September 23, 2014

    FRONTIERS MUSIC Srl Set To Release
    New DVD/CD With Classic And Rare
    Performances Available For The First Time.

    WHITESNAKE fans worldwide now have something to be excited about! To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of WHITESNAKE’s multi-platinum ‘Slide It In’ album, Frontiers Music Srl, the Italian-based label, will release “Live In ‘84 - Back To The Bone”, a complete celebration of the group’s awe inspiring lineup during what many feel was the incredible beginning of what Coverdale called his desire to make Whitesnake more ‘electrifying’ on record & on stage.

    Set for release in the EU on November 7th and in North America on November 11th, this release will be available in DVD and a Deluxe CD/DVD edition.

    Culled from audio and video recordings & unheard demos from the private collection of WHITESNAKE leader and vocalist, David Coverdale, the release offers an ultra-rare collection of material, performed by the band’s acclaimed 83-84 line-ups. Featured on the record & driven by the awesome Cozy Powell on drums (ex- Jeff Beck Group, Rainbow, MSG and later on Gary Moore and Black Sabbath, among others); Unique guitarist John Sykes, whom Coverdale credits with inspiring a whole generation of six stringers after his breathtaking work on the WHITESNAKE ’87’ album & Bassist Exceptionale Neil Murray.

    There is also an extraordinary emotional bonus content featuring legendary keyboardist Jon Lord performing his last show ever with WHITESNAKE on video & also the bonus CD.

    “It’s still hard for me to find the words when remembering that half the incredible band who originally recorded the ‘Slide It In’ album with me have passed away,” says Coverdale. “It’s incredibly difficult to articulate: Cozy Powell...Mel Galley...Jon Lord…All amazing people and amazing musicians. Their memories live on in our hearts & in the music they made. I miss them beyond words… Wait until you see & hear them playing as only they can and add in the fiery guitar assault of the incredibly gifted John Sykes, plus the relentless melodic bass pounding of Neil Murray.”

    Coverdale and co-producer Michael McIntyre launched a worldwide search for the best quality video footage and audio tracks from the 1984 tour. Among the gems found was a set from: ‘Super-Rock’, recorded at the first Japanese rock festival at Seibu Stadium in Tokyo and an invaluable video of Jon Lord’s final appearance with WHITESNAKE recorded live in Sweden. “All of the features on this package have been treated lovingly & respectfully, with no expense spared, utilizing technology to improve sound & picture quality,” says Coverdale, who personally oversaw all elements of this release.

    Concludes Coverdale, “These are memories I treasure and delight in sharing with you as we continue our celebration of the 30th Anniversary of WHITESNAKE’s ‘Slide It In.”

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    Starts Friday

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  • WATCH August 22nd - David Takes The Ice Bucket Challenge!!! Brrrrrrrr

    WATCH August 23rd - Joel Hoekstra responds to the challenge with... wait... TWO BUCKETS!!

    WATCH August 23rd - Reb Beach will NOT be outdone, still sings Baritone when finished.

    WATCH August 26th - Bluesman Michael Devin tells us all about the Ice Bucket Challenge.

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    "Ladies & Gentlemen...Boys & Girls...Your Attention, Please...:)

    One of the first, if not the first, guitarists to put his name forward after hearing that Doug Aldrich had left the band, was an exceptionally talented musician whom we had met briefly last year when his band opened for Whitesnake in Arizona.

    Everyone was very impressed by him, not only for his ability to play amazing guitar, but, also, his very agreeable personality & he was definitely foremost in our minds when we began to search for Doug’s replacement in Whitesnake.

    We jammed together & were mutually impressed enough to ask him to join Whitesnake on the spot. This was May 30th. 2014.

    Joel is currently fulfilling his remaining tour dates with Night Ranger.

    We sincerely thank you all for your patience & understanding...& so, without further ado, we ask you to welcome, as we have done, our exceptionally gifted new Snake Brother...

    JOEL HOEKSTRA...Guitarist Extraordinaire"      ~David Coverdale

    Read more about Joel HERE


    David's interview Part 5

    The last of the ongoing interview series with Masa ito, filmed during the "Year of the Snake" tour in Japan.  David talks about his career, his amazing current lineup, and what he hopes for his future. This is a "don't miss", straight from the heart interview.


    This is where Whitesnake Fans get together to talk with DC and other fans about Whitesnake and their love of the music. It is open for everybody to enjoy. Upload a profile pic, a bit of information about yourself and add links to your other social sites. It's fun!


    Whitesnake's Amazing & Indispensable Production Assistant & Wardrobe Girl, Lauren Carroll, Taken By Her On Tour With The band Through Exotic Locales, Shows & Where-ever Her Magic Lens May Wander...


    WSTV is our very own YouTube channel packed with interviews with DC and other band members. Many of the interviewers are fans just like YOU.

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    Watch the new SHINE trailer HERE


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  • isleofwight   2014-09-30 18:55:04
    Loved the Ryder Cup, however, press conference reminded me of The Spinal Tap drummer, spontaneous combustion!!! Live In The Heart of Gleneagles..........

  • Giovanni   2014-09-30 15:55:19
    DC: I love your posted pics. Out of curiosity, how many months of summer or warm weather do you have there? Seems like an interminable winter or close to it. Please, please, please post more often on the BBS. We, the regulars, sorely miss you, mate! Cheers, Giovanni Castellano

  • JohninNJ4you   2014-09-30 07:40:41
    I especially love the alternate but hard to find version of Shake My Tree where Jimmy Page does the Zep like guitar solo ... I would love to own a copy of that version one day! I like the harmonica but I prefer Jimmy's guitar solo for that song!

  • JohninNJ4you   2014-09-30 07:36:31
    Looking forward to the new live DVD in November. I hope we one day get to see a full live concert released featuring Jon Lord and John Sykes in one of Jon's final performances with Whitesnake! I think they sound great together. And a lot of people are still hoping for the Donnington 83 to be re-released, and for Coverdale-Page, Restless Heart, and Into the Light to be remastered and re-released! ;-D

  • Dr.Carl   2014-09-30 06:19:05
    Hi David, it's nice to see you in good spirit-as you allways are. I very much appreciate the archive release of the 1984 live recordings.Will there be a vinyl edition too ? I have another question though: are the releases of the expanded Restless Heart and Into The Light CD's withdrawn ? I've seen other people on the BBS asking the same question.Good news on my personal side...My oldest daughter Sarah is going to get married march 28 2015...Champagne please :-)

  • Mark McCleary   2014-09-29 13:28:28
    Hi David and welcome Joel!! looking forward to the new material.To all does anyone know where to get hold of Discoverdale!!.

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