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the BBS
  • mrokita   2015-01-06 18:02:26
    Happy New Year ! Who is gonna stand infront of a keyboard in 2015 Whitesnake edition ? Is Joel gonna be filling enough with his magical playing ? Getting anxious to see you guys rock . Marek 3780
  • Rosangela Carvalho   2015-01-06 04:25:20
    I am very happy 2015! Happy New Year to everyone, DC and his family, PA, all fellow Band WS and all snake lovers! Direct from Rio de Janeiro, BR! That we are very happy and prosperous this year 2015! Year of Mars! 3779
  • pam   2015-01-04 10:36:59
    Happy New Year to you and yours David ,love the woodland photo of you all.Looking forward to seeing you all somewhere on the road this year .Pam (-: x 3778
  • Dedehmagalhaes   2015-01-04 10:31:10
    Happy new year!!!!! 3777
  • Kyoko8818   2015-01-04 03:50:59
    When's the next JAPAN tour? 3776
  • mikekiss   2015-01-03 13:30:31
    Hi uncle David! Happy 2015! Here in Argentina specting the new album and new visit. I was checking the behind the scenes of the making of Spil Of The Tongue and the new release Live in '84 with some sample of old demos and stuff... So I was wondering why don't you release in a near future a 2/3 CD collection of demos, just demos, like Winger once did with they Demo Anthology double CD??? Tha would be AWESOME!!! Hope you do it soon ;) Cheers!!! Miguel 3775
  • Aya-For-HM/HR   2015-01-03 06:40:58
    Happy New Year, Mr.Coverdale!! Wishing you and yours a Rockin' New Year!! :) This year, Lots of Fun are waiting. WS new album, WS world Tour, Mr.DC's tweet from Tour place...Can't wait for it!! And, I'm ready to enjoy it and support Whitesnake!! Please my best regards in this year. Japanese bow. 3774
  • Robert Jenkins   2015-01-03 03:04:36
    Any news of a tour dates. 3773
  • Robert Jenkins   2015-01-03 03:04:24
    Any news of a tour dates. 3772
  • kingdaw2   2015-01-02 14:26:46
    Happy New Year to: David and the band; And to all Snake Fans worldwide! We look forward to new material and 2015 world tour. 3770
  • kindredsoul   2015-01-02 12:49:48
    Hello and Happy New Year to all my fellow 'snakes and David! So looking forward to new Whitesnake material...Just saw Joel with TSO here in CLE, he's going to be great with Reb, he's a monster on guitar!!! Peace...Howard 3769
  • joey318   2015-01-02 08:46:25
    happy new year to all as well as david and his family, along with pa and his family 3768
  • isleofwight   2015-01-02 06:18:00
    Happy New a Year from the Isle of Wight.....Toasting all those positive resolutions for 2015! 3767
  • icho   2015-01-02 03:31:42
    Dear David and snake co,Merry xmas and happy new year,i hope see you again in Croatia 3766
  • christelee   2015-01-01 12:26:08
    Just called by to wish you David the family and PA and all on BBS a happy new year. Hope its a good one for everyone.can't wait to find put what is in store for us all in 2015. I ts going to be fantastic,fasten yours seatbelts and enjoy the ride woohhh. Cheers here's to the next chapter of white snake. 3765
  • missmo 1666   2015-01-01 07:29:55
    Happy New Year David, family,PA and the boys.Here's to a wonderful 2015 with tour and new album. And Thank you David for all you have given to your fans over the years.You are truly a rock legend and will always remain close to our hearts. Thank You again,xoxox Missmo 3764
  • dragutin   2015-01-01 07:24:31
    Happy Holidays to you and yours DC& all WS fans!!!Best wishes from Serbia!!! 3763
  • Moreci42   2014-12-31 22:22:01
    HAPPY NEW BEER!!! 3759
  • snakelover   2014-12-31 18:14:09
    HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL...BE SAFE...Can't wait to see the SNAKE'S in 2015...YEAH BABY... Luv, L 3758
  • whitesnake1968   2014-12-31 16:40:18
    Happy new year from Aberdeen Scotland bring on the snake in 2015 3757
  • mamica   2014-12-31 15:36:21
    Dear David, Happy New Year to you and yours! Thank you so much for your beautiful songs, Tweets & pics, gentle voice, lovely smile ...and your everything! You always make me feel so happy and cheerful. You mean the world to me!! ...Wish you a wonderful and a successful 2015! Love from Japan, Mamica 3756
  • Ale the singer   2014-12-31 15:08:00
    Happy 2015 DC, WS, PA & All WS.Com!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3755
  • Anasazi   2014-12-31 13:55:09
    Hi David and Albert!!!Sending my loving energy!David, loving and healing energy your way with prayers that you feel better fast..To you and PA and all of our Whitesnake family, a big Happy New Years!!!With wishes for many blessings and happiness to come your ways during this new year and Forevermore..Blessings and love to all.Anasazi..Happy New Year!!! 3754
  • trouble   2014-12-31 12:57:32
    CHEERS!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!! :) 3753
  • Alex Kako   2014-12-31 09:57:27
    Happy new year, be happy and keep on Rock :) 3752
  • snakegirl   2014-12-31 07:17:10
    Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year DC! See you & Whitesnake in 2015! Love, Laura xxx 3751
  • moreci42   2014-12-30 17:15:16
    David... You have been very quiet lately on BBS & Twitter... I feel like its the calm before the storm... sensing a big announcement coming soon 3750
  • joey318   2014-12-30 15:56:45
    like to say hi to all, hope everyone is doing fine. hi david hope all is well with you and the family 3749
  • Giovanni   2014-12-30 12:35:42
    Whitesnake FP- Thank you for providing info about the biography and link. Very handy. It is on my to-read list for 2015. I still hope that one day DC pens his autobiography (hint,hint DC). Cheers, and all the best in 2015! Giovanni 3748
  • fatima   2014-12-29 18:31:17
    David, my name is Fatima. I'm brazilian and I love you for a long time. I appreciate the way you treat all you fans. I wish you a successful year, many happy moments, health and a lot of light in your way. I look forward to you here again. I love you too much. Kisses. 3746

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