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  • guitarman75   2015-08-29 17:34:44
    Hi David, check out this version!!!! [link] 4912
  • Giovanni   2015-08-28 09:56:26
    David: Grand to see you enjoying your deserved break from the tour with family and friends. Would love to see you loop back through the states on the final leg of the tour:). Pandora, good to see back in such flirty, provocative form! Ti volgio bene, bambolina! Missssssssmo, how are you doing, old friend in Fla? Envious of you cuz you got to see WS twice this tour!! Unforgettable performance here! Have a fun, safe weekend all. Cheers, Giovanni Castellano :) 4911
  • hellyeah   2015-08-26 17:43:29
    Guys!! Excellent show in St. Charles!! I was the 6'4" guy screaming from the 3rd row!! Haha thanks to you guys I had zero voice that night or next day!! I know you guys have heard this a thousand times but you guys helped me through alot in my younger years!! I would jump on my little motorcycle and pop in my Whitesnake tape... yes.. It was a Tape!! Maybe I am showing my age!! Haha.. Had a pretty rough time and you guys were always there to rock me into a better frame of mind! Always wanted to see you guys back then but never got the chance. Anyway... Appreciate you guys. Keep Rockin!! Thx 4910
  • guitarman75   2015-08-26 16:39:22
    Dear David, Do you remember our talk on the bbs about Arthur Conley?.. heres a song i made with him: [link] i realy hope you like it and respond.... X! Alex 4909
  • Pandora   2015-08-24 10:36:52
    David, Hon, Luv, Sweetheart, mi dolce (did she miss any tearms of endearment?)...when are U going to re-grace this Lot with your oh-so-wonderfully witty, charming, sexy self? I know I'm not the ONLY female craving a cyber 'Snakebite! Come one, Doll, U need to break us off a lil some 'em, some 'em (OO-ER)! 4908
  • cory armstrong   2015-08-20 00:07:43
    Hello sir david. I've just joined on. I've been a fan for the past 18 years. I'm currently 33 years old and I was just curious to know if you will ever tour in the state of Georgia. I have always wanted to meet you and hear you in person. I paid to see you a few years back around Atlanta ga while you where touring with Judas Priest, but you had throut issues and couldn't be there. Only thing in life I can't wish for is to have a pic made with you and my wife and son. I know it's a long shot but it never hurts to ask. Thanks for all you do, Cory Armstrong 4907
  • Pandora   2015-08-19 16:00:30
    Oh yea, Senor C--if U keep spinning that mike stand the way U did in Stormbringer vid, you're gonna cause this Raw Female to have a spell she won't be able to recover from! (wicked laughter, exiting stage left!) 4906
  • Pandora   2015-08-19 09:23:51
    David Dahling, just want U 2 know that Miss Randy Pandy is STILL in recovery from not laying eyes on U last week @ The Joint! However, she did lay eyes on the Stormbringer vid (note to self, HURRY UP & add the PURPLE ALBUM to WS ear candy collection)...her review is as follows: The 'Snakes are T-I-G-H-T on that vid!...You've mentioned in several interviews that you're not really partial to promo vids, well U looked HELL-A GOOD, Sweetheart (Miss Panda Bear wasn't hungry 'til she laid eyes on U!...oo-BABY-er!!!!)...what was ur age again?...63 my boo-tay!..No portrait in ze attic, eh? 4905
  • Pavel21   2015-08-19 05:23:32
    Hi David!! I have been your fan since early childhood and I do appreciate the full depth of your voice and your music. Your music is a celebration of my everyday!! Last several years I was working really hard to record a classic rock album. I was utterly involved to produce a material that could be worth listening and sound nostalgic. And now I am almost done. I wonder if miracles happen and if that would be possible to send you the full record so that you could listen and say several words by any chance?? Is that possible?? Please, reply me at [email] Can't wait for your email 4904
  • stknthe80s   2015-08-18 16:04:51
    Hi fellow BBSers!! The show in Orlando was awesome, as expected, and I wanted to share the link for the concert review as well as links to more photos from it in case anyone is interested. THX so much for a STELLAR show DC!! :) REVIEW - [link] MORE PHOTOS - [link] Karen 4903
  • Shell_deville   2015-08-18 12:24:36
    Hello David :D I hope your doing well, thank you so much for the inspiration that you and whitesnake have been to me as well as others over the years. God bless you :) also I have a question I'm a musician and I was wondering if you'd check out my music sometime? There's a link to my SoundCloud account on here an my band page is shelldeville Shelby henry. Thank you so much much love. 4902
  • snakelover   2015-08-18 10:59:51
    Good Afternoon Sweet David....Happy for you that you are home and safe with your loved ones...Thank you for more amazing Snake memories this summer...Oh so ready & willing for next time...Have a Beautiful day!!! Luv, L 4901
  • Anasazi   2015-08-17 22:39:05
    Hi David and Albert!!!,Sending my loving energy!.David and guys welcome home after this very successful leg of the Purple tour.I hope you have deep and energizing rest now that you and the guys are home for a while.Enjoy this time with family..blessings and love Anasazi... 4900
  • challanstige   2015-08-17 05:38:13
    Hi DC =) 4899
  • Gino.Gino.Pepino   2015-08-15 16:16:08
    OLD GUYS RULE ... As they say, history repeats itself. I say with a twist. A petition of Knighthood would exalt Sir David Coverdale and his battery of generals. Each and every one a virtuoso of voice and precision artillery. Masters of craft and coven of counterpoint harmonic virtue. The epitome of Hard Rock & Roll music in every sense of excellence. Boldly composed. Beautifully engineered. Energized with lightning. FAIR WARNING: To other bands... KISS, U2, Black Sabbath, Van Halen, Def Leppard, The Circle, etc. WHITESNAKE WILL BLOW YOU OFF THE STAGE LIKE URIAH HEEP DID IN THE 70'S! 4898
  • Pandora   2015-08-15 08:39:11
    "Keep calm & stroke a Snake??" (Mercy, did the heat index just hit SMOLDERING up in here?!) Squire Coverdale, U naughty lad, U shouldn't Tweet thingies like that, considering this raw female is STILL in recovery from lack of 2015 'Snakebite! 4897
  • Helen Johnson   2015-08-15 00:01:15
    Indeed you have brought me back from the woodwork ... just got my mitts on this superb THE PURPLE ALBUM and haven't stop playing it .... its divine , sublime and SO bringing me back to you .... been a long time .... you all smashed it ... thanX for the music , that voice , that guitar .... gosh ... Im 20 again ! Fabulous work WS and you can mistreat me anytime xxx Cheerios DC xxx 4896
  • Mindshopmusic   2015-08-14 15:57:36
    Hi Dave and the boys! I have been a fan of yours Mr Coverdale since Burn. My fave song for years was Sail away. I could feel so much passion in your vocals. It was awesome! I was 10. Rock and roll became Rock and has never looked back. Since then I have been a devoted fan. When you brought in Tommy Aldridge it was the cherry on top. I've been a fan of his since BOA. Happy birthday Tommy! I have never had the opportunity to see Whitesnake in concert until now. Tomorrow night I finally will! My wife became a huge fan through me and we are both so excited to see you in Arkansas! Rock on forever 4895
  • Pandora   2015-08-14 09:21:07
    David Doll Face, hope ALL was uneventful and full of 'Snakey fun as U & ze 'Snakes slithered thru Tulsa last nite @ The Joint. Unfortunately Ms Pandemonium is STILL in a raging rant cos she didn't get to lay eyes on her fave piece of eye candy or give ear to his incredibly intoxicating vocals due to JUST being D/C'd from a VERY LONG hospital stay (6/16 to 8/12)! Then she checked the tour schedule and saw the last U.S. tour date of 8/16...(is there enuff Kleenex in the world 2 dry her tears?!) Nevertheless, she has faith that God will make a way 4 her to get 'Snake bit in 2015! OO-ER! 4894
  • Vix RFT   2015-08-14 05:41:39
    [link] All profits to 'Rockin' For Tots' raising funds for special care babies. Please share Thank you :) 4893
  • Chicago Joe   2015-08-11 18:31:48
    Is anyone else having a problem with merchandise? I'm a big guy and want/need a 3XL shirt from the current tour. They were sold out at the Merriville show back on July 18. I contacted the merchandiser and they told me they'd have more in stock, but that has yet to be true after checking numerous times daily since the show. Now they said that size will no longer be carried. Make up your mind.....I am sorry Albert and I understand if this gets deleted or I get a reprimand,but I'm very frustrated with the merchandise company 4892
  • Children of the Night   2015-08-11 08:06:30
    Summer greetings from Finland to you all! Tour seems go on well, so I can't wait what kind storm our Stormbringer does create in Helsinki. Have a nice day you all! 4891
  • the49ers   2015-08-09 17:03:44
    Dear Mr. Coverdale, Thank you s much for the song "Holy Man", now I can't stop drinking! Damn, That is a good song! HERE'S A SONG FOR YA!!!! 4890
  • Mark McCleary   2015-08-07 19:13:22
    Hi guys has anybody in the UK bought one of the VIP packages just wondered if they were any good already have a ticket for the Manchester show but was thinking of upgrading but have never purchased a VIP package before so this is just a general shout out for peoples advice really!!.Thanks for any advice 4889
  • Sneaky snake   2015-08-07 08:02:48
    Hello David Coverdale! I finally got to see your totally awesome show on Aug 5 at the Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood, FL. It was the best concert I've ever been to and you and your band were MAGNIFICENT! Your show totally exceeded my expectations. You are a true entertainer and I was totally thrilled by your performance. The solos by your guitarists and drummer were awesome and amazing. I loved your ending with "Still of the Night"! I'll always be a fan. XOXO 4888
  • snakelover   2015-08-05 22:08:06
    Hi Sweet David...Great to see you and all the SNAKES this tour...You all sound & look amazing as usual...Ready and oh so willing for the next tour...Less than two weeks and you'll be home in the loving arms of your family...Have a Beautiful night...Luv, Snakelover... 4887
  • relivkris   2015-08-05 06:43:32
    Come back to New England!! An hour and 45 minutes AT Hampton Beach, NH was not nearly enough of Whitesnake/Deep Purple! David Coverdale ... SWWWOOOONNNNN :p 4886
  • Flooze57   2015-08-04 18:27:36
    Had a blast at the Whitesnake Dead Daisies show Melbourne Florida a night I will never forget xx 4885
  • forever1snake   2015-08-03 08:51:33
    wow!!!...Friday night in Jacksonville was amazing!!! Saturday night in Melbourne was fantastic!!! we will be there on the front tonight at the hard rock in Orlando!!! and Thursday night in Clearwater!!! WE ARE READY TO MAKE SOME NOISE!!!! 4884
  • Cristian Garay   2015-08-02 09:37:32
    Permission ... We want to share a cover we did with our Svartalf band Argentina , one of the best bands of all time. The issue that we leave is Slow and Easy . We hope you like because it was done with great respect and admiration for Whitesnake . Thank you!! [link] [link] Svartalf. [link] 4883

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