  • lee burnett   2015-03-27 12:12:58
    Can not wait for the gig on dec the 13th at nottingham 4214
  • powell1812   2015-03-27 10:12:04
    Great news about the tour, welcome back to Glasgow DC and the boys,however my personal feeling on this is that the O2 academy would be a better venue for all the Snake fans, we can get a better connection with the band which you can't achieve at the Hydro I was there the last time for the joint gig and left feeling disappointed, not the bands fault think it was just the venue it's too big we want to feel close to you guys and soak up the Whitesnake Magic that we have loved over the years, look forward to it anyway, great pre Christmas pressie, luv ya's. 4213
  • JohninNJ4you   2015-03-27 08:19:15
    I hope Whitesnake, Def Leppard, and Black Star Riders tour the United States !!! 4212
  • JohninNJ4you   2015-03-27 08:19:12
    I hope Whitesnake, Def Leppard, and Black Star Riders tour the United States !!! 4211
  • tracey robinson   2015-03-27 06:03:16
    ah, fab news with the UK dates.. been so stressed waiting for the news.. will be awesome as ever.. looking forward to seeing "my boys" again.. X 4210
  • AndyD   2015-03-27 05:24:59
    I've been a big Whitesnake fan since the early 80s and am hoping to see them for the first time this year in the UK. Wish I did before, but life is life.... Really looking forward to it :-) 4209
  • althepo   2015-03-27 04:34:38
    First post here in a while...and superb news about the UK tour. However, a question...mention is made on the link of VIP tickets. What do these give? Cheers. 4208
  • BulletA7X   2015-03-27 04:32:50
    Hope to see you again on Brazil soon! 4207
  • lindab   2015-03-27 04:15:20
    Fabulous news on the tour and look forward to Glasgow would just love to see a Whitesnake only show tho similar to the O2 Academy one a few years ago, that rekindled memories of the old Glasgow Apollo :) 4206
  • Ger   2015-03-27 03:57:09
    Thank you David and Poor Albert for the latest Up-date....I feel some Snaking around the Uk and Ireland in December brewing in my loins..!! David, cant wait to see you strutting your stuff and Buurrrning the House down in Dublin!! This is gonna be a great pre-christmas treat!! Woooohooo!! It's Purple Baby!! 4205
  • debdoubled   2015-03-27 03:44:45
    Omg omg knew it can't wait what a Christmas present 4204
  • r.newby1   2015-03-27 02:58:52
    Robert is right UK TOURWITH DEF LEPPARD announced on their website in December.Agree with Robert having gone to the last joint gigs with Def Leppard,they were a waste of time and left early and most Whitesnake fans there felt the same way.Also do not think you get the same atmosphere as a Whitesnake only gig as the audience is split but finances dictate in the world today. 4203

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