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  • Ach20   2014-06-28 08:23:27
    Hoping the new guitarist is Joe Satriani. 2990
  • ombra66   2014-06-27 05:17:22
    Hello David, I'm Marco from Milan, Italy. I'm sure you've done for the new guitarist as always the best choice. I hope that in your next tour there is also Milan. We are waiting anxiously the new album. ciao ciao 2989
  • Pandora   2014-06-26 05:54:07
    I'm sure the headlines of the new 'Snake ear candy would go something like this..."From the 'sexy imagination' of one David Coverdale & his HOT orchestra, we give you the shedding of 'Snake skin & unveil...(insert title here, Squire Coverdale)!"....Mercy, need a towel already! (lololololol)....Take care, David Doll face! 2988
  • 6maul6   2014-06-26 05:42:33
    Hello. Can't wait to hear some news about new record and guitarist. I hope Vandenberg returns. 2987
  • Kyoko8818   2014-06-26 05:34:14
    OMG! You got the super guitarist READY and WILLING♥I can't wait♥The new Album in production is also a great news♥Can't wait!!! Yayyyyyyyyyippppiiiieee♥♥♥ 2986
  • UncommonFriend   2014-06-26 03:47:15
    @David - quick question Dave, what do you think about WS tribute bands? Thanks, have a great week and greetings to the new misterious guitarist! :D All the best from Romania ;) 2985
  • robbierob   2014-06-25 11:08:52
    Good afternoon,Well that is great news David,I suppose you won't say more until it's time but what the heck is the NEW GUY A KNOWN ENTITY OR SOMEONE BEING PULLED INTO THE LIGHT ...NO PUN INITENDID. 2984
  • 000martyn   2014-06-25 09:25:11
    Can't wait to hear how the new record sounds..Been a lifelong member of the Whitesnake choir. Been racking my brains to think who the new guitarist is...Luke Morley would be a great asset, but Thunder are just about to record new material..... 2983
  • carlosramua   2014-06-24 12:31:40
    Alex Beyrodt ... From Primal Fear?? ... 2982
  • atsoudi   2014-06-24 11:25:05
    Hi everybody!!!! So glad to hear about the NEW AXEMAN David!!! Can't wait to see you guys Live. I'm sure that your decision is Superb. I expect another Guitar God!!!!hahahahaaha Be Well!!!! Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2981
  • srdja ws   2014-06-24 06:12:42
    Hm, not an ex-member, but well known to us? Earl Slick? Doug Bossi? Ha, ha, ha...that would be to good to be truth! What a music and sound on ITL! Sorry, there' been really too much guessing and fantasies here lately. 2980
  • sonia blanco   2014-06-24 05:43:05
    Hi to all :) I am Following very closely the new news :) Yeahhh I want WS on stage soon :)))) 2979
  • mamica   2014-06-24 04:11:45
    Konnichiwa, Giovanni-san! Hai! Can't wait for WS new album! Mamica 2978
  • SoniaSlabbert   2014-06-24 03:26:10
    Hello DC. So glad the new album is going great... I cant wait for it. I heard a rumor... Whitesnake is doing a 2015 world tour. Please tell me this is true and South Africa is included. 2977
  • schuster-teruel   2014-06-23 23:30:38
    David thank you very much for the good news. And from what I've read, new album guauuuuuuu, the snake never stops, so I like, I want to poison me again one more hahahahahaha Cheers David abrazooooooooo 2976
  • missmo 1666   2014-06-23 16:10:27
    Hello David, Thank you for the update. We are all anxious. A new album and a new band member, you have been busy. .Stay in touch. xxMissmo 2975
  • Rosangela Carvalho   2014-06-23 14:02:25
    I love beautiful voice. I'm always so thrilled with beautiful voices and songs. Kisses kisses, Love and Peace! 2974
  • Rosangela Carvalho   2014-06-23 14:00:18
    Hello dear DC, friends of BBS also excuse the absence in posting here, I always step here for news, but I'm too busy with work and studies. I'm glad to know that all is well and good, I trust good choices that DC ever did for the band members have always been more than correct choices, after CD is the soul of the band is not it?? Now I'm happier to know that we have a new album in the oven. I'm missing a lot to hear your beautiful voice with beautiful beautiful beautiful songs, I'm hoping to have many beautiful blues and you drop your "big voice" for us. I love DC too, but I love a beautiful. 2973
  • Pandora   2014-06-23 13:30:07
    Hot Damn!...A new 'Snake 'ear casserole' is in ze oven!....Mmmm, I can almost taste it & feel it boring a new hole in my eardrum all ze way down to my soul! Gracias, David mah dear...just keep doing that 'Snakey thing that U do! 2972
  • WHITESNAKE Fan Page   2014-06-23 10:37:01
    On, Sunday, June, 29th, you will have to watch AXS TV!! >> [link] 2971
  • tako217   2014-06-23 08:30:04
    DC, thank you for posting the good news :) I'd be happy if you are happy with the new energy. I'll follow you ALWAYS, and be with Whitesnake... XX 2970
  • srdja ws   2014-06-23 08:11:02
    David, thank you for the information. Looking forward for the new album. 2969
  • Giovanni   2014-06-23 06:46:36
    DC: I agree with Mamica-san... great news! Looking forward to your new album! Onward and upward, DC/WS! Keep posting on the BBS, David. We love it! Cheers, Giovanni Castellano 2968
  • mamica   2014-06-23 06:06:09
    Dear David. Thank you so much for posting your message. I'm glad to hear that you are very happy :) ... Looking forward to the new album & your information about the new super guitarist! Love from Japan, Mamica 2967
  • Oonaa   2014-06-23 03:23:15
    Ciao David thank you for the lovely news. oh goody let's partee m/ peace an love to all on board ;) 2966
  • Daniel27   2014-06-22 16:04:46
    Hi David any news on thr remasters of Imto The Light, Restless Heart and Starkers In Tokyo and i'm looking forward to knowing the new Guitarist and New Album is it a brand new studio album 2964
  • geordiesnake   2014-06-22 15:04:39
    Cheers for the news DC can not wait to hear the new cd and may be see you all at the city hall at the toon in the near future any way respect for your words take care from a very sunny Newbiggin by the sea Northumberland 2963
  • David Coverdale   2014-06-22 12:37:34
    Happy Summer to You & Yours, Boys & Girls…I hope ALL is well...Just a quick FYI...We have had a new super guitarist in play for a while now, as I hinted some time ago, so, you can relax. Unfortunately, because of contractual commitments on his side, we cannot reveal his name, rank & serial number just yet. Of course, YOU will be the first to know when we can draw back the Snakey curtains to show him in all his musical finery. He is not a former member of Whitesnake. Tis a new one with as many bells & whistles as we could could possibly need...:)…So, with thy permission, it's back to Sunday's entertainment & once again I thank you for your patience & understanding…it truly is appreciated…Oh, by the way…the new album is going exceptionally well…I couldn't be happier…All the best to You & Yours…Love & LIGHT…DC
  • Ach20   2014-06-22 10:51:54
    Really not interested in seeing Micky Moody or Bernie Marsden back in the band. Hope it is someone new. 2961
  • alex1975   2014-06-21 18:41:34
    All the talks inhere about Sykes gives me false hope...but false hope is still hope..i remember shouting out for Tommy inhere, and it became Tommy...after Vandy,Vai, Aldrich.. its very hard to fullfill that job now in WS.. so what why om looking for possibilities.. and they are Sykes..or...maybe..Micky Moody.. couse we have Reb to get the balls, vituosity.. we need a bluesman, or still a rocker top of the bill??....ouch..Dear David..get me out of my misery...any news???? i know you will make the best of choices like you always have.. but..its waaaayy to silent....i will miss u Doug..:( X! alex 2960

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