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  • feeling hot   2014-12-24 21:21:15
    nice photo guys! can't wait for the new studio album and world tour, david , i know you guys are doing a u. s. tour, please come to st. louis mo, kansas city mo, or chicago ill, i cant wait to hear the new album and see my favorite band in concert, welcome joel hoekstra to the mighty snake! 3723
  • PattiCake   2014-12-24 14:51:56
    David~wishing you and yours (and those dreamy eyes of yours) the best Christmas ever! 3722
  • Anasazi   2014-12-24 12:40:47
    Hi David and Albert!!!Sending my loving energy!Merry Christmas with wishes for peace,happiness and joy with all the blessings of the season,to you David,PA and families and to everyone in our Whitesnake family.Gorgeous,beautiful photo of snakes in the forest of blue haze,absolutely this style and the message..Thank you..I am listening to you David now reading to me the Night Before hearing you read to me this timeless story..Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night..sending everyone my love..Merry Christmas... 3721
  • schuster-teruel   2014-12-24 10:46:23
    Hola David, quiero mandarte todos mis mejores deseos para ti y whitesnake. Deseo un año de exitos y mucha energia para el 2015, Feliz Navidad y prospero año nuevo 3720
  • jlcougilljr   2014-12-24 09:04:48
    WHITESNAKE ROCK!!!!!!! m/ m/ 3718
  • trouble   2014-12-24 08:31:55
    Awesome picture! I can't wait! Merry Christmas everyone! :) 3717
  • IndySteve   2014-12-24 06:01:28
    Merry Christmas to David, Cindy, Jasper, Jessica, Whitesnake band members past and present, Poor Albert, the Whitesnake Choir, and fans all over the world! 3716
  • isleofwight   2014-12-24 05:26:21
    Seasonal greetings from the Isle of Wight.......just started the sherry and Dundee Cake. Enjoy a great family Christmas, Saints and sinners alike.........Merry Christmas....... 3715
  • mamica   2014-12-24 02:00:34
    Dear David, Thank you so much for a beautiful greeting pic!! Love it!! Wish you a happy holiday season and a successful New Year! ... We love Whitesnake!!! ... Love from Japan, Mamica 3714
  • Russ Pool   2014-12-24 01:41:22
    ANYHOO !. Rosalind and I, would like to wish the "Whitesnake Choir" all over this wonderful world of ours, a VERY happy Christmas, and a healthy, and productive New Year !. Have I forgotten owt ?... Oh yes... To the Brotherhood of snakes, past, present, and future... All the best lads, and we hope life treats you as it should in 2015. CHEERS !. 3713
  • Russ Pool   2014-12-24 01:35:39
    Being a bit thick ( especially when I've just woken up ! ), I have written my new profile in the wrong box. lol 3712
  • Russ Pool   2014-12-24 01:27:22
    One of the original BBS members. Known to cause mayhem and merriment with his inherent Yorkshire, er, wit. Wit. Yes, that's it. Along with my Dear wife Rosalind, we form the dynamic duo, known to all, but especially some bloke called Coverdale, as "The Pools", who can be identified nationwide by the irksome banner saying "ey up Shortarse, the Pools are in the building !". 3711
  • joey318   2014-12-23 14:34:12
    hello everyone, hope you are all ready for christmas. hope everyone is having a great day and i hope you are to david 3710
  • saraadriana   2014-12-23 14:31:07
    love you david coverdale, and also all whitesnake family, thank you for creating music so fantastic, and make a music, a great inspiration to me, I'll be it in your next gig here in BRAZIL 3709
  • Rosangela Carvalho   2014-12-23 12:55:26
    I wish a Merry Christmas and a 2015 winner in every way and "fighting the good fight" because the ruling planet is Mars. Bring on 2015 with many new features of our beloved WS. Happy Holidays to all! Kisses kisses! 3708
  • Graham   2014-12-23 12:13:22
    Festive felicitations to one and all... Just arrived back into a rather somewhat sombre Glasgow... my deepest thoughts and prayers to all of the families & friends affected by this tragic event... Glasgow's heart has been broken once again but with time, love and resilience... light will take away the darkness... Cheers & God Bless... G x 3707
  • steve   2014-12-23 11:25:21
    A Very Merry Christmas to all Whitesnake fans around the world!!! I can feel 2015 is going to be a great 'Snake year.... Have a great time you lot and I Wish You Well!!!! 3706
  • DayTripper   2014-12-23 10:59:25
    Merry Christmas everyone. Especially you. 3705
  • helena73   2014-12-23 08:28:52
    Merry Christmas! :) 3704
  • snakegirl   2014-12-23 06:50:13
    Merry Christmas to DC and family and PA! Love, Laura xxx 3703
  • Pandora   2014-12-23 06:02:20
    Mele Kelikimaka, 'Snakes, 'Snakettes, PA & Senor Songbird!!! 3702
  • Anitah   2014-12-23 03:00:55
    Hi Everyone, want to wish Dear David & Family, Poor Albert and Everyone here, along with all your loved ones, a very Happy Festive Season and all the best wishes for 2015, may it be filled with Love, Peace & Harmony, Good Health and lots of Music :) Happy Holidays Everyone! Love, anna 3701
  • joey318   2014-12-22 17:51:22
    how i forgot you poor albert is beyond me, like to wish you a very merry christmas and a happy new year to 3700
  • joey318   2014-12-22 17:45:17
    its been a long time since i have been on here. any of my old friends id like to say hi, also hope to make new friends as well, hi david would like to wish you and your family a very merry christmass and a happy new year. and happy holidays to all here 3699
  • Giovanni   2014-12-22 10:34:12
    David: I would like to wish you, the Coverdale family (here and abroad), Whitesnake, and all the contributing serpents on the BBS a very Merry Christmas and a healthy, joyful, and Happy New Year full of love and light! All the best! Giovanni Castellano 3698
  • Pandora   2014-12-22 05:59:17
    David Luv, you know what happens to Superman when he gets too close to kryptonite, right? Well, that's happening to her w/o you in here...but not to worry, my lil songbird, she gave ear to NEED YOUR LOVE SO BAD and watched the FOREVERMORE dvd until she went N2 a Coverdale coma...ahhhhhhhhh 3697
  • christelee   2014-12-20 13:08:07
    Just called by to wish you David and PA and all on BBS a very merry Christmas and a great 2015. I can't wait to find out what you have up your sleeve for us all in 2015 David. Love to you and the family from our home to yours. Xxxxxx cheers and merry christmasxxxxxxx 3696
  • Pandora   2014-12-19 12:17:22
    Hmmm, as it gets closer to Christmas Day, she wonders if she wishes HARD enuff and 'Snaky enuff, would she find DC in her Christmas stocking?....lolololololololololol 3695
  • robbierob   2014-12-16 12:31:21
    Hellooo All !!!!! Welll i guess it's like the old days little info on the albumI;m talking about the days when you only learned what your fave band was up to through music trade papers and such. We have been spoiled in the recent past but David do you have any small as it may be info that you can speak of in regaurd to the new album> 3694
  • davidsos   2014-12-15 14:10:25
    when we going to see the snakes back in bonnie scotland, hopefully you will look us up for the next world tour and "make some noise" for glasgow. have a great xmas guys 3693

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