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  • norfolksnake   2015-12-18 16:56:26
    Hello all , please can i ask for your help , im looking for a size xl 2015 tour shirt with the 'Stone Snake' front print ( similar to live in 84 dvd cover ) willing to pay a great price or trade items from the VIP package..theres a signed poster or a viper shirt. if anyone is going to Sheffield tomorrow who can help , or if anyone is willing to sell their shirt , or trade , i have a great collection to offer , please contact me if you can help , thanks 5169
  • althepo   2015-12-18 16:02:47
    OH...just remembered on the way jobs in security for me thank you very much ! 5168
  • Althepo   2015-12-18 13:21:35
    Another great night at Wembley. Looks like the family enjoyed it as much as us! As always, sincere cheers and may 2016 be as fab as this one has been. Althepo. 5167
  • Anasazi   2015-12-18 10:53:35
    Hi David!!!Sending you my loving energy!,Have a wonderful time surrounded by your beautiful family,Best wishes for this holiday season and a very Merry Christmas,I am so thrilled to hear of your Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction.Congratulations!!!Blessings and love to you and family.., 5166
  • isleofwight   2015-12-17 23:59:08
    Tonight's the night......London....excited! 5165
  • isleofwight   2015-12-17 13:08:04
    Many congrats on Hall of Fame induction....super if you can just ask at Wembley IS THERE ANYONE HERE from the Isle of Wight....!! Donningtonesque....Great to see family pics near Xmas.... Cheers! 5164
  • Moonpie3   2015-12-17 12:09:14
    OH WOW...Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction!! Congrats David...well deserved. Just thought I would give you some food for thought. We have a radio station here in Maryland that is going "Adult Contemporary" after the holidays and to my surprise "Whitesnake" is part of that "Adult Contemporary" theme. that a compliment or an insult? Well if you listen to most of the Rock Music today I would consider it a compliment- But from a rockers standpoint...I don't think so. I guess it is all in how you perceive it. Anyway, your music is classic no mater what!!! Luv, Moonpie 5163
  • macmcc   2015-12-17 09:10:38
    Greetings David, I just wanted to congratulate you on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, so well deserved. Hope you're having a great time with the UK tour. Just found out about Poor Albert, so sorry to hear of his passing, he was always so helpful to me. Hope everyone here is well, take care, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all! 5162
  • LittleWelshDragon   2015-12-16 16:58:37
    Travelled all the way from the hills of Snowdonia and weathered the storm to experience Whitesnake at the Birmingham Genting arena. A goal set 22 years ago when I was only 16! Been beaming ever since! Thank you .... Until the next time ( hipefully in 2016!)...... shine on x x x 5161
  • Althepo   2015-12-16 15:57:23
    A great evening in Cardiff...cheers as always. Soldier of Fortune was knockout, as was it all actually.Back to London tomorrow for Wembley. Rock on! 5160
  • pam   2015-12-15 15:33:03
    Fantastic night at Manchester tonight still buzzing ! David that was a great set list tonight great vocals great band thank you .Pam (-; X 5159
  • Degsy   2015-12-15 09:05:35
    The night at Newcastle was truly a memorable evening. I thought it sounded the best of many years from the band and the set list was spot on with a mixture of everything you would want bearing in mind the time constraints of three bands on stage. I went with a Maiden fan who had not seen Whitesnake before, and he thought they were fantastic and Mr C the best frontman ever, which was high praise from him.As for Leppard , the expression playing second fiddle springs to mind. All credit again to my fellow Yorkshireman for reinventing the music from 40 years ago. What a brilliant night of rock. 5158
  • Cutesnake   2015-12-13 23:06:31
    Sorry for typos.. Was abroad for six weeks recently and only just catching up... 5157
  • Cutesnake   2015-12-13 23:04:25
    Was a road for about six weeks recently and on,y just catching up.. Sorry to hear about Poor Albert he always was so polite and helpful... RIP 5156
  • caro2salt   2015-12-13 12:10:27
    Hi Mr Coverdale....Only a week to go to your gig in Sheffield. ... So looking forward to seeing you! Xxx 5155
  • soldieroffortune1955   2015-12-13 06:05:33
    Jeez David , what were you on the other night in Glasgow ? That was one hell of a night. When you opened up with Burn , there was a lump in my throat. Cos you opened up with the same song in 74 on the burn tour at the Glasgow Apollo. Yeah I'm that old lol. That on Thursday night though was I think , one of the best ive ever seen, and ive seen a lot I can tell you.The band was tight as a snare drum, and youre voice was as if youd just started youre stint with Whitesnake. Ive a sneaky feeling you'll hang on for a massive 40th anniversary tour lol. You know you wont be able to resist right ? 5154
  • ghcooke   2015-12-13 04:07:00
    "You took our breath away ..." You most certainly did at Birmingham last night. We drove up from the south west in the rain and missed the Black Star Riders but were there when Whitesnake thundered onto the stage. From the opening chords and Burn to the ending blast we were enthralled. The voice is back, the band are so tight and the effect was mesmerizing. It was the best I've ever seen Whitesnake and possibly the best concert I've attended. Def Leppard - sorry, they couldn't hold a candle to you and we left early. Well done Whitesnake. Miss them at your peril. 5153
  • WHITESNAKE_Fan_Page   2015-12-13 02:37:50
    Ritchie Blackmore talks about the fact he wanted to leave Deep Purple in 1971 and the very beginning of his meeting with Glenn Hughes and David Coverdale. Off The Ritchie Blackmore Story (2015) [link] 5152
  • northwinds   2015-12-12 05:00:56
    Serious request to anyone out there who knows of anyone with at least one spare standing ticket for the Def Leppard/Whitesnake gig at Wembley next Friday? I haven't missed a Whitesnake gig in London since moving here in '94 but unfortunately didn't have the cash before all the resellers/touts had bought them up, and don't have the extra cash to pay their inflated prices, nor do I want to support their immoral behaviour. So please, any genuine people out there with a spare ticket to sell to a genuine fan? Please email me at [email] 5151
  • stuart davidson   2015-12-11 09:00:07
    Lindab. I was at that very same gig back in 80, still got the ticket somewhere and the snakes kicked ass again at the hydro. The whitesnake world wide family will all remember with real fondness poor Albert. His contribution to the band was huge, the man was a genius and will never be forgotten and remembered with love 5150
  • scottish rose   2015-12-10 18:08:42
    Fantastic evening with Sir in Glasgow....thank you Snakes you rocked the hydro ...never expected anything less ...wishing you well xx 5149
  • isleofwight   2015-12-10 12:58:55
    Very excited for next Friday. Super news to have next July 23rd, Maidstone to look forward you know Isle of Wight Festival is 9th-12th June ........just saying..... 5148
  • althepo   2015-12-10 12:40:18
    Oneself has retired from work today and in celebration would like to request the inclusion of Forevermore in the set as an alternative to the 'thought-it-was dropped' City. Oh well, can but ask...its a cracker. Roll on Cardiff and Wembley next week. Cheers ! 5147
  • dave.b   2015-12-10 12:06:59
    salutations Mr Coverdale. Will be @ birmingham on the 12th with my daughter Bethany who has her 16th birthday the following day. Her first gig was seeing whitesnake in bournemouth on the forevermore tour & is also a winger fan. A mention would make her birthday complete ! from a loyal snakefan since donington 1981 . 5146
  • northwinds   2015-12-10 11:21:03
    Serious question - I am looking for at least one standing ticket for the Wembley show - can anyone please help? I didn't have the cash when they originally went on sale and now I'm only seeing them for stupid prices on the "resale"/tout sites. I haven't missed a Whitesnake gig since moving to London in '94 - please help me out guys and girls! Many thanks! My email is [email] Cheers! 5145
  • lindab   2015-12-10 02:51:02
    Stuart Davidson I remember Glasgow Apollo well - first time seeing Whitesnake there in 1980 blew me away even from way "up in the gods" been a fan since and looking forward to seeing the band tonight in Glasgow Hydro. Was sad to read of Poor Albert's death RIP :( 5144
  • glenn plumridge   2015-12-09 09:12:22
    Oonaa ,, Thank you for telling me about Amazon Japan , all done and ordered ,, look forward to enjoying it , Thanks Glenn 5143
  • Oonaa   2015-12-09 04:49:56
    @glennplumridge you can order it from japan's amazon. has been up for a month now. you'll love it. cheers peeps keep well rock on 5142
  • glenn plumridge   2015-12-08 11:34:24
    Thought I had ordered the Discoverdale Blu-Ray and DVD from ward records, the link that DC tweeted ,They have just got back to me and informed me that they are not available for oversea shipping , Gutted ,, Cardiff soooo soon cant wait 5141
  • Giovanni   2015-12-05 15:31:06
    Those of you who were fans of DP Mark IV remember that we lost Tommy Bolin 39 years ago last night. If you'd like to revisit his guitar mastery, listen to DP's Come Taste the Band; Tommy's Private Eye, Teaser, and Billy Cobham's Spectrum. Gone but certainly not forgotten. Cheers, Giovanni 5140

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