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  • glenn plumridge   2016-02-06 04:28:00
    My blu-ray and Dvd copies of Discoverdale as turned up from Japan watched it last night ALL whitesnake fans should have it , its great fun 5252
  • Dan28Shake87   2016-02-05 16:47:07
    @children of the night it means he won't be playing still of night style songs i think he is going more acoustic in the future 5251
  • WHITESNAKE_Fan_Page   2016-02-05 10:34:21
    David Coverdale got interviewed about Lake Tahoe for BANGER sooner this year! [link] 5250
  • Children of the Night   2016-02-05 04:41:19
    Could this 'farewell to arena rock' mean that WS is returning to blues? Or that shows will take a place in smaller venues? What ever it means I'm looking forward to see, oh, so awesome Whitesnake on stage again! 5249
  • Dan28Shake87   2016-02-04 16:27:53
    just searched up guys aparently this is what david has said We are truly excited and looking forward to playing at 013 in Tilburg in 2016 on what will be our 'Greatest Hits World Tour' and most likely my personal 'Farewell to Arena Rock' after over 40 years of writing and performing rock music.” 5248
  • Dan28Shake87   2016-02-04 16:25:00
    @Chicago joe Restless Heart and Into the light are getting remastered with bonus songs even starkers in tokyo is getting remastered i hope coverdale & page get remastered too 5247
  • Geraint Jenkins   2016-02-04 03:07:39
    Why does David coverdale not answer back on this anymore. He use it be on it all the time years ago 5246
  • Geraint Jenkins   2016-02-04 03:07:33
    Why does David coverdale not answer back on this anymore. He use it be on it all the time years ago 5245
  • wsfan69   2016-02-03 14:47:17
    Hi David ! I wish very strong, that You and Your Band will come next summer to Finland ! All the best to You David and to Your Friends ! Cheers ! :) 5244
  • sharonmc   2016-02-03 09:58:55
    so glad this is not true guys. :) 5243
  • Sannie   2016-02-03 07:23:46
    exactly, Mike. according to 013, they don't answeer our questions regarding this and look at the words "most likely" and "Farewell to Arena Rock" So hopefully DC will finally come up with an acoustic tour :) 5242
  • Mikegroeneveld   2016-02-03 06:30:47
    Whitesnakes official statement according to 013 Tilburg: “We are truly excited and looking forward to playing at 013 in Tilburg in 2016 on what will be our 'Greatest Hits World Tour' and most likely my personal 'Farewell to Arena Rock' after over 40 years of writing and performing rock music.” 5241
  • Sannie   2016-02-03 04:52:45
    @Mikegroeneveld, the show is announced here, look at the tourdates. In december Blabbermouth published this: [link] I think 013 is worried they can't sell out the venue because of the holidays in Holland 5240
  • Mikegroeneveld   2016-02-03 02:39:19
    Hi guys! Yes you're right, no other sources confirm this farewell. But it's strange 013 Tilburg is very confident about the fact that this show is the goodbye. Show is on presale tomorrow.. But Whitesnake itself dit not announce a show at all.. Don't know what to believe right now.. 5239
  • Children of the Night   2016-02-03 02:35:38
    Hello everybody! I think this farewell news are not true, Mr. DC has not mentioned anything on this site or in Twitter and there is no anything about WS farewell on Classic Rock magazines web page(and they would know if something like that would be true). Hopefully there is still tours and albums coming, at least that kind thoughts DC had after they finished The Purple Album. 5238
  • Sannie   2016-02-02 16:29:40
    @MikeGroeneveld, so far, only the site of 013 in Tilburg has mentioned it, so I wonder if it is true. Perhaps somebody can give us in The Netherlands an answer. 5237
  • sharonmc   2016-02-02 15:32:38
    this cant be true guys he changed his mind about retiring. 5236
  • guitarman75   2016-02-02 12:25:42
    WTF? Farewell??? i read previous post... whats this about?? 5235
  • Mikegroeneveld   2016-02-02 09:50:31
    Hi David! Very sad to hear this summer will be your farewell.. I'm just 23, but very happy to have seen you guys twice. Hopefull to see you this summer again in Holland, for the very last time.. I respect your choice, very very very much thankyou for your music! See you soon! 5234
  • April Cruz / BlueSkyJ48   2016-02-01 21:06:07
    I Sorry To Bother You On Time Like Today I hope Everything Is Alright With You And The Band Please Take Great Care of Your Self And Your Family This Summer. May God Be On upon you Always & Forever . Keep In Faith Love Sincerely,April Cruz / BlueSkyJ48 5233
  • sharonmc   2016-02-01 15:29:41
    o cmon guys plzzzzzz put ireland on that tour plzzzzzzz. :) 5232
  • Chicago Joe   2016-01-31 11:30:44
    David...I hope you see this if no one else knows the answer...I was listening to Whitesnake Radio on the site today and a version of "Too Many Tears" played with a horn section included,and I believe organ.I have both "Restless Heart" and "Into The Light",but neither one has this version of the song. It sounds like an updated version to me. I would love to have a copy if it's possible...Joe 5231
  • sharonmc   2016-01-28 16:14:27
    o plzzzzzzzzzz come make some f@@king noise in ireland dc & whitesnake plzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzz put ireland on that tour. :) 5230
  • April Cruz /BlueSkyJ48   2016-01-25 15:06:45
    I 'm So Sorry About That It's Because the incounter i had before scare me and i was not or able to get back on internet so any ways I been listening to you since age 7yrs.old growing up until age 16 yrs. But, I returned to Til You For Short That I Going Find Away To Get Couple Of Your CD . David Your Like A Great Dad on Journey Road With every Execpations and Mystery Man But I Hope That all Your Years Are Well May Go Bless You My Prayers Are With You Always & Forever. Is.58:8 Love BlueSkyJ48/BlueWaterJ48. April Cruz I'm in San Antonio, TX 78204 And may Lord Bless You. 5229
  • pbelanger69   2016-01-25 13:59:22
    Hi sir Coverdale, hope you had good meditation...Wanna see you guys back down in Montreal plz plz plz...Make some fucking noise Montreal...Pat your W.S. choirs...Ciao and It's always good to be Bad sometime...;) 5228
  • challanstige   2016-01-25 06:38:26
    @HarleyJodi53 I was there! :) 5227
  • challanstige   2016-01-25 06:38:21
    @HarleyJodi53 I was there! :) 5226
  • snakecharmer   2016-01-24 05:05:04
    Sad to hear about JIMMY BAIN ´s passing.....another heroe in the great band in heaven.. R.I.P Jimmy´re always remembered when listening three of the monument albums of all times.. Rainbow-Rising...Dio-Holy Diver & Last in Line....they stand the test of time...and a lot more... 5225
  • HarleyJodi53   2016-01-23 12:09:38
    Best consert ever 2015 in Stockholm 5224
  • Moonpie3   2016-01-22 10:11:18
    Just sitting here in Maryland waiting for the Blizzard to hit, had to pop in to say "Hi". Miss seeing you on here David, I remember the old days when you were on all the time, even answered some of my questions...what a treat. Well take care ...Luv, Moonpie 5223

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