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  • glenn plumridge   2015-05-14 12:01:01
    OOOH YA I've got my dirty little mitts on a copy of the purple deluxe today I know it's early and I know it's naughty so I'm not saying where 4628
  • Graham   2015-05-14 09:54:50
    Mick go onto Twitter and direct message me your email address! 4627
  • SwedeJess   2015-05-14 09:34:43
    Hey again, all :) Tomorrow eve I'll finally be listening to the Purple Album and I'm so thrilled n'excited bout' it!! :)) x Since I don't have Twitter, I share some with ya Snakesss here :) and with headmaster DC and PA as well :) Here comes a lil' cute rude joke for you lovely Snakes and I hope it brings a sweet smile rather than a storm ;) Here we go..."- what did the Stormbringer say to the coconut palm tree? - hey, hold on to your nuts, this is no ordinary blow job".. lol..nutty,giggly,curious,Happy and very mischievous Cheers to y'all!! Xx :) 4626
  • Giovanni   2015-05-14 09:20:22
    David et al: Tickets in hand for show and new cd ordered. David, please post a few words on the BBS for your long term BBSers. Missmo, how are things going down there in ol' FLA? Molti saluti a Pandorama la panda! Migliori auguri a tutti, Giovanni 4625
  • captainsnake84   2015-05-14 06:59:22
    Hi G,hi Jess,hello snakes everywhere,any chance of turning it up a notch G so I can hear it down here in Yorkshire...jammy sod,haha,can't wait to hear it.I'm gonna listen to it at home this time..when I listened to Forevermore for the first time I was driving and managed to get myself 6 driving points on license for speeding..Your fault DC!! LOL..the world has gone purple crazy..:) Keep it snakey x 4624
  • SwedeJess   2015-05-14 06:43:57
    Hello / Hej, all you wonderful SnakesssSss! Love to you and big High5 Mick and G :) Just got a delivery-alert...tomoz is my extra happy happy day, when the ordered Album arrives to me home..yiihaa guys! Grrrrr8!! Sweden will totally rock Purply good this weekend:) Awesome G, got your stuff now lil' earlier, thanks to Beautiful Japan.I bet Glasgow will turn up side down now :) Give it to em', Mr.Purple(Grey) :) Can't wait for our tour-dates..what to do guys? Get over the pond and rock with our US-pals perhaps ;) Plz, let's help eachother meanwhile waiting for Nov./Dec. Keep posting fun stuff xx 4623
  • Graham   2015-05-14 04:40:33
    Domo Arigato to the excellent speedy delivery of my Japanese 'special' edition of 'The Purple Album' that just arrived ashort while ago... The G almost had another 'Andrea Bocelli' moment... "You know what I mean David!" Just about to crack open something special, before I slip this Baby on high volume!! Cheers & Bottoms up... The G is sure gonna be Rockin' and a Rollin' in Glasgow 2nite... Yeah Baby... 4622
  • captainsnake84   2015-05-14 04:17:11
    Good morning snakes..only 4 more sleeps until I get the Purple Album in my eager hands,I hope the postman is nice and early Monday morning with my little snakey delivery..:) Getting excited already about the UK tour in December,getting to meet a lot of you here and on's gonna be so much fun in the "Still of the Night"..haha...anyway take care of yourselves you beautiful people and don't forget to keep it snakey X 4621
  • kham   2015-05-13 13:48:11
    Hello to all!! Not been here for a while thought I would drop in and say how excited I am for The Purple Album and too soon see DC and the snakes!! One other thing,I am so excited to be going to the concert with a special friend and WS sister Missmo which we met on Hoo.....Cheers to all my WS brothers and sisters,I am getting pumped!! 4620
  • trouble   2015-05-13 09:30:50
    24 days & counting!!! Have a great snakey day! Very nice Graham, very nice! :) 4619
  • mike twirl   2015-05-12 13:36:26
    By hook or by Brook, G! 4618
  • kingdaw2   2015-05-12 12:42:00
    Nice one G. from G. She would always be welcome. Now it is only 3 weeks away from seeing the Snakes live!!! 4617
  • Graham   2015-05-12 12:27:43
    Greetings from a bright & breezy Glasgow... Seen as my favourite Alison is leaving Coronation Street, a new piece of eye candy will have to be sought!... what do think of this one, Boys and Girls? G x 4616
  • SwedeJess   2015-05-12 09:40:47
    Awesome interview just now 107,7 The Bone :) Happy for the EU to listen live! Big smile here :)) 6:40 pm here in Sweden now. A Grand day/evening to y'all - Ciao xx 4615
  • SwedeJess   2015-05-12 00:44:32
    Only a couple of days now..and the wait will be over..Friday the 15th..and my mailbox will turn into 50 shades of Purple :) because the postman will drop the 'purple diamond' there and a lovely weekend filled of classic historical new-shaped songs! Welcome to my collection - the Purple Album! Cheers to y'all xxx 4614
  • isleofwight   2015-05-11 23:34:44
    Equal parts looking forward to Purple and jealous of our U.S. Cousins enjoying live material.....Roll on December......let us know how rehearsals go! 4613
  • christelee   2015-05-11 15:09:08
    Hi PA so nice to see you here. Thanks for the links. Only a week to go and I will be waiting for my copy of the Album. Can't wait. Great reviews. David I wish you and the guys a fantastic tour, see you in Newcastle. Safe travels. Xxxxxx 4612
  • dino_nassis   2015-05-11 15:06:05
    hallo david! how possible is to propose in one of your concerts? please let me know! it is the dream of my life! 4611
  • Ger   2015-05-11 09:33:33
    Thanks for adding those Links PA....The Joel Hoekstra Interview only really starts at 36:15 on the audio file if anyone wants to skip to it.....Great Reviews, so looking forward to getting my hands on this new release!! Have a great week everyone...we are only seven days away from the Uk Release Date....Wooohooo!! 4610
  • Poor Albert   2015-05-11 08:32:17
    And here is a interview with Joel, a great addition to the snake: [link] 4609
  • Poor Albert   2015-05-11 08:30:35
    And the reviews keep coming in... [link] 4608
  • SwedeJess   2015-05-10 01:00:54
    Good morning David! I just want to thank you for the awesome tweets you're posting! Or as we say in Sweden.Tack!:) Well,those latest tweets are Great..the pic of you and your lovely daughter are peaceful and a moment of true inspiration. Btw..Jessica..Sweet name ;) Hearts to her too! IKEA-pic..what to back in time,viking-era, we Swedes did mess with you guys, right? We still keep it flowing..and giggle meanwhile ;) Road-pic:Looks odd to stop at an open empty crossroad aye,but that's where we sometimes get..and have to make decisions in life. Happy Funday-Time to plan some magic~X 4607
  • mamica   2015-05-09 16:56:25
    Dear David, Thanks for your Snake Up! So HAPPY The Purple Album is big hit in Japan :) I listen to it every day. All the songs are amazing! Today's favorite song is 'The Gypsy'...XX I want WS Choir around the world to hear the album as soon as possible! ... Hi Mr Watchman, Love your profile pic! So cool! ... Love from Japan, Mamica 4606
  • Graham   2015-05-08 21:17:23
    Absolute nightmare, my other sweetheart leaving one of our 'old' Mams favourite soap... Alison, just as special as my other Alison in Billingham... nver forget those special moments... Future Blessings in whatever you decide to do after the break... Love & Best Wishes always from your friends down in Manchester but also up in Bonnie Scotland... Cheers gorgeous... you'll always be my favourite 'Bum Double' G x x x. 4605
  • Oonaa   2015-05-08 14:31:09
    dontcha just luv those cute moments when u get into taxi and hear cool tune cabbie and u get that 'mindmeld' vibe, well cabbie adam (how approp hehe) and moi just blasted hit n run ...ah j'adore come an get it. btw exercising patience here coz double beauty's takin some mo time, all cool tho:) bisous 4604
  • SwedeJess   2015-05-08 09:46:00
    Lol..sorry..the auto-spell-check mess up my words sometimes.*driving and *let, was my intention to type in previous post :) ..and trying to express and type in my second language is not always easy to do. Jokes can be misunderstood etc.. Anyways..I know my love for you is a love that will last forever..I'm here to testify, I'm a prisoner of your heart.. Graham - we'll make it..front row in Geordieland or at some Celtic Irish ground :) Choir singing aye. I keep my Stockholm ticket safe though ;) Guilty of Love..~ J xx 4603
  • SwedeJess   2015-05-08 07:35:17
    Ciao xx just me again..with a lil' wish comin' up for Mr.David. First I just wanna mention..just been drivning my car on a sunny road with massive volume in speakers and awesome singing duets Rainbow's Can't let's you Maiden's Wasted Uriah Heep's On the Rebound..and to Snakes' Now you're gone..Gosh n'shivers..Such Great vocalists! Powerful Dickinson..Perfect Joe Lynn Turner..but the most soulful voice with depth..our David!Always!! Now my wish..D- never stop breathe loudly between sentences in so melting sexy! And so much You!Xx 4602
  • Graham   2015-05-08 01:08:11
    Thanks for the kind words Jess... if you can make it over to Glasgow, then my hospitality is all yours, bearing in mind I'll be travelling up from Newcastle, not sure if I'll fly over from Belfast or Dublin yet!! G x. 4601
  • SwedeJess   2015-05-08 00:33:15
    Happy casual Friday and weekend ahead to you all Snakey peeps! X ~Hey G, dear lad, chin up - cheer up and enjoy the sweets in your life...yourself, your girls, and the awesome music that connect us all here :) and also the great WS-video-teasers that givs us that lil' extra to long for, the Purple Album release! woohoo!! Soon now! ...also..the upcoming tour! ...and perhaps...a lil' lost Swede in Scotland in ;)Newcastle and Glasgow gigs aye :) Cheers ~J 4600
  • Graham   2015-05-07 16:56:16
    Can't get a wink of sleep... got a terrible feeling the G's going to get get another one of thos really heavy phone calls... Sweet Lord please give me the strength to deal with things... G x. (You Girls feel free to help me!) You're only a plane ride away... 4599

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