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  • PIERCED   2015-02-27 08:06:02
    Hello Snakecharmers, Great Idea giving the Purple songs new life!! Also I think I saw the Reintroduction of the Beautiful Turquoise Bracelets you wore for all those years David, loved it!! can't wait! excited to hear Love Child 2015- as well as Sail Away. Cheers 4033
  • Graham   2015-02-27 06:39:35
    Damn Shame... All change on the roundabout once again!! Lets hope Brian's replacement lives up to the high standards we've come to expect... Fare thee well... Cheers & God Bless... G. 4032
  • WHITESNAKE Fan Page on   2015-02-27 06:16:09
    Briian is not a Snake anymore, Graham... [link] 4031
  • Graham   2015-02-27 05:57:58
    Couldn't see Mr Brian 'Red Bull' Ruedy anywhere on keyboards on the new Stormbringer promo video!?... 4030
  • WHITESNAKE Fan Page on   2015-02-27 03:30:34
    On & on... Sorry Snakes, I can't wait listening to it...:) [link] :) [link] 4029
  • pbelanger69   2015-02-26 18:52:57
    Hi David and all the snaker's. Awesome video. Please come to Montreal. Hope to see you there...Ciao Pat from the Whitesnake Choir...;) 4028
  • kindredsoul   2015-02-26 18:06:25
    Just made a Spotify playlist with the tunes that are on The Purple Album, wow, I'd forgotten those! Very cool...curious though David, very prominent keys back then, are they as prominent on this new release? Love+Light...Howard 4027
  • Oonaa   2015-02-26 17:53:42
    any chance RB is on you fool no one? sounds logical but probably you'll think im nuts, thats comes from having dp in my ears all life :) anything is possible, miracles do happen, im very curious to hear how has David treated the tune. xs 4026
  • nicekorea   2015-02-26 16:20:32
    Hi, DAVIE. I'm your korea fan.We are waiting for you.please come to korea. many korea fans haven't seen you. have a nice day....:) 4025
  • Paul007   2015-02-26 14:49:28
    The Purple Album, how bloody good is that..! Awesome idea DC & Co. and a tour to boot, marvelous!! 4024
  • Poor Albert   2015-02-26 14:28:43
    In seconding the opinion of Robierob I will add a link to the interview: [link] . You will see that they Whitesnake team are true gentlemen. All my hats are off to Doug and DC. 4023
  • Graham   2015-02-26 13:46:24
    Comin' out of nowhere Drivin' like rain Stormbringer dance On the thunder again Dark cloud gathering Breaking the day No point running 'Cause it's coming your way Ride the rainbow Crack the sky Stormbringer coming Time to die Got to keep running Stormbringer coming He's got nothing you need He's gonna make you bleed Rainbow shaker On a stallion twister Bareback rider On the eye of the sky Stormbringer coming down Meaning to stay Thunder and lightning Heading your way Ride the rainbow Crack the sky Stormbringer coming Time to die Got to keep running Stormbringer coming He's got nothing you need He's gonna make you bleed Coming out of nowhere Drivin' like a-rain Stormbringer dance On the thunder again Dark cloud gathering Breaking the day No point running 'Cause it's coming your way 4021
  • robbierob   2015-02-26 13:18:34
    Alright, i can't wait tfor the new album..i just wanted to let the WS family know or in shpould say for those who don't know Doug did an intervfiew with mitch lafon,and alot of questions are answered as far as why he left...nothing earth shattering but i have to say it takes a big man to do what he did and it most certanly is very respactable... and of course david thank you for giving him the opprotunity to shine...and now the same will be for joel. 4020
  • chrisy3   2015-02-26 12:02:58
    Just hope the venue for the show I am going to will sell the tickets soon! As I am hoping *fingers crossed* to get front row! I will be driving 5 hours to Clear Lake, IA show just because I am a HUGE fan!! :) 4019
  • Coolchick   2015-02-26 11:25:13
    I would have preferred closer, but they weren't available. I'm still so excited! ! It's going to be such a fun night!! 4018
  • Coolchick   2015-02-26 11:22:59
    Thank you!! I got my tickets for Pala on June 6! 12th row center isn't too bad. It's a small venue. Woo hoo!! 4017
  • cnickscpa   2015-02-26 11:21:34
    Just got Houston tickets, looking forward to it, thanks. 4016
  • Poor Albert   2015-02-26 10:46:10
    For those having problems with the Pala link, go back to the tour schedule and try again. I have just changed it. 4015
  • dennywilliams714   2015-02-26 10:39:26
    I called the venue in regards to tickets for June 6th at the Pala Casino and they said they do have the pre-sale listed but it needs to be through the whitesnake website but the link is currently broken(having an error). Is there anything we can do about this? 4014
  • Jay M   2015-02-26 10:19:25
    A 1000 Thanks for the new "Purple" album David!!! And tour dates!!! Making my choice(s) on venue now!!! Storm Bringer video is Completely and Totally Kick Arse!!! Love it!!! Congrats again & I will see You & Gents on the stage soon!!! CHEERS!!! Catch Ya Later! Jay. :) 4013
  • Poor Albert   2015-02-26 10:15:45
    Hi folks! Regarding individual websites and venues, I cannot help you on that as we have no involvement. Some will not announce right away, others do. All the shows marked with an asterisk * are 'supposed' to be doing a pre-sale today. Other venues will have their own announcement dates. I do assure you that Whitesnake will be there on the dates marked... maybe a surprise for the venue!!! 4012
  • tonibrownsfan   2015-02-26 10:11:40
    Can't wait for the Talking Stick show! Just wish it was in the showroom again! It's hot in Az. in June! Oh Well gotta go! 4011
  • Coolchick   2015-02-26 10:10:33
    The June 6 date is not on the ticketmaster website, either. I guess I'll buy tickets from the venue site tomorrow. :/ 4010
  • Coolchick   2015-02-26 10:07:42
    I can't get presale tickets. When I click on the link for June 6, it says my session has expired. How can I get presale tickets? Help please! 4009
  • Costja*cactus   2015-02-26 09:45:02
    Coverdale! You are the Best!!! I wanna sing a song with you, please wright me. With the bigest best regards!!! You're my teacher and l have the voice like you are. Lets sing a song together, that's dream of all my life... 4008
  • Alex Kako   2015-02-26 09:17:44
    Stormbringer...Ahh 4007
  • chrisy3   2015-02-26 09:13:45
    I am confused...when I see their list of tour dates and see they are going to be in Clear Lake, IA in July. I called the venue and they haven't heard they were even coming to do a show. I wanted to buy tickets because when I click on the link it takes me to the venue website. Are they going to perform there? I am slightly confused as I want to hurry up and buy my ticket to that show so I can make sure to get front row. 4006
  • Robert Jenkins   2015-02-26 08:13:03
    Hi David and the gang. We need the uk dates soon need to book the family holiday. 4005
  • Kyoko8818   2015-02-26 07:44:44
    David, the Stormbringer is SUPER-COOL❢❢❢ 4004
  • jmanship   2015-02-26 07:40:28
    Wowza! Great video and exciting news on this project! Congratulations to David and the band can't wait to hear the whole album, especially 'Comin' Home'! Cheers from freezing Ottawa, Canada! James 4003

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