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  • shadesatnight   2014-07-04 17:46:07
    Happy 4th David to you the fam, the band, and all. Please be safe and Whitesnake Forever more!!!! 3022
  • Graham   2014-07-04 16:08:00
    David, checkout [link] Watch closely at the start and you'll see a familiar establishment!! You may have to enter a North East post code to access the video footage... if you can remember one!! How long do you intend to keep 'the old faithful' in suspenders?? A wee taster of the new album would be a welcome distraction from recent events with Pater. Hope you're enjoying the 4th over that side of the pond... Your old friend JP.was on the news at teatime... Cheers & God Bless... G. 3021
  • Jay M   2014-07-04 13:13:56
    Happy 4th. is Correct, David & Family!!! Also to All chorus members out there!!! Went to a parade today in a town not to far from home. Was Wonderful!!! Music & Arts in the park after. Beautiful weather!!! Enjoy 1 & All!!!! CHEERS!!!! Jay. :-) 3020
  • snakegirl   2014-07-04 07:53:59
    Happy 4th to you and yours DC! Have a wonderful day! Love, Laura xxx 3019
  • missmo1666   2014-07-04 06:35:23
    David and family, Happy Fourth of July. Stay safe over the big holiday week-end. Will be watching the fireworks on the harbor tonite. Giovanni, Happy Fourth to you and yours, my friend. Hope to hear from you soon DC. Love, Missmo 3018
  • Giovanni   2014-07-03 09:53:06
    Wishing David, the Coverdale family, Whitesnake, and all of you lot out there in America a very Happy Fourth of July! Missmo, I am raising a tall cold one or three to you and hubby down there in FLA! Stay well! Cent'anni! Giovanni Castellano 3017
  • Pandora   2014-07-03 05:43:35
    Greetingz & Salutationz, Lords & Ladies...connected63304 & tstaggs--VERY well written & AGREE!....Morning, Squire Coverdale, you sexy songbird, you! I KNOW that ALL is well, as u exude this in your tweeting! Rock on, Lad! 3016
  • sophos1   2014-07-03 04:51:45
    new ws guitarist will probably be reb beach winger bandmate jon roth ,most are in their own bands AND wouldnt leave for ws gig. but if it aint JJS i will move right along ,top notch cover of the whitesnake classic bad boys from gravity storm [link] , check it out DC ! 3015
  • schuster-teruel   2014-07-03 04:41:26
    Hello Family for among all the rumors, Alexander Beyrodt prefer it I think is the best of the three, Sambora is very soft, and Magnus too hard. I'll take Beyrodt SALUDOS DAVIDDDDD 3014
  • tstaggs   2014-07-03 03:18:43
    whoever the new guitarist is he will be magnificent and the mighty whitey will keep on rocking forevermore 3013
  • tstaggs   2014-07-03 03:18:42
    whoever the new guitarist is he will be magnificent and the mighty whitey will keep on rocking forevermore 3012
  • tstaggs   2014-07-03 03:18:35
    whoever the new guitarist is he will be magnificent and the mighty whitey will keep on rocking forevermore 3011
  • tstaggs   2014-07-03 03:18:27
    whoever the new guitarist is he will be magnificent and the mighty whitey will keep on rocking forevermore 3010
  • tstaggs   2014-07-03 03:18:19
    whoever the new guitarist is he will be magnificent and the mighty whitey will keep on rocking forevermore 3009
  • connected63304   2014-07-02 19:28:37
    Relax! I wont even speculate on who the new guitarist is. David has already mentioned that due to contractual matters he can not name the new guitarist just yet, and I can respect that. No matter who it is, they will rock as a unit as always! 3008
  • Ach20   2014-07-02 18:41:05
    Why is it taking so long to announce Doug's replacement? 3007
  • carlosramua   2014-07-02 17:42:45
    I think that is not Mr Sambora ... Alex Beyrodt or Magnus Karlsson ... Vinny Burns ... Just wishes ... God Bless David and the BBS ... 3006
  • WHITESNAKE Fan Page   2014-07-02 12:01:56
    Hi RobbieRob! This is only a rumor... Maybe it will be Richie Sambora, maybe someone else. We can only think (& maybe bet money ah ah!) that the new guitarist will be the guitarist of our choice...:) 3005
  • robbierob   2014-07-02 08:22:18
    Sambora ....ahhhh i don't see that at all....ithink it's someone who is lesser known who is goig to get the opprotunity to shine. 3004
  • Pandora   2014-07-02 05:44:12
    Greetz & Sallies, David Luv! What time are u firing up the grill on July 4, so I can stop by & get my plate of 'Cue? (lolololol)...Take care, mah dahling & have a FAB, safe holiday! Maestro, TELL ME HOW, sil vous plait! 3002
  • WHITESNAKE Fan Page   2014-07-02 03:49:41
    My friend Daniel O'Leary announced me the new WS guitarist could be Mr Richie Sambora (his World Tour ends soon)...:) [link] 3001
  • Giovanni   2014-07-01 15:43:39
    David: This bear-invasion business is certainly unsettling but you are keeping your famous sense of humor up. Electrified cable around the perimeter? Please be careful. I am sure that you and the family are taking all precautions. God bless, Giovanni 3000
  • Pandora   2014-07-01 06:55:41
    And then, it went something like this: In The Still Of The Night, Here I Go Again (sniffing around your door), as a Gambler humming The Last Note Of Freedom with a Cry For Love nevertheless, Ready An Willing for u to Keep On Giving Me Love & to Take Me For A Little While cos I've been Mistreated so Dont Break My Heart Again, as I'm your Slave...Forevermore! Hola & Adios, David Luv! 2999
  • Daniel27   2014-06-30 08:52:26
    @missmo1666 Actually it ain't a 2010 concert it is a 2004 concert which was released in 2006 as Live: in The Still Of The Night 2997
  • missmo1666   2014-06-29 14:57:14
    Hi David, will be tuning into AXSTV to watch the 2010 concert at Hammersmith Apollo tonite. I don't believe I have seen this one, so looking forward to it. I am all for an unplugged album. Cheers to you David. Love Missmo xx 2996
  • 80fanrock   2014-06-29 10:26:43
    such a fan . need you backonstage 2995
  • pierced   2014-06-29 08:06:28
    Good morning to David, Albert and everyone on site here. Question, when did David make the announcement that Doug was leaving band? anybody have any ideas on our new man? is everyone still in Band? Hard for me to lose Doug, for me he was Davids soul brother! I would love to see John Norum personally, he sings really well, and of course he has a good ear for the blues, and the chops to back it up. Cheers BP 1 more thing, anybody think Brian Robertson could fill the void? 2994
  • isleofwight   2014-06-29 01:23:18
    We are looking for a virtuoso guitarist, with a penchant for blues. Vocally must be a class act, my vote would be Dave Meneketti or Rik Emmett. Very positive individuals that have great songwriting skills to bring to WS band. Imagine the solos...... 2993
  • Graham   2014-06-28 17:39:48
    Percy Plant and Metallica down at Glastonbury... opening the doors to a much wider audience, who appreciate & enjoy a diverse mix of old blues to modern day Rock/Blues/Heavy Metal influence... Lars Ulrich was very humbled and thankful for Michael Eavis & his family to have given them the opportunity to finally play at the legendary Glastonbury Festival!!! Glad to hear that the new record is coming along nicely, David Graham, Luke, & Curtis Jake, love and miss you, to my friends in County Durham, so sorry I couldn't make the 'Randy Mandy' renunion at the Town Hall. Hope to see yer all soon... G 2992
  • Ach20   2014-06-28 08:23:35
    Hoping the new guitarist is Joe Satriani. 2991

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