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the BBS
  • isleofwight   2014-10-17 10:37:29
    Love the BBS Isle of Wight believes that all members would benefit from a virtual concert of the new material...........but until that happens ! We await with patience and virtue intact the album, tour and commaraderie......keep well all 3577
  • robbierob   2014-10-17 07:28:50
    Hmmm I dont believe this new album is going to be re recordings or a covers album as Reb tweeted early on that the NEW SONGS sound amazing.....secracy well that dosn't bother me too much but some hints here and there would be nice. I can't wait for it and i'm sure at some point they will start chirping up about titles and photo shoots and video...Listen no one makes rock and roll more fun than David Coverdale...I just wish he had said more about Dougs departure a nice send off he did that with other ex members on this site but not Doug . 3576
  • Children of the Night   2014-10-17 06:53:42
    Hello everybody! Lately, here has been lot of wondering why band members are so quiet about the new album. I think that silence is a good thing, the whole album is more significant what longer we wait, because (at least to me) that moment when you hold that new album in your hands and hear it first time is something so special and waiting that moment, whit excitement, is part of that experience! Great weekend to all of you!! 3575
  • Oonaa   2014-10-17 05:34:41
    @sophos1 you mean hungry for love? they left that one out. sadly never did it live too, but maybe one day :) cheers 3574
  • Alex Kako   2014-10-17 02:40:16
    Cheers!!! I am waiting for the vinil "TROUBLE":) 3573
  • scratched&bitten   2014-10-16 23:39:14
    In an interview with Guitar World, posted on 4 September 2014, Joel Hoekstra talks about the new album:"I think everyone’s going to be very excited when they hear it. It’s kick-ass, straightforward rock and roll. Reb and I have some really great guitar stuff down on this record and we’re psyched for everyone to hear it. Tommy Aldridge also sounds great on this album as well! We’re all really looking forward to getting it out there and showing everyone what we can do." 3572
  • sophos1   2014-10-16 23:04:47
    hot sauce ive heard the new album is a covers albums of previous whitesnakes songs ,thats why there hasnt been much hype and info surrounding it .steve the us radio edit version of here i go again never appeared on any album until it was included in the greatest hits album released in 1994 by geffen whitesnakes us record label.furthermore the european version of the 1987 album contained a different running order and two great songs looking for love and your gonna break my heart again which were not included on the us version of 1987.hugh syme came up with the ws emblem on the album and ya arm. 3571
  • Hot Sauce   2014-10-16 14:32:13
    I just don't understand the need for secrecy behind the new Whitesnake album. In the past, Whitesnake has much more revealing when they are working on a new albums - song titles, etc. It just seems odd, especially in this day and age with bands releasing making of an album videos on YouTube as they are making it, trailers, song snippets, etc. But Joel can't even mention who wrote the songs? I thought the whole point of this website was for David to share information with his fans, answer their questions and have a real connection. Not keep everything hidden behind a curtain. 3570
  • steve   2014-10-15 12:04:52
    Thanks for that Sophos1! Great info! But wasn't the radio friendly version (US single remix)just released in the UK and not the US? I maybe wrong but it was strange as the song people were hearing from the video on UK TV was a different version to when they bought the single. I remember buying the UK 1987 CD as it had the US single version of Here I Go Again '87. 3569
  • isleofwight   2014-10-14 13:28:03
    Isle of Wight 2 cents..........What I loved about Joel's detailed interview was the great message of 'work ethic' as a key contributor to success. Regardless of background, age etc. success is their for all- 'You may have to play 8 shows a week' - great for you Joel and welcome to our choir and family 3568
  • robbierob   2014-10-14 11:00:07
    I heard Joel's radio interview and yes he did do a spectacular job at going through his career step by step great detail i might add. Also He did say he could not divuldge who wrote the songs..i am uber excited that Joel is in the band but there is however 1 thing that troubles me...outside of tweeting good luck brother DC didn't say anything else about Doug. The reasons given were the fact that he was doing rock vault and a few other things but joel is still doing everything he always did...i don't know it just seemed odd how it ended. 3567
  • thedoublestop   2014-10-13 22:49:40
    Here is a new career overview interview with Joel Hoekstra. He did a great job of covering his development as a player, and his full career - including joining Whitesnake. [link] 3566
  • Oonaa   2014-10-13 08:43:05
    always liked the original version of HIGA. to me it bears the real ws mark. with all due respect to 87 versions and its obvious 'heavier polishing' for us market, same as for crying in the rain. also the unplugged version is a pure gem. but when you make such a good song it kind of suffers from overkill later on....the song stood the test of time, and each version was done with care. it also featured in many films series etc the fighter probs my love to hear all those unreleased CP demos! cmon pagey, leave the zepp remastering;) oh here we go (again) down the memory lane:)x 3565
  • isleofwight   2014-10-12 02:05:30
    Why don't we have Halloween , Thanksgiving etc on the Isle of Wight! Next will be Christmas is are the 'pigs in blankets'!!!......all is right in the world with a new WS album , tour and hopefully my Kindle app 3564
  • Giovanni   2014-10-10 16:31:14
    The new album will make for an ideal Christmas gift for self or others... Twas the night before Christmas and all through the stately cabin in the Sierra Madre not a creature was stirring except for a Whitesnake. Have a grand weekend all! Giovanni Castellano 3563
  • sophos1   2014-10-10 01:52:04
    bill cuomo and don airey did keyboards on both album and radio versions of here i go again .I prefer the 1987 album version with saints and sinners version a close second , radio version served its grateful the 1987 album saw the light of day after its tumultuous conception, it stands as whitesnakes high water mark a clasic album that has stood the test of time and will be played in this world and the next for years to come. 3562
  • sophos1   2014-10-10 01:33:32
    @steve ,kalodner pressured DC into releasing the radio friendly version of here i go again in the US to gain more exposure for whitesnake and boost airplay on american radio and increase 1987 album sales . DC,neil murray,aynsley dunbar and john sykes played on the album version with adrian vandenberg contributing the solo after sykes was fired,rumours a version exists with a crushing sykes solo.producer keith olsen said he got dan huff in to the studio to record some rhythm sections on here i go i again on the album version uncredited.Huff played all guitar on the radio version,carmassi drums. 3561
  • Hot Sauce   2014-10-09 21:19:32
    Unless you plan on releasing a Coverdale/Page Expanded Edition at some point, it would be great if you re-recorded Saccharin for the new Whitesnake album. This is such a fantastic song that needs to be heard properly and shouldn't remain unreleased. It would even be a great single for the new album with a killer groove. Please don't let this song go to waste. I hope you will consider it and I look forward to the new album. 3560
  • Ach20   2014-10-09 14:33:39
    Good luck getting an answer. They won't mention anything regarding the new album 3558
  • robbierob   2014-10-09 13:30:15
    Im wondering being there has not been much news on the new album lately ,who did the bulk of the song writing? are these DC DA songs or DC DA RB 3557
  • steve   2014-10-09 08:57:31
    Hi David, I've always wondered why was there a Here I Go Again US single remix? I remember when the single was released in the UK the video on TV had the Here I Go Again '87 version but that was only available on the 12" over here. Also, who played on the '87 and remix versions? Was it the same musicians? I think Denny Carmassi, Adrian V and Dan Huff are mentioned on the 1987 credits and AV did do the solo on the '87 video I think? Did he do the solo on the remix? Thanx in advance! or if there is someone else who can enlighten me....Cheers!;0) 3556
  • isleofwight   2014-10-09 00:51:44
    Let's talk AUTOBIOGRAPHY, personalities, places and memories resonate with us all, however, would be great insight to articulate on culture (learning language) global opportunities -moving continent!, rewards and challenges of travel. And yes we all want to hear about BEARGATE...... 3555
  • Paul007   2014-10-08 08:42:01
    Wow, just seen the Back to The Bone release info... awesome! I was there, can't wait! 3554
  • Lee Thompson   2014-10-07 10:39:39
    Listening now to 'Trouble' from Bernies album...David sounds does Bernie...brilliant!!! 3552
  • Alex Kako   2014-10-07 08:47:28
    Only my soul stops me crying!!! On the run again Looking for a place to hide, Everywhere I look there is trouble, Trouble always coming my way thanks for the good lyrics, it's actual for me now 3551
  • Pierced   2014-10-05 10:25:15
    Good morning David, happy Belated B-Day. Hows work on the new CD coming? did you get a kick out of all our speculation on the Guitarist slot? I thought John Norum would've fit well. anyway, I see that your releasing the Super Rock 84 soon, why not do Rock in Rio? To me the Band was at the top of there Game! I understand that you wanted Jon to be included! I have a video of the last concert that Jon was in, The Grand Hotel-Sweden 4-16-84. if I'm wrong do correct me. Man you've always meant the world to me as a man and Vocalist!! Your the man BP 3550
  • steveo   2014-10-05 09:38:02
  • Amarillo63   2014-10-04 20:12:17
    HI David know there was a big fire near your area did anything happen to your home, hope not , anymore bears ha 3548
  • missmo 1666   2014-10-04 10:00:30
    Hi David, loved the pic of you and Jazz after his choir performance at school. He has really grown into quite a handsome young man, imagine that.He looks very debonair and all he needs is a top and cane and he could just dance across the stage. What type if music does he sing. Any hopes of following in Dads footsteps missmo 3547
  • Rosangela Carvalho   2014-10-03 12:24:19
    Hello dearest DC and all the BBS, I'm totalemnte according to Giovanni, here we are sorry to miss you, stop by sometimes to give a hello to us. Great weekend for all, good rest. Kisses kisses! 3546

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