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  • Rodolfo   2014-04-10 07:35:50
    Hi DC and comunnity!!! I saw the honoring to Jon Lord at the Royal Hall, but I it have not seen DC! what appenned? Regards!!!
  • MuddyA   2014-04-10 01:05:34
    Strange as far as I can see no one posted something for the new Adrian Vandenberg, [link], Vandenbergs Moonkings. Finaly his new album shows his stunning guitar playing and great R&R in the Whitesnake & Free tradition !
  • Jay M   2014-04-09 19:15:58
    Good Evening David and ALL Chorus Members!!! Just Popped by say Hi and, If I may, Wish a Very Good Friend of All of us a Happy Birthday!!! Ahhh, Yes, Mr. John Laundry III. Truly hope You are having a Magnificent time of it, Dear Sir!!! So I raise my glass (maybe a couple of times tonight), and say CHEERS!!! To another Glorious Year!!! May Many More continue to Come Forth!!! And with that, I Will, Catch Ya Later!!! Jay. :)
  • Jessws   2014-04-09 09:50:34
    Hi girls & boys!! Here I'm at home listening and singing some WS songs!! Ha Ha!! Yep I don't have David's voice :( that's sucks! Truly the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is listening to WS is a huge part of my life!!! Even when I'm taking a shower I carry my mobile phone with me and put some WS!! Ha Ha!! Kisses from Argentina.
  • christa   2014-04-09 06:09:25
    Aren't we closer to 30 years with 1987?? 2014-1987=27 I'm not being a smart-ass...I'm confused. :)
  • beaubob   2014-04-08 21:35:50
    I hate to be picky, but, 20th anniversary of 1987 - is this not a little premature???
  • shadesatnight   2014-04-08 18:05:04
    Congrats David and everyone who had a hand in all the wonderful musical projects and the anniversary s!!! Enjoy!!
  • Graham   2014-04-07 11:12:37
    Absolutely tragic news about beautiful Peaches Geldof's sudden death. How much more pain and anguish does Sir Bob and family have to endure?? Thoughts and prayers to the families and friends... God Bless... G. xxx
  • missmo1666   2014-04-07 08:47:04
    Happy Monday DC, Hope all is well where you are. Love the bear story. You are quite the storyteller. Waiting to hear what's going down at the new man cave. Are you still doing pt? I just got through some for my collar bone. It's no picnic. Stay well David Love ya MissoXX
  • Oonaa   2014-04-07 08:10:13
    hope alls well in Snakelot! So happy to hear some of you had the opp to enjoy the beautiful JL tribute nite! Yes greatly missed man & musician, really what an artist he was, along with another dear dear soul Cozy Powell. Enjoy these 'oldies goldies' people, that mental hygiene is important these days, if u know what i mean ;) baci a tutti
  • Isleofwight   2014-04-06 00:23:46
    Enough is enough Hendrix played our Isle of Wight Festival; then came The Who; Bowie and The Stones If Donnington is your spiritual home your legacy should encompass The Isle of Wight Come on..........
  • nickcooper   2014-04-05 12:10:21
    Concert for Jon - you were missed - shame - it would have been truly memorable if you'd made it
  • WHITESNAKE Fan Page   2014-04-05 11:17:22
    Deep Purple - California Jam 1974 40th anniversary : [link]
  • WHITESNAKE Fan Page   2014-04-05 11:14:50
    Rest In Peace Cozy Powell... He will never be forgotten... [link]
  • lonestar   2014-04-05 09:34:19
    Fantastic night at Albert Hall celebrating the music and life of the truly great Jon Lord a perfect mix of his classical work and the rock of Deep Purple who were on top form and sounded as good as ever. I have to say David it was your brother Mr Glenn Hughes who stole the show a magical performance a voice of a angel so powerful a true legend. Take care fellow Snakes. Have fun......
  • captainsnakebite   2014-04-03 15:12:54
    Good evening all snakesters.Just entered for California Jam prize,I think that would look great on my Whitesnake cabinet...fingers crossed and everything else. David when are you coming back to Yorkshire,we miss you Sir..;)))
  • celestial   2014-04-03 14:28:47
    Hi David and WS fans! I haven't written since last year...unfortunately many changes have interested my life and I've needed some times to get better and go further ;) So now I'm back to say I wanna win my california jam copy...cheers xoxo
  • Krasimir Kiriakov   2014-04-03 10:22:29
    Please,Sing,M-r Coverdale!!!We love you in Bulgaria so much!!!
  • WHITESNAKE Fan Page   2014-04-03 10:02:48
    MY version of Cal Jam 1974 40th anniversary !!! -> [link]
  • Alex Kako   2014-04-02 10:26:58
    Cheers! California Jam 1974 !!!
  • WHITESNAKE Fan Page   2014-04-02 04:47:39
    Happy Birthday California Jam 1974 !!! 40 years ! [link]
  • claudio   2014-04-01 18:15:46
    hi Poor Albert okay? I am about to ask you if you were at the show here in Brazil the monsters of rock? because I sent a flag to the beautiful JON LORD, and when played on stage fell on the side of Tommy, and asked for the dc, and I had the information that was with him that was tabled for its production, you know if this flag this with you? health worth much peace and light to you guys always ok? Hugs from Brazil
  • Oonaa   2014-04-01 07:29:00
    Ciao a tutti! Hoping you are doing fabulous and enjoying the spring/autumn. Nice news & always a treat to join in any new "escapades" of our li'l WS Team. Thank you PA, thank you crew! Really great giveaway. I kind of thought, though, (me wishful thinking:) that we would see sth like "David's Cal Jam Shirt Contest" ;)) food for thought, innit :) Baci yall, sail on. xs
  • Chicago Joe   2014-03-31 21:05:50
    David...I know you're a lot more involved with twitter now-a days, but have a question I can't hold any longer and hope you see to answer...If the R-N-R Hall were to induct Deep Purple or Whitesnake, how many if not all members would you think should be included?...I don't believe the people who vote on the Hall are in touch with the fans wishes or thoughts (the opinions that mean the most), the KISS debacle being the most recent example, not to mention the artists who are inducted or neglected that do or don't belong in a "Rock N Roll Hall of Fame", just curious to your take... Joe
  • Anasazi   2014-03-31 15:56:12
    Hi David and Albert!!!Sending my loving energy!The site looks Incredible,Wow,it is an amazing Anniversary Celebration of "Slide It In's"30th birthday ,David your interview,the video of Slide It In,A contest,I have and am greatly enjoying the site and all the gifts it gives us ,,Thank you David and PA for this celebration gift of this site with all the surprises..I appreciate it and you .Thank you!!!.Blessings and love Anasazi..
  • steve   2014-03-31 11:38:07
    Cheers PA! I'll keep trying as long as you keep doing the competitions....
  • Poor Albert   2014-03-31 10:33:46
    Why we no longer publicly post the names of the winners: when winners are selected they are notified and given a reasonable amount of time to respond. If they don't we give the prize to someone else. I get many misspelled addresses, or links to other social sites. These don't work. Also, some people feel a bit 'overlooked' because they haven't won anything (and I hear about it!). So best to keep it all out of public eye, and we will keep the contest coming. Keep trying, the odds are you will win someday!
  • Poor Albert   2014-03-31 10:31:18
    Hello! the winners for the Slide It In Deluxe Edition Autographed cd/dvd have been selected and notified! Check your email to see if you are one of the winners.
  • remo   2014-03-31 04:13:08
    Hi David, loved the Slide it in 30th Anniversary vid, it's a very special album to me, and still gets a regular spin, the neighbours and i love it!!.
  • christelee   2014-03-29 16:50:05
    Happy mothers day to all mothers and nannies of course on the BBS hope you all have a wonderful day.

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