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  • ratbasterd   2015-06-19 11:31:30
    The House of Blues in Houston,Texas is ready to BURN tomorrow night! 4807
  • caro2salt   2015-06-19 10:25:21
    Hi Mr Coverdale..So looking forward to seeing you & Def Leppard in Sheffield Dec 19th with me hubby..just need to find a decent hotel to crash that night..calling all Yorksire Whitesnake fans!...can anyone advise...We live in Leeds 4806
  • Cindy   2015-06-19 03:24:06
    Hi David.....IT'S FRIDAY! Well it's the morning of the Bikixi show, and a little over 12 hours, I will be in the company of Snakes! Helping my daughter Jayme celebrate her 30th birthday with the concert as her gift from mom. Also getting to meet a few good friends from the BBS for the first time in 14 years! I love how WS brings people together! Looking forward to being part of the WS Choir once again. See you all tonight. . . . . Cindy! 4805
  • timnpatty2   2015-06-18 07:51:13
    I just got my Whitesnake tickets for June 22nd at Grand Prairie! WOO HOO! Can't wait!!! 4804
  • snakegirl   2015-06-18 07:08:01
    Love the Purple memories! Seeing WS next week!! Love, Laura xxx 4803
  • isleofwight   2015-06-16 08:07:58
    Back from Florida for IOW Festival......check out Tommy Bahama Purple shirt with Burn emblazoned on back....apt and will be a great accessory to official WS merchandise....people laughed....... 4801
  • stknthe80s   2015-06-15 15:21:17
    My August show in Orlando seems JUST around the corner and we can't wait!! :-) Thanks for spending so much time with us in FL, DC. It's gonna be a HAWT one here! 4800
  • noredo   2015-06-15 08:17:28
    Looking forward to the show tonight in Colorado Springs. PLEASE play Soldier of Fortune. My son Brian has learned to play it and he posted on FB that it's the greatest song ever. It wasn't on the setlist for the last show but it would be fantastic if you played it tonight! 4799
  • lynn koplan   2015-06-14 08:52:00
    David hope you know a band has used your name to get fans. 4798
  • SwedeJess   2015-06-14 02:28:51
    Sunday greetings to you all and huge and warm congratulations to the whole Coverdale family and mainly to Jasper for a fine graduation! Congrats! My boy and girl has done the same, but here in Sweden and it's such a proud moment for all involved :) Happy day for ambition in life :) Well done! Keep on shining and be rockin', all xx Stay Snakey...xx Best wishes ~ Jess 4797
  • captainsnake84   2015-06-13 16:50:11
    Good evening snakes..good evening David,congrats to Master Jasper on his graduation,you and your beautiful wife Cindy must be so proud..this is turning into an another amazing year for us snakes,the reviews of the shows and accounts we have heard and YouTube clips are beyond amazing..the band look and sound sooooo good and the choir will help you take the roofs off arenas and venues around this beautiful purple world of ours...stay safe snakes,lots of luuuuurrrvveee from Yorkshire and remember to keep it snakey xx 4796
  • Oonaa   2015-06-12 07:02:16
    IOW its not official, nor there is such existing. regardless, kudos for finally having it out. + gives very relevant insight into overall history, spec the early period which i find quite rewarding for any reader, based on numerous interviews w ex membs & others involved spanning last decade or so, dissects the catalogue pretty aptly this is the best part. - given delayed publishing i expected much more indepth approach. but this is me, u'll have to find out urself :) 4795
  • trouble   2015-06-11 16:18:56
    Lot's of fun with my bearded buddy Michael Devin!!! C-Frank How in the heck are you? Snakes a shakin, don't you worry my friend. Dolly & Drama mia. Missmo Good evening & CHEERS to all! Stay snakey my friends!!! :) 4794
  • Iluvwhitesnake   2015-06-11 06:52:34
  • isleofwight   2015-06-11 05:47:34
    So question is this bio authorised? 4792
  • isleofwight   2015-06-10 17:26:20
    In Florida not my beloved IOW heard about the new Sail Away Whitesnake biography. Apt as IOW was origin of Americas Cup.....What do we make of this bio......⛵️ 4791
  • citizenfrank   2015-06-10 11:41:16
    Greetings Snake's. Long time 'missing in action' but I've been watching from a far! DC..great to see you back on the road and I can't wait for the UK dates later this year. Manchester of course. I'm in my beloved USA for all of August...but wrong place, wrong time seems to be the rule...Dam! Where did Dolly & Drama go lol. Hi to old friends & new. Trouble....shake that snake man hahaha 4790
  • Bob C.   2015-06-10 10:34:22
    You caught me saying Mmmmm when you passed by last night after the great show in Beverly Hills. How can I find you? 4789
  • Hovak   2015-06-10 00:57:24
    Hello everyone, I was at the Beverly Hills show with my wife tonight. She jumped on the stage at the end and hugged David Coverdale, and i was wondering if anyone has any pic or video of that part of the show. If so, please contact me on Facebook (Hovak Alaverdyan) or email me at [email]. We would appreciate if you send us any pic or video if you have. Thanks in advance ! 4788
  • Danielshakesheff   2015-06-09 12:44:55
    @Mojo2015 David has been Remastering this album and Starker's In Tokyo and Into The Light with bonus tracks and previously unreleased songs for the Into The Light remaster 4787
  • missmo 1666   2015-06-09 03:40:47
    Hey Trouble, Love the pics. Sounds like the concert was great. Heard only great reviews. My day is coming up on the 19.Forevermore Missmo 4786
  • missmo 1666   2015-06-09 03:39:23
    Hey Trouble, Love the pics. Sounds like the concert was great. Heard only great reviews. My day is coming up on the 19.Forevermore Missmo 4785
  • mojo2015   2015-06-08 20:16:04
    David I just listened to cd Restless Heart, any chance you would do this lp with current band over again or at least some of the songs,fantastic ballads etc. I listen to this cd a lot along with others of Whitesnake. New purple lp fantastic listen to it at least 2 times a day, makes you want to go back to the Deep Purple lps you did. Thanks 4784
  • Audioslave   2015-06-08 16:36:36
    Totally agree with KingD. right below! The Santa Rosa show was alot of fun. I was on the other side, in front of Reb & Michele! That was nifty to engage with them, as well as how often David came over. Methinks Michele dug how enthusiastic we all were! I'd luv to see the show again...if by some miracle they change the current S.F. venue to somewhere else (wish, Wish, WISH!), like the Warfield or one of the theaters in Oakland, I will so be there! 4783
  • kingdaw2   2015-06-08 12:36:56
    Great show in Santa Rosa. Front Row. Got to shake hands with David and Joel. Great set list and the band sounded wonderful. The choir was in top form. Anyone who has a chance to see this tour...DO IT! 4782
  • tonibrownsfan   2015-06-08 10:57:58
    Nice picture Trouble! 4781
  • trouble   2015-06-08 09:36:47
    Hi Missmo, hi Toni b! We had a blast!!! WOW!! 4780
  • trouble   2015-06-08 09:32:53
    Look who I found!! :) Thanks for everything guys! We had the time of our lives!!! Sounding better then ever!!! :) Summer fun!!!!!!! 4779
  • dlwsnake2011   2015-06-08 01:57:30
    Have just listened to the purple album and it is brilliant. Is there news on Whitesnake touring some shows in Australia? Would love to see you guys again!! 4778
  • Chrismedic   2015-06-08 00:56:35
    I was front and centre at show number 1. It was absolutely amazing!! Doug who? Joel Hoeskstra is every ounce the player that Doug is. It was an evening of blazin guitars, soaring vocals and thunderous rhythm. For those who are waiting to see " The Snake ", you will not be disappointed! My only regret is the asshole security guards would not let me take any pictures. I did however manage to get all 3 guitarists picks, a drumstick from Tommy and David's personal set list so the evening wasn't a total loss. Whitesnake is and always will be the quintessential British blues rock band. 4777

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