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  • Giovanni   2014-08-03 07:14:21
    The other night while listening to some Tommy Bolin tunes and Come Taste the Band, I found & posted a pic, click on link, of (I believe) Ian Paice, David, and Tommy Bolin enjoying frothy steins of Bavarian brew in a beer garden in Munich during a break while recording Come Taste the Band. Love the hats! Giovanni 3179
  • missmo 1666   2014-08-02 10:07:17
    Hi David, Just a thought for a new Dream Team Tour, Whitesnake and Def Leppard What do you think? 3178
  • Giovanni   2014-08-01 14:28:04
    [link] 3177
  • Giovanni   2014-08-01 07:46:44
    Happy Birthday to the sorely missed Tommy Bolin. An extremely innovative guitarist and beautiful boy! I imagine many glasses shall be raised in his honor, especially in Sioux City, Iowa. RIP, mate! Giovanni Castellano 3176
  • Pandora   2014-08-01 05:33:36
    It's Yorkshire Day, eh? Well, Squire, Coverdale, here's raising a cup 2 ya, lad. Enjoy! Maestro, a lil rump bumpin, tamborine shakin', CRY FOR LOVE! 3175
  • Giovanni   2014-08-01 04:13:09
    HAPPY YORKSHIRE DAY TO OUR FAVORITE YORKSHIRE LAD, DC! Having a cup of delicious Yorkshire Gold in your name, kind sir. Cheers! Giovanni 3174
  • MoorlandMist   2014-07-31 23:34:08
    Happy Yorkshire Day! 3173
  • Ach20   2014-07-31 18:56:35
    It is about time the new guitarist is announced and when get some info about the album. 3172
  • WHITESNAKE Fan Page   2014-07-31 10:07:58
    NOW ON YOUTUBE!! "Celebrating Jon Lord "The Rock Legend" OFFICIAL TRAILER" >> [link] Featuring Glenn Hughes, Bernie Marsden and many more!! 3171
  • Pandora   2014-07-31 05:54:43
    Greetingz & Salutationz from-a, cold-a & a rainy Tulsa (but lovin' it, dahlins!)...gotta Whitesnake thang on this morn (when do I NOT?)...Hmm, how 'bout the ENTIRE "Slide It In" CD, Squire?...Feeling slithery! (oo-er) 3170
  • Cindy   2014-07-30 16:55:28
    Seems like it's been ages since I've been here! Hoping everyone is well. David, wishing you much success with the new studio - - thank you for sharing the video with us. Looking forward to many new items in the future. L&L to you and your family.....Cindy. 3169
  • robbierob   2014-07-30 13:17:50
    Good after noon to all, ohman when -o-when do we get the big reveal.....i always get excited when ever Whitesnake does anything new or adds a new member i'm dying to know please David is almost time? 3168
  • Giovanni   2014-07-30 10:18:17
    Pandora: Either Oonna is referring to her son or WS bassist extraordinaire Michael Devin who I believe celebrated his b-day recently. Michael, a pint of Guinness raised in your name, "Slainte!" Giovanni Castellano 3167
  • Pandora   2014-07-30 05:45:27
    Greetz & Sallies, Lordz & Ladies...Giovanni, wondered the same thing...Oonaa, don't see what u see...David mah love, gotta tell ya, love ur tweets (esp w/pix); I tell my sister about them & we laugh til we ALMOST pee (LOL)! Now puh-leese come back in here & give this lot a lil somethin'-somethin' (this slithering mimi is just about to expire...oh wait, Maestro, CRY FOR LOVE, s'il vous plait) 3166
  • missmo1666   2014-07-29 16:25:51
    Hi David, the skies over Reno are beautiful. Must be from all the fantastic tunes coming from Hook City. How did you come by that name? Sweet Dreams Mr Snakecharmer.xoxxo Missmo 3165
  • WHITESNAKE Fan Page   2014-07-29 10:29:50
    WHAT?! David blocked me on Twitter! :( What did I do wrong? Why did he block me? :( 3164
  • Oonaa   2014-07-29 04:48:19
    @Giovanni to the youngest of the flock amico;) @pandora hook is very snake related dontcha think? :) what else is there, ah yes the dp releases, graz is a bit revamped version of the previous r, all being part of this great coll. assembled/preserved by some very cool people... and so it goes:) series started 'coming out' well ago. so anyhows this is cont. hope they'll do them justice sonically wise. its great for young ppl to re/discover such gems. @stringy hallelujah man ;) xx all 3163
  • Green   2014-07-28 14:33:27
    Why not... John Sykes. He`s got nothing to do... I know it won`t happen, I´m just an old Swedish fool... 3162
  • stringymarmite   2014-07-28 11:38:25
    Evening .. Let the music do the talkin'.. X x 3161
  • Giovanni   2014-07-28 08:28:05
    Oona, whose birthday is it? Just curious... Our DC's b-day is on September 22nd. Have a great week, all! Giovanni Castellano 3159
  • Oonaa   2014-07-28 05:04:42
    popping by to wish our bday boy a happy one. rock on M! (btw love dat macchina man) 3158
  • Pandora   2014-07-26 08:57:34
    DC Doll face, curious about the 'Hook City' name...why not something 'Snake related? You know MY mind is running amuck with suggestions (All That Slithers; Constrictor Bites)...wink/grin. With that, have a FAB one, dahling. Cyber smooch. 3157
  • lonestar   2014-07-26 06:41:07
    Fellow snakes in David we trust when has he ever let us down....Long live snake rock n roll...:) 3156
  • atsoudi   2014-07-26 01:12:19
    Hello there!!! I'm pretty sure that whoever this guy is we will love him. After all he is David's choice.He has never let us down!!!!! Good day to all 3155
  • Purplesnake   2014-07-25 14:20:42
    No, Ach20, He didn't. :) 3154
  • Ach20   2014-07-25 13:06:04
    Did David say he would announce the new guitarist next week? 3153
  • kingdaw2   2014-07-25 09:05:42
    Hello All. Looking forward to David's announcement...Hopefully next week. We are all anxiously waiting!!! Hook City is Ready and Willing... Just like us fans are! Have a great weekend all. 3152
  • burmaroad   2014-07-24 16:29:47
    Lovely studio DC. Maybe we can come and have a play? Well, we know one thing, our superstar KHW hasn't had a call to from your people. Honestly you aint seen talent like it! Whoever you pick, I`m sure they will fill the role of DA admirably. 3151
  • Pandora   2014-07-24 05:46:36
    DC Hon, if your ears were burning yesterday, that was me & a fellow Englishman originally from Brighton. I told him I liked his accent & mentioned that my fave singer was from England. He asked who? I said, David Coverdale of Whitesnake & the chat was ON! In between preauthorizing his patient for a hospital stay, he asked if WS was still touring and if I'd seen you live (oh YES...3 times & counting). I answered that you were in the throes of new material as we spoke & Randy Pandy is on pins & 'Snakeskin awaiting the unveiling. Have a FAB, dahling! 3150
  • Desert Snake   2014-07-24 00:54:29
    Hook City ? Rings a bell from the Slip of the Tongue recording sessions - Carlos you can also see a white Gibson SG in the studio on the DVD so the guessing game goes on !!! 3149

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