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the BBS
  • missmo 1666   2014-09-04 13:23:01
    PA, not sure if you are the one to contact, but there is a poem video on David,s FB page. Not kidding. It's under new posts added. FYI Missmo 3398
  • Pandora   2014-09-04 09:55:50
    Just a slithering by...David Luv, how art thou? Gave ear to some retro 'Snake Restless Heart & still "Cryin"...& wondering, was this technically a new "Mistreated"? Ciao, dahlink! 3397
  • Peppe   2014-09-04 09:55:33
    returning member of this site. I wonder if any of you know if there is some site or maybe a facebook page for us collectors... (and on a another note-how do i reply on the threads here?) 3396
  • tangosnake   2014-09-04 09:44:22
    Hi DC, Albert and friends... exciting times they are for WS fans: new member of the family, new recording, new Bernie Marsden album... ah what else can be hope for? As for your question Anthony, mine is "Sailing Ships", in every version of it. Cheers! 3395
  • anthonycrowley   2014-09-04 02:38:24
    Hello everyone !! Hope you are all having a wonderful week! I am currently having a break while listening to 'Slip of the Tongue' album. What is your favourite track? It is difficult to pick just one isn't it. Also 'Hello to DC and the 'Snakes' and poor albert. AC 3394
  • Schuster-teruel   2014-09-04 01:07:29
    Hey guys just bought a t-shirt at the official store of USA whitesnake I am from Spain, I wanted to ask some Spanish colleague, if you have shopped, how long it takes to get the shirt from USA to Spain ?. Thank you very much, Hugs rockers, auuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu 3393
  • carlosramua   2014-09-03 22:55:11
    I know it's very stupid to say it now with this amazing line up ... But I was dreaming last night and I think I was listen to a lot of good music ... Rock and blues ... What do you think about Coverdale, Hughes, Vandenberg, Kotzen, Aldridge and a good Hammond Keyboard player? ... It's a stupid dream ... Hahaha ... Glod bless you all ... 3392
  • Graham   2014-09-03 15:55:59
    PA. have sent response, cheers G. 3391
  • missmo1666   2014-09-03 13:06:37
    Hi David, Just wanted to say hi from an old and faithful WS fan. Looking forward to hearing the new album and group with Joel. Love you always, Missmo xoxoxo 3390
  • Poor Albert   2014-09-03 10:41:12
    Graham, I am looking for you. Haven't got a response on the email address that I have. Please write me [email] . No, you aren't in trouble!!! Just need your help on something. 3389
  • WHITESNAKE Fan Page   2014-09-03 06:34:42
    I can't stop hearing it!! Bernie Marsden - Trouble (ft. David Coverdale) >> [link] 3388
  • Danila   2014-09-02 20:33:38
    Hii ws family! I miss "the chat" like many years ago with the old design... good times ! (2006 / 2007) 3387
  • Graham   2014-09-02 17:26:55
    Just a quickie for those who know the G. Some thieving skank from Paisley has stolen my valuable connection with friends & family in the North East of England, special photo's and contact details I can't retrieve. Totally and utterly gutted 3386
  • shakkar   2014-09-02 09:16:37
    Hello David.....just sitting here saddened by Jimi Jamison' so passing. I was wondering if you had crossed paths with this incredible soul. Joel....welcome to Whitesnake...loved the work you did with Night Ranger, especially the acoustic cd/DVD. Looking forward to hearing you with David and company. 3385
  • superwhitesnake1   2014-09-01 04:27:45
    I'm really excited to know that we have such a talented new "gunslinger" in the 'Snake camp. Any idea how soon the new album will be coming out? 3384
  • Schuster-teruel   2014-09-01 01:16:50
    Happy Birthday Mr. Reb¡¡¡¡ that passes very good day and all wishes are fulfilled, A big hug from Spain 3383
  • judymc2679   2014-08-31 18:41:12
    Hey David i know its been awhile but a lot has been going on first of all just to let you know that i am taking swimming lessons even though i am in my 50s i just made my mind up and i am. when you are going to go on tour next year why not ask Joe Elliot from def leopard to join you because it would be an awesome concert. Can't wait for your new CD to come out. Your loyal fan Judy 3382
  • Jay M   2014-08-31 14:51:52
    Sincerest Congrats to Sir Rebel, "Lord of the Strings" on this Glorious B-Day Day!!! CHEERS Good Sir!!! Many More!!! Tipping a couple Coors Lights in your Honor! (Will get back to the Busch Light after)! Catch Ya Later! Jay. :-) 3381
  • Rosangela Carvalho   2014-08-31 14:34:54
    Christa. thank you for your care and attention. 3380
  • Rosangela Carvalho   2014-08-31 14:33:14
    Dear Reb, Happy Birthday, Congratulations, Health, Love and Success in your life today and always! Kisses kisses. More virgo in the WS family 3379
  • carmen855   2014-08-31 12:44:45
    Happy birthday Reb!!! 3378
  • Children of the Night   2014-08-31 06:20:52
    Happy Birthday Reb! Have a nice day! 3377
  • isleofwight   2014-08-30 02:32:30
    Reb many happy returns for Sunday from a glorious day on the Isle of Wight. You are a class act in WS, and your personality shines through both on and off stage, As Billy Idol would say we want more Yeah! Have a magical Sunday 3376
  • kindredsoul   2014-08-29 21:52:24
    Congrats on the new working relationship with Joel, David, looking forward to what the future will bring! 3375
  • Arja   2014-08-29 06:58:28
    I just watched WSTV. I can't get enough. Great vocalist all these years! Not to mention about the band. It is so exciting to wait new material. Have a nice weekend. 3374
  • christa   2014-08-29 06:47:42
    Happy Birthday, Rosangela! 3373
  • pascui   2014-08-28 22:33:13
    Welcome to Whitesnake Joel!!! 3372
  • AudioSlave   2014-08-28 15:36:29
    That was fun seeing David, Michael, Joel and Reb get soaked for a good cause! Hope Tommy & Brian R. get to get in on it, too! The video of KISS & Def Leppard getting doused was a hoot, too. Bless 'em all and everyone else for participating in this ALS ice bucket challenge. :) :) 3371
  • Rosangela Carvalho   2014-08-28 13:50:27
    Be very welcome to the WS family, dear Joel! Success in this new journey! Dear DC My birthday is Saturday, I am the sign of Virgo as you, but with Gemini ascendant. What is your ascendant? Can you tell me! 3370
  • christelee   2014-08-27 14:03:24
    Hi David not been here for a while. Hope you are well and hi to all on BBS. I am really looking forward to the new chapter of white snake, exciting times. I thank you for this wonderful journey I've had with you and all members of whitesnake. Its been amazing. You work so very hard to keep your fans happy, a true Yorkshire gentleman. With love to you and the family as always Christine. Xxx 3369

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