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the BBS
  • humble_lori89   2015-04-21 17:53:34
    Good evening gentlemen! Texas awaits your return...see you In Socorro TX in June! Cheers!!!! 4460
  • johnvlandry   2015-04-21 15:38:21
    I have just been reading a few post and wanted to say CHEER'S :) 4459
  • Graham   2015-04-21 13:06:08
    Good evening Ladies & Gents from what has been a truly gorgeous sunny day here in Bonnie Scotland. I left a tape (Perks and Tit) down in Eston and have been trying to obtain another copy, if anyone can help the G. Opinions, Reviews, Critical analysis from people whose Balls hadn't even dropped when we were out there shaking with 'The Snake' experiencing that somewhat very special moment, almost orgasmic when that mutual exchange takes place, between 'The Choir' and 'The Band' for those fortunate enough to have engaged in the WS. intercourse, over the years, its who we are, its what we do.. G 4458
  • christelee   2015-04-21 12:16:31
    Evening all on BBS. What a beautiful day its been. Can't wait to get my hands on my copy of the Purple Album not long now. Lee I agree where are you Barry Sherwin get your arse in here. David can you give us all some advice on how to lubricate our tonsils ready for the tour. Ready folks. D.R.M.F.S.L.T.D xxxxxx 4457
  • Mike Twirl   2015-04-21 10:55:06
    Agreed, Ger! G has called me many things, over the years...but never a gentleman! Nice to see more familiar faces arriving on here, as we start the countdown, to all things Purple! It's who we are, it's what we do! 4456
  • Ger   2015-04-21 10:39:13
    As this is the 20th Anniversary of the Father Ted First Series....All I can say is "Holy God" look at all these posts....How nice it is to see you all again...Even if some of you are posting as bars of chocolate!!...I never thought I would see the day that Graham would call moi a Gentleman....Ooooeerrr Missus!! Mind how you go!! 30 Days give or take till the Purple Album arrives in my Post Box...Feck the Reviews David...It's the Music that counts...Can't wait to hear it all played F**king Loud!! 4455
  • Lee Thompson   2015-04-21 10:23:45
    Aye Up! What's going on here then?! Some familiar friends here! All we need now is Barry Sherwin & David Coverdale! :))) lovely to see you all! Lee:))) 4454
  • captainsnake84   2015-04-21 10:04:20
    I need to get home from work and listen to 'snake'!!!! 4453
  • Graham   2015-04-21 03:46:13
    Gentlemen (that should read) 4452
  • captainsnake84   2015-04-21 03:16:56
    Good morning to the are ya!! Beautiful day here in Yorkshire,just driven from East Coast to home listening to 'your friend and mine'..LOL Have a great day guys...Keep it snakey 4451
  • captainsnake84   2015-04-21 03:16:30
    Good morning to the are ya!! Beautiful day here in Yorkshire,just driven from East Coast to home listening to 'your friend and mine'..LOL Have a great day guys...Keep it snakey 4450
  • Graham   2015-04-20 23:06:54
    Firstly to the Gentleman doon in the land of the 'Scallies' such Effronertry beggers belief... and to the 'Nigerian Lager' swilling Dubliner... Matron will be instructed to give the pair of you a right good spanking... yer cheeky buggers... The G will see you both after class... 4449
  • Daniel27Shake1988   2015-04-20 16:35:26
    Hi david i just came across a soundboard recording of you performing at Olympic pool Tokyo 1988 i just wondering if possible you could make a official release of this show 4448
  • captainsnake84   2015-04-20 15:04:29
    Get the kettle on Chris...let's do this properly..LOL 4447
  • captainsnake84   2015-04-20 15:04:27
    Get the kettle on Chris...let's do this properly..LOL 4446
  • christelee   2015-04-20 14:59:09
    hiya mick,hi Steve, hi Graham, hi jen, hi Wendy knew you would be here Wendy at the mention of a party lmao. The choir rehearsals shall begin so start warming them old tonsils up cos they are going to be in for some Also hi to our fabulous web master poor albert. Let's get this party started. Xxx 4445
  • captainsnake84   2015-04-20 13:51:11
    Good evening Jen...not long till we all meet up and make some f@ckin noise..;) 4444
  • JenBlue   2015-04-20 13:39:02
    I remember that night well, G-Man. ;) in the fine company of my Whitesnaked family, it doesn't get much better than that.... Hey Wendy and Mick!! Fabulous to see you both here....:) xx 4443
  • steve   2015-04-20 13:29:37
    I ain't an educated man as all you BBS people know, It's just the simple things in life that get my motor running, ready to go... If I can make smile, I will raise my ass, an' if you don't like then maybe you can kiss my glass... ;0) 4442
  • captainsnake84   2015-04-20 13:19:32
    Good evening how are ya? Had a crazy dream about going to see Whitesnake in Newcastle,Manchester and Sheffield this December.When I woke up it was all true....ow oww owwwww...LOL Lots of love to the choir...keep it snakey. X 4441
  • Graham   2015-04-20 12:47:44
    One thinks... the term one is looking for is what apair of Cheeky B'stards... its a fuckin' good job I know this pair of reprobates, otherwise I would have had to send in Liam Neeson... Be careful out there Boys & Girls always remember your safe word!! Cheers and God Bless yer sweet backsides! G... x x x 4440
  • christelee   2015-04-20 12:43:43
    Hi all Steve has the wine I raise a glass of bubbly to you all. Xxxx let's raise a glass to David and the band for a wonderful tour cheers.xxxx 4439
  • steve   2015-04-20 12:38:16
    I've got the wine...there are loads of lovely Women on here so what (Whitesnake) song(s) should we play? ... ;0) Nice to see the Whitesnake Choir on here!! 4438
  • wendy syevens   2015-04-20 12:25:03
    Oooooh who mentioned Party! I'm up for that 4437
  • JenBlue   2015-04-20 12:23:16
    Hi Chris, Fritz and Steve. Did someone say party? ;) 4436
  • steve   2015-04-20 12:16:39
    I'm in for that Chris!!! Are getting the Yorkshire Gold Tea Ready?....Coz I'm Willing for some Sweet Satisfaction...!!!! ;0) 4435
  • frytzsdmf   2015-04-20 12:14:32
    Twirl on the loose again - yeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw! 4434
  • christelee   2015-04-20 12:09:27
    Hiya to all on BBS so good to call by and see ya all here. Its been a while. Let's have a party xxxxxxxx 4433
  • Tiara   2015-04-20 11:32:29
    if the 1 post a day is still the ruling..a mea culpa. 4432
  • Tiara   2015-04-20 11:31:20
    Hi,Jen! we`re on the bbs`s been a while.. 4431

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