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  • Hey Man   2014-10-09 21:11:33
    Unless you plan on releasing a Coverdale/Page Expanded Edition at some point, you should really re-record Saccharin for the new Whitesnake album. It's just a fantastic song that needs to be heard properly and shouldn't remain unreleased. It would even be a great single with a killer groove. Don't let this great song go to waste. I hope you will consider this and I look forward to the new album. 3559
  • Ach20   2014-10-09 14:33:39
    Good luck getting an answer. They won't mention anything regarding the new album 3558
  • robbierob   2014-10-09 13:30:15
    Im wondering being there has not been much news on the new album lately ,who did the bulk of the song writing? are these DC DA songs or DC DA RB 3557
  • steve   2014-10-09 08:57:31
    Hi David, I've always wondered why was there a Here I Go Again US single remix? I remember when the single was released in the UK the video on TV had the Here I Go Again '87 version but that was only available on the 12" over here. Also, who played on the '87 and remix versions? Was it the same musicians? I think Denny Carmassi, Adrian V and Dan Huff are mentioned on the 1987 credits and AV did do the solo on the '87 video I think? Did he do the solo on the remix? Thanx in advance! or if there is someone else who can enlighten me....Cheers!;0) 3556
  • isleofwight   2014-10-09 00:51:44
    Let's talk AUTOBIOGRAPHY, personalities, places and memories resonate with us all, however, would be great insight to articulate on culture (learning language) global opportunities -moving continent!, rewards and challenges of travel. And yes we all want to hear about BEARGATE...... 3555
  • Paul007   2014-10-08 08:42:01
    Wow, just seen the Back to The Bone release info... awesome! I was there, can't wait! 3554
  • Lee Thompson   2014-10-07 10:39:39
    Listening now to 'Trouble' from Bernies album...David sounds does Bernie...brilliant!!! 3552
  • Alex Kako   2014-10-07 08:47:28
    Only my soul stops me crying!!! On the run again Looking for a place to hide, Everywhere I look there is trouble, Trouble always coming my way thanks for the good lyrics, it's actual for me now 3551
  • Pierced   2014-10-05 10:25:15
    Good morning David, happy Belated B-Day. Hows work on the new CD coming? did you get a kick out of all our speculation on the Guitarist slot? I thought John Norum would've fit well. anyway, I see that your releasing the Super Rock 84 soon, why not do Rock in Rio? To me the Band was at the top of there Game! I understand that you wanted Jon to be included! I have a video of the last concert that Jon was in, The Grand Hotel-Sweden 4-16-84. if I'm wrong do correct me. Man you've always meant the world to me as a man and Vocalist!! Your the man BP 3550
  • steveo   2014-10-05 09:38:02
  • Amarillo63   2014-10-04 20:12:17
    HI David know there was a big fire near your area did anything happen to your home, hope not , anymore bears ha 3548
  • missmo 1666   2014-10-04 10:00:30
    Hi David, loved the pic of you and Jazz after his choir performance at school. He has really grown into quite a handsome young man, imagine that.He looks very debonair and all he needs is a top and cane and he could just dance across the stage. What type if music does he sing. Any hopes of following in Dads footsteps missmo 3547
  • Rosangela Carvalho   2014-10-03 12:24:19
    Hello dearest DC and all the BBS, I'm totalemnte according to Giovanni, here we are sorry to miss you, stop by sometimes to give a hello to us. Great weekend for all, good rest. Kisses kisses! 3546
  • isleofwight   2014-10-03 09:28:12
    Japanese Grand Prix this weekend- Great to hear about Drivers love of Japaese culture, mix of tradition and hi-tech- Good role models for the next generation. Isn't it strange to hear about ideal preparation being video game of the actual circuit........Live in Tokyo 3545
  • snakegirl   2014-10-03 07:12:43
    Hi DC, Love the Cal Jam video! One of my favorites. Have a great weekend! Love, Laura xxxx 3544
  • Pandora   2014-10-02 07:52:39
    Alright, alright, alright---tis Friday Eve up in here!...Agreed, Giovanni, we do MISS our Fab host, Senor C...come on back, dahling & give this Lot a chat cocktail! 3543
  • isleofwight   2014-09-30 18:55:04
    Loved the Ryder Cup, however, press conference reminded me of The Spinal Tap drummer, spontaneous combustion!!! Live In The Heart of Gleneagles.......... 3542
  • Giovanni   2014-09-30 15:55:19
    DC: I love your posted pics. Out of curiosity, how many months of summer or warm weather do you have there? Seems like an interminable winter or close to it. Please, please, please post more often on the BBS. We, the regulars, sorely miss you, mate! Cheers, Giovanni Castellano 3541
  • JohninNJ4you   2014-09-30 07:40:41
    I especially love the alternate but hard to find version of Shake My Tree where Jimmy Page does the Zep like guitar solo ... I would love to own a copy of that version one day! I like the harmonica but I prefer Jimmy's guitar solo for that song! 3540
  • JohninNJ4you   2014-09-30 07:36:31
    Looking forward to the new live DVD in November. I hope we one day get to see a full live concert released featuring Jon Lord and John Sykes in one of Jon's final performances with Whitesnake! I think they sound great together. And a lot of people are still hoping for the Donnington 83 to be re-released, and for Coverdale-Page, Restless Heart, and Into the Light to be remastered and re-released! ;-D 3539
  • Dr.Carl   2014-09-30 06:19:05
    Hi David, it's nice to see you in good spirit-as you allways are. I very much appreciate the archive release of the 1984 live recordings.Will there be a vinyl edition too ? I have another question though: are the releases of the expanded Restless Heart and Into The Light CD's withdrawn ? I've seen other people on the BBS asking the same question.Good news on my personal side...My oldest daughter Sarah is going to get married march 28 2015...Champagne please :-) 3538
  • Mark McCleary   2014-09-29 13:28:28
    Hi David and welcome Joel!! looking forward to the new material.To all does anyone know where to get hold of Discoverdale!!. 3537
  • paul.burnip   2014-09-29 02:45:54
    Excellent news on the new DVD. Will be delighted to endorse the release by purchasing the original product, as always. Thanks for rewarding the true fan base with regular released material, whether polished gems, new stuff or live performances. Keeps the appetite wet and tremendous legacy alive. I just hope the rumours about your autobiography are true and its being written. I know, like all of the fellow fans that your not finished with your great career, but this release would be another massive success. Your chronicles are another great treasure that would elevate the mighty snake further. 3536
  • lovenrockandroll   2014-09-28 18:47:05
    Hail to WHITESNAKE! Your voice and earth's shattering sound is very addicting. I really want to attend your next tour. If only you can plan a year ahead. It would give is time to make it work with our busy schedules. Rock on and on and on. 3535
  • lovenrockandroll   2014-09-28 18:47:05
    Hail to WHITESNAKE! Your voice and earth's shattering sound is very addicting. I really want to attend your next tour. If only you can plan a year ahead. It would give is time to make it work with our busy schedules. Rock on and on and on. 3534
  • pascui   2014-09-27 18:27:53
    When LIVE IN 84 - BACK TO THE BONE will be released in South America??? 3533
  • scratched&bitten   2014-09-27 03:42:55
    Can't wait for the LIVE IN 84 - BACK TO THE BONE. Whitesnake has always been a live band and that's what music is all about. Still, I'm hoping for a new studio album and a tour in Germany any time soon. Missed the show in Oberhausen in November 2011. I was ill and couldn't go. 3532
  • isleofwight   2014-09-26 11:32:19
    Cannot get enough of Whitesnale live material. It will go down in the annals (careful) as absolutely 'wish you ere there material' Just need an Isle of Wight set to cap it all! Great Ryder cup.....ready and willing 3531
  • remo   2014-09-26 09:14:56
    Hi David, Can't wait for the live in 84 dvd, i saw you at the Leeds Queens hall on that tour with Great White, a bloody great evening, all we need then is the full Donington show from 83, greedy i know!!! all the best Damien 3529
  • Kyoko8818   2014-09-25 21:01:37
    Too many typos! Sorry, re-doing: Hi David, I hope your Birthday was excellent celebrating your birth! I can't help but notice your breathing techniques during recording have been somewhat similar to Pilates type of breathing in through nose & breathing out through mouth, which I often hear your throat making noise♥ Since Cindy's a famous CORE exercising specialist, are you doing that type of POWERHOUSE/CORE strength Workouts? If you do, let us know regimens? 3528

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