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  • kingdaw2   2014-12-01 16:22:57
    Happy Holidays to all Snake fans worldwide from Kauai. We all are waiting for tour info soon. Please David, let us know for Christmas. That would be a good present to all fans. Keep Rockin. !!! 3663
  • kindredsoul   2014-11-30 16:48:09
    'Ello David, and my fellow snakes! Hope all is well David, really missing seeing your posts, whether updates, or answering questions we ask. Hopefully you'll get back to that soon. Love and Light from Cleveland! 3662
  • isleofwight   2014-11-28 12:40:58
    Happy holidays from Isle of Wight....amazing that we have Black Friday now 3000 miles away....Good news is Gingerbread Latte.....Forevermore but likely just until Boxing Day.....Mulled wine anyone? 3660
  • Moonpie3   2014-11-27 17:27:18
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, David, my dear! 3658
  • Jay M   2014-11-27 07:03:08
    Yes Indeed!!! A Very Happy Thanksgiving David & Family!!! And to All the Snake Chorus Members out there!!! Just got my Back to the Bone Pack the other day from the Post Man!!! Amazing Stuff Folks!!! 1000 Thanks David & Gents!!! Raising a Glass or 2 today for All things I am Thankful for!!! CHEERS!!! Jay. :) 3657
  • missmo 1666   2014-11-26 17:00:34
    Hi David, Just wanted to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving xoxoMissmo 3656
  • pebo581   2014-11-26 11:10:17
    Thanks Oonaa , would love to hear orchestra And choir , the sound would be immense . Make it happen DC lol !!!( I know you're Very busy at the moment but what do you think ??? ) Cheers Big Man . 3655
  • snakegirl   2014-11-26 08:52:57
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours DC! xxx 3654
  • Ach20   2014-11-26 05:58:45
    Thanks for the update Oonna. 3653
  • Oonaa   2014-11-26 03:52:05
    @ach20 yep, plan is to release it by april then kick off tour prob may/june 2015 starting US. currently editing videos, too. happy days ;) ps. our man was all sparks of wit & humour (as always) @pebo581 a number of symphonic orch did a couple of ws songs. not all spot on imho. its tricky mind you, if you want to do it it has to be perfect or you dont do it. ceratin all time WS songs rearranged for orchestra + gospel choir (latter being crucial) would be amazing to hear live. Happy Thanksgiving All. enjoy life! 3652
  • Ach20   2014-11-25 07:19:05
    Did coverdale say anything about the new album on Eddie Trunk's show? 3651
  • isleofwight   2014-11-24 12:46:39
    Happy thanksgiving from IOW......when ET interview is over come home...... 3650
  • Giovanni   2014-11-24 07:33:55
    David: Wishing you, your family, and all the USA Whitesnake fans a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Cheers, Giovanni Castellano 3649
  • pebo581   2014-11-22 21:07:42
    How about a Whitesnake Greatest Hits with an orchestra ??? This would be Friggin Magic !! Just imagine Forevermore with a Full Orchestra !!! Sailing Ships , Still of the Night , Aint No Love ETC !! Amazzzing !!! What do you think Mr Coverdale ??? I know you've not been on the site for a while , please give us a reply . Cheers big man .. 3648
  • whitesnake1968   2014-11-22 13:05:56
    David have u ever thought about a ballad album only cause ur voice is so good 3647
  • whitesnake1968   2014-11-22 13:02:14
    When is new album or tour coming David 3646
  • whitesnake1968   2014-11-22 13:00:08
    Come on 3645
  • TheinfamousDodge   2014-11-22 05:40:33
    Hi Everyone, Does any of you sneaky snakers out there know anything about the wonderful suits which are so eye catching in the 1987 Trilogy videos "Is this love" and "here I go again" videos ? In particular, what make or brand was the black suit and also the shiny blue suit, that the stylish Mr. DC wears in these music videos? where did these suits originate from please ? - were they custom tailor made to order, or, were they bought ready made from an available range of suits ? does anyone know anything about them please ? Who made the suits, where were they from ? Open a fashion Debate! 3643
  • Pandora   2014-11-21 06:03:14
    Early Gobble, gobble, me Buckos!! (Got ur fat pants ready for next Thorsday?...LOL)....David Doll Face, come on back B4 T-giving and save some of ur famous dressing (aka stuffing) for me, I'll be right over! lolololololol....Take care, Lad! 3642
  • srdja ws   2014-11-21 03:01:53
    David, what happened with the Slip of the tongue demos, unfinished songs, Ain't gonna cry no more, We wish you well, Burning heart...? 3641
  • Giovanni   2014-11-20 15:31:46
    David: Is there any truth to the rumor that you will, once again, post on the BBS? Where there's smoke... looking forward to your upcoming postings here. You have been sorely missed, kind sir. Migliori auguri, Giovanni Castellano 3640
  • schuster-teruel   2014-11-19 13:11:05
    HI DAVID¡¡¡ ¡¡¡MUCHACHO COMO ESTAS¡¡¡???? there hungry snake in Spain David¡¡¡We you have prepared big surprises this year I feel it ...I saw in the palace vistalegre in Madrid in 2013,...It's been a year and a half and we have the eager to see you again....I send all the encouragement and all the energy fron Spain. ""Un gran gran abrazo 3638
  • Dr.Carl   2014-11-19 11:35:45
    Interesting news today from DP (Overseas): they are currently mixing 'Made In Europe' and are looking for an early 2015 release.So after Graz we'll now get the brilliant Saarbrucken show. To be honest this last spring 1975 tour was my favourite MK III one. Ritchie was playing brilliant and at times very introvert. Another vintage recording from David is thus awaiting us. Oh, before I forget they'll also release a box from the final 3 MK III tour with a bonus DVD documentary from the era... 3637
  • snakelover   2014-11-17 08:33:42
    Hi David...Happy Monday everyone...What a Winter Wonderland we have in my neck of the woods...5 inches of snow last night and 3 to 4 more inches today...Looks like sledding with the kiddies is the plan for today...Oh boy!!!Have a wonderful day...Stay safe & warm...Luv, Snakelover 3631
  • isleofwight   2014-11-17 07:49:21
    Agreed, what was so enjoyable about the Journey/WS tour was that we had many young and not as youthful (myself included) to participate.......Donnington & Hammersmith Apollo (odeon) always provide special memories......time for tea and a toasted tea cake.... 3630
  • Oonaa   2014-11-17 06:41:05
    @bonscott22 this live is an extended celebration of slide it in album (focusing on tour&new lineup actually), the choir song shines beaut. in the lil box. we all have wishes and thought and that great, but we gotta get the point behind this release, too. i dont pine 4 aint no love, but to hear 'need your love so bad' in original & cleaned wouldve made my day (its in the demos part a bit (yay!), guess it was out coz as its a cover, made pre'84, but still, it deserved to be incl imho). all in all great release for the young lot out there & seweet reminder for those who grew up w snakes! rock on 3629
  • bonscott22   2014-11-16 07:30:02
    question regarding the new 84 dvd/cd set....why has "aint no love in the heart of the city" been left off the audio cd but has been included in the dvd?. Can't believe there's no audio of this great song,which belongs to the whitesnake is THEIR song....baffled!!! 3628
  • dazzhill   2014-11-15 10:19:59
    hi guys..saw Bernie supporting joanne shaw taylor last night, truly amazing,some great renditions of old songs and new ones offa shine..."walking in the shadow of the blues" is fab!! [link] Mary!, long time no see...think it's been closer to 14 years dear, my god where does the time go??? 3627
  • Paul007   2014-11-13 08:07:02
    Received my copy of the Back to The Bone '84 DVD yesterday. Well done on another awesome Whitesnake goodie! loved the concert(s), sound is superb and the extra's were a real bonus! Great job, just gave it 5 stars on Amazon UK x 3626
  • ignatius   2014-11-13 04:50:00
    3 years and a half since Forevermore, how is the recording goin' David? Can't wait anymore 3625

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