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  • Ale the singer   2014-08-21 13:59:13
    Congratulations Whitesnake, David Coverdale & JOEL HOEKSTRA!!!! 3325
  • Anasazi   2014-08-21 13:42:29
    Hi David and Albert!!!Sending my loving energy!A very warm Whitesnake Welcome to you Joel,you had me at Trans Siberian Orchestra,I know that you will be a wonderful addition to the band.Welcome to the Whitesnake family..Blessings and love Anasazi.. 3324
  • isleofwight   2014-08-21 13:37:51
    Joel welcome indeed from the Isle of Wight I recommend that you convince your colleagues to sign up for The Monsters Of Rock cruise-...... Could be fun with the WS choir, and I need an excuse to leave the island...... Greetings 3323
  • blackbat   2014-08-21 13:21:55
    Welcome joel. 3322
  • robbierob   2014-08-21 13:13:42
  • robbierob   2014-08-21 07:45:24
    HaHa, David I love the tweet pic LABRATHOR...i have 2 of them and it's all true when they are puppys or mostley the 1st year they are a bit destructive certainly no more than a bear. But after that year they are the absolute best dogs..gentle,loyal and very loveing. C'mon put the big boy pants on and get one David your wife will be ever so happy. 3320
  • snakegirl   2014-08-21 07:32:09
    Happy Birthday to Jasper! Hope he has an awesome day! Love, Laura xx 3319
  • snakegirl   2014-08-21 07:32:01
    Happy Birthday to Jasper! Hope he has an awesome day! Love, Laura xx 3318
  • blackbat   2014-08-21 06:10:50
    Didn't think this post would make it. Basically I'm writing a novel and suffering from writers block. My wife suggested I try something else, so here it is. If you enjoyed this then please let me know and I'll do some more. Chris H 3317
  • blackbat   2014-08-21 06:10:40
    Didn't think this post would make it. Basically I'm writing a novel and suffering from writers block. My wife suggested I try something else, so here it is. If you enjoyed this then please let me know and I'll do some more. Chris H 3316
  • blackbat   2014-08-21 06:04:23
    Memoirs of a Whitesnake Fan 1979 was a good a good year for a thirteen year boy. Blondie was a regular on Top of the Pops, Cher was dancing on the desks in the video for Deadringer and Linda Carter was playing Wonder Woman. Thirteen. Unlucky for some. Not me. Then there was the latest album cover from Whitesnake, Lovehunter! I had been Christmas shopping at Woolworth’s in Wallsend with my eleven year old brother. We were looking for Rod Stewart’s latest album for my Mam when we came across it. Remember back then there were no cds, this was 12 inches of brilliant artwork and the effect it had on me was instant. I mentioned it to my friend at school the next day. He had heard the album and told me I should buy it. “It’s about time you stopped buying those football magazines,” he told me. At that time, in my wildest dreams, I was to play football for Newcastle United or Manchester City. My brother and I clubbed our pocket money together and bought the album. Rod Stewart’s Greatest Hits Vol 1 would have to wait. It was still seven weeks before Christmas. On the bus home I couldn’t resist looking at the cover. I loved the Whitesnake logo, which I later realized was being used for the first time. On the back was pictures of the band. The singer had this fantastic head of hair. I couldn’t wait to get back and play it. When I arrived home Mary was there, she was a long standing friend of my mother’s and she came once a week for her dinner and then would entertain us by reading our tea leaves in our empty cups. When I showed my mother the album she couldn’t believe it. Mary nearly fainted. After careful inspection of the album to check there were no scratches I was allowed to play it. At that time all we had was an old gramophone which could play 33 rpm records as well as 78’s. A far cry from today where nearly every house is full of modern technology for playing music. The sound was a bit dodgy to say the least but the opening track, Long Way From Home, sounded amazing. Next up was Walking in the Shadow of the Blues. This song just blew me away. Despite them saying it was a bit heavy I knew my Mam and Mary liked the music, usually they never stopped talking. Mary had even gone as far to read the lyrics on the inner sleeve. “Have you read these words? ‘Believe me when I say I would drink you dry.’” The look of horror on her face was a picture, “Oh my God and these songs Medicine Man and Lovehunter, well I never.” Looking back now it was almost pure theatre. My Mam and Mary retired to the kitchen to dye each other’s hair and no doubt converse in the loss of innocence of my brother and me. We played the life out that album. By the time we went to bed my brother knew nearly all of the words. He loved to sing. We shared a room. In the dark waiting to go to sleep I asked him to sing Long Way from Home, which he duly did. One thing was certain. I didn’t want to be a footballer anymore, I wanted to be a rock star. At school the next day I discussed the album with my friend, he introduced me to other bands and my love of rock music, and in particular Whitesnake, had begun. I had never heard of David Coverdale, Whitesnake or of Deep Purple and although I didn’t know it at that time I was to start an incredible journey, a journey through birth, marriage and death that is still going on today. 3315
  • isleofwight   2014-08-21 00:37:53
    Vocally wanted a great foil and accompaniment for DC's great pipes..... Rik Emmett has the pitch of an angel ( hope that didn't sound too gay) and Dave Meneketti is just fantastic live .....still touring with Y&T Phil K RIP you are sorely missed.... 3314
  • Ach20   2014-08-20 18:19:23
    Wish it had been Ritchie Sambora. He is a good guitarist, songwriter and singer. 3313
  • carlosramua   2014-08-20 16:19:25
    hahaha ... robbierob ... one question ... did he played with Tony Franklin? ... 3312
  • Greystoke1987   2014-08-20 13:29:40
    first thought the new guitarist was John Norum, now I strongly believe it is Joel Hoekstra. visit his website and listen to him play. He is outstanding. 3311
  • isleofwight   2014-08-20 12:38:09
    I am good with the wait......How long have the Isle of Wight been awaiting a Metallica 'cross genre' performance Glastonburyesque....Guthrie would be good, but I still would have appreciated Dave Meneketti or Rik Emmett Really do admire Rik in that he followed his heart and played the music that moved him...hats off 3310
  • Flying Scot   2014-08-20 12:00:43
    Joel Hoekstra of Night Ranger 3309
  • robbierob   2014-08-20 11:29:17
    I will be checking in on september 1st to see if it is revealed and the comments...greatfun in a misrable world....i will be in hershey pa watching my son kick major ass in a hockey for the new guy its gonna be great. i can tell who knows and who doesn't and i was lucky enough to find outalthough i did figure it out before i found out for sure...and agian it's prbably a good thing i did becuase it really bugged the hell outta me. 3307
  • Anasazi   2014-08-20 10:38:53
    Hi David and Albert!!!Sending my loving energy!David and PA thank you for the video showing the construction of the new Hook City Studio.I do love the name and enjoyed it greatly.David or PA ,I know there was once Highbrow Productions,of which Michael Mc.was an engineer in and that in Coverdale/Page,Slip Of The Tongue,and maybe others you give thanks to them.I was wondering about the name,is it a community near Reno,or the community where the studio is located, the same or near the location that Highbrow was located or is Hook City a nickname for Reno.Thank you..blessing and love Anasazi.. 3306
  • Giovanni   2014-08-20 10:00:58
    Is the Whitesnake BBS board now the Hey Man board? LOL! Patience, lad. 1st of September will be here shortly. Missmo, many greetings to you down in FLA! Migliori auguri a tutti! Giovanni 3305
  • hlubek123   2014-08-20 08:43:23
    so here are my two penies...sirname ends with an a. and adje said he has a great name. ever thought that he didn't mean great in the sense of well known...? and the bells could be his current band and working on broadway in rock of ages and being a member of the trans........ o....... . and the name sounds grat for adje, because it's a dutch name. and whom do we have here, still touring with his current band j. h......a. 3290
  • Rockr87   2014-08-20 08:34:55
    Oh yes, I'd love too see John Norum in Whitesnake, he and Reb would complement each other perfectly. He sure can shred, but always plays with taste and feeling. Besides that, he's a great songwriter and I love his singing voice - I only cannot imagine him leaving Europe. Their style has changed quite a bit since the reunion (for the better IMHO), and his influence seems to be stronger than ever. So why should he give that up for being "the new guy" elsewhere? Apart from that, he seems to prefer being the only guitarist in a band. 3289
  • kingdaw2   2014-08-20 07:22:55
    Maybe John Norum ??? 3288
  • robbierob   2014-08-20 04:51:25
    I too was hopeing for justin , but it's not 3287
  • Rockr87   2014-08-20 03:07:08
    It's Justin Derrico. He can play just about everything, but his own style seems to be bluesy/pentatonic shredding, even his finger vibrato resembles Doug's a little. He can sing and write (great solo record!) and has been playing in P!nk's Band for many years, TSO and Broadway shows. You can't pull that off if you're some rockstar wannabee, instead you have to be absolutely reliable, professional and a person others want to have around. Some hints given so far point at him, too: a younger, but experienced player, plays Les Pauls and Strats and uses Friedman Amps. Just a guess. 3286
  • Flying Scot   2014-08-20 01:47:26
    Its gotta be Joel Hoekstra of Nightranger 3285
  • carlosramua   2014-08-19 22:53:36
    Adrián Vandenberg said to Melodicrock that Ws new guitarplayer is an excellent one with a serious pedigree ánd a great name :)" 3284
  • carlosramua   2014-08-19 22:45:17
    His last name ... It ends with an A? 3283
  • Ach20   2014-08-19 20:07:16
    When is he going to be named? Is there a date set? 3281
  • Cyberbob   2014-08-19 18:23:47
    I think that there's no need for another guitarist. Reb can easy play all guitars with good keyboard background like Sykes did back in 80s. But that's my opinion because i'm Rebels fan. Аpparently DC thinks otherwise, and i assure you that his choice is excelent. And yes.. the new member is multytalented bluesy shredder/tapper. He is younger, but with his playing he can put in the pocket much older and famous guitarists. Has beautiful guitar tone and he's good looking. 3279

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