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  • snakecharmer   2016-01-24 05:05:04
    Sad to hear about JIMMY BAIN ´s passing.....another heroe in the great band in heaven.. R.I.P Jimmy´re always remembered when listening three of the monument albums of all times.. Rainbow-Rising...Dio-Holy Diver & Last in Line....they stand the test of time...and a lot more... 5225
  • HarleyJodi53   2016-01-23 12:09:38
    Best consert ever 2015 in Stockholm 5224
  • Moonpie3   2016-01-22 10:11:18
    Just sitting here in Maryland waiting for the Blizzard to hit, had to pop in to say "Hi". Miss seeing you on here David, I remember the old days when you were on all the time, even answered some of my questions...what a treat. Well take care ...Luv, Moonpie 5223
  • sharonmc   2016-01-21 15:15:34
    plz plz plz put up more dates plzzzzzzzzzzzz. 5222
  • 6maul6   2016-01-18 08:20:56
    Saw them in Zagreb last year. They were fucking awesome!! Hope to see you again guys!! You still got it!! 5221
  • sharonmc   2016-01-17 16:20:43
    o plz put up more dates & plzzzzzz put ireland on it. :) 5220
  • scotvision   2016-01-15 09:53:31
    Decided to hold back and wait for my missus to buy me The Purple Album for Christmas. Great decision I must say - missing out on months of enjoyment. :( Can't believe the beasting the album got in Classic Rock magazine. Some tracks, e.g. Sail Away and Might Just Take Your Life are even BETTER than the originals. That may be sacrilege to some but it's the truth IMHO. :) 5219
  • Shakkar   2016-01-15 07:16:59
    I haven't been on in a while. David, members of Whitesnake and your fans...I'm sorry to learn of Poor Albert's passing. 5218
  • Shakkar   2016-01-15 05:58:31
    Good Morning David. While browsing YouTube. ..I happened upon a song I hadn't heard before. The title is GOOD LOVE, and the person who made the video, very nice BTW, said it was a Coverdale Page tune. Is that correct? 5217
  • pbelanger69   2016-01-11 17:45:18
    Hi Sir David, Very nice to read what your wrote for Poor Albert. R.I.P. Mr. David Bowie Can't believe that it's his birhday on last friday and got is latest album out too...Can't believe...Listen to he's latest Video...Just can't belive...Knowing a man like this for 40 years...All my respect Sir. Hope to see you on the next tour in Montreal...Make some Fu#$%ng noise Montreal... [link] Patrick Your W.S. Choirs... 5216
  • karenz   2016-01-11 15:03:15
  • Fabulosa Brother   2016-01-10 23:38:24
    Just heard the sad news on David Bowie's passing, just wondering if you ever met the man on your travels. cheers 5214
  • sharonmc   2016-01-06 15:10:56
    plz could u put up more dates cant wait 2 see if u guys are coming back 2 dublin o plzzz do.x :) 5213
  • sharonmc   2016-01-03 16:37:15
    hi dc im new 2 this sir just wanted 2 know when u touring again sir seen u in dublin u guys rocked thought u were amazing cant wait 4 ur arrival sir.x 5212
  • Burning Fire Snake   2016-01-03 10:19:16
    Hi DC and everyone on here, I am new here and I am very happy to be part of the BBS, Thanks :) 5211
  • Dr.Carl   2016-01-02 12:56:25
    Happy New Year DC ! Love is the message , Carl 5210
  • christelee   2016-01-01 15:16:55
    To David and family and all my friends on bbs I wish you all a fantastic 2016 love from North Yorkshire. 5209
  • LittleWelshDragon   2016-01-01 10:53:03
    Blwyddyn newydd dda i ti , from Wales . Facing the bad weather with thoughts of tour 2016. Come on David , set the dates for 2016......we're all waiting ......... 5208
  • challanstige   2016-01-01 08:40:05
  • challanstige   2016-01-01 07:34:22
    Check out my youtube channel where I'm playing WS covers & more!!!: [link] 5206
  • snakelover   2016-01-01 05:25:48
    Happy New Year David & All!!! Stay safe, warm & cozy...luv, snakelover 5205
  • Graham   2015-12-31 19:17:14
    It is with some amount of sadness that the time has come for me to leave the W.S. Choir.. I've done my best to still be part of the FRG. So to my friends who I've had the pleasure to have met over the years, I bid you a fond farewell, Gideon, you're no Jimmy Eyers, always looked after me! 5204
  • Graham   2015-12-31 19:17:13
    It is with some amount of sadness that the time has come for me to leave the W.S. Choir.. I've done my best to still be part of the FRG. So to my friends who I've had the pleasure to have met over the years, I bid you a fond farewell, Gideon, you're no Jimmy Eyers, always looked after me! 5203
  • wsfan69   2015-12-31 16:22:15
    I wish Happy And Better New Year 2016 to: David and his Family, other members of Whitesnake, and to ALL WSfans too !!! 5202
  • Left4ward   2015-12-31 13:28:03
    Happy New Year my diar friends, Mr. COVERDALE, POOR ALBERT and all with Good Wishes, Pease, if could you know how I miss Your new songs, sincerely, Gennadiy 5201
  • Schuster-teruel   2015-12-31 08:12:53
    Happy New Year DC and Whitesnake, I wish you a year full of energy , snake and hope. a hug to everyone. 5200
  • Children of the Night   2015-12-31 07:34:13
    Happy, snakey and rockin' New Year to you all!! Cheers! 5199
  • Giovanni   2015-12-31 06:50:24
    Another year's over and a new one's just begun...(almost) Wishing DC and family, Whitesnake, and all you wonderful lot out there in serpent land, a very Happy New Year, and may the upcoming year bring you great health, happiness, and a front row seat during the 2016 Whitesnake global tour! Cheers! Giovanni Castellano 5198
  • jvictor_o   2015-12-30 07:11:03
    dear David, congrats you are inducted at the HOF next year alongside with Hughes, Glover, Gillan, Paice, Blackmore and Lord (RIP) and Evans (a mystery because noone knows where he is) 5197
  • gibby16   2015-12-28 21:43:06
    Dear David How well did you know Lemmy from Motorhead who passed away from cancer 5196

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