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  • Edgeley   2015-03-30 11:00:09 tickets for Manchester! 4283
  • trouble   2015-03-30 09:53:14
    Goood morning DC! We are ready! Hello Missmo, all is well!! :) 4282
  • task67   2015-03-30 08:48:22
    here we go again (manchester) two great bands to watch letes get lets get rocked 4281
  • maestegmark   2015-03-30 07:48:12
    Lol isleofwight that's a hell of of a change maesteg to the Isle of Wight 4280
  • whitedawn   2015-03-30 07:08:55
    Spent all morning on laptop used code then sat ages after submitting order only to be told timed out lost tickets! Apparently was web browser fault I'm gutted !!! 4279
  • Pandora   2015-03-30 07:01:59
    Wassup, me buckos!...Hey, Giovanni!....Alright, alright, alright, DC Doll Face!! You just made Randy Pandy's day, week & year!!--just saw that the 'Snakes are slithering BACK to Tulsa @ ze Hard Rock!!! OO-ER, BAY-BAY, OO-ER! Down in front, she says, down in front with towels at ze ready (be still ALL body parts, be still--insert wicked city woman laughter)...until then, a little GOT WHAT YOU NEED, Maestro! 4278
  • isleofwight   2015-03-30 06:53:15
    Also passcode is case sensitive ....lower case purple not as listed 4277
  • isleofwight   2015-03-30 06:51:56
    Learnt to swim at Maesteg baths Mark, good job as I live on a smaller Isle now.... 4276
  • Oonaa   2015-03-30 06:48:45
    pre sale CODE for ALL venues is purple2015 if anyone is having any problems with online purchase use eg chrome instead of explorer... @katielove41 look at the announcement - ticketmaster... @soldieroffortune76 yup mor 83. DC did it occasionally during 97 tour, too. a bit of it at least. my fave ws version is from hammy 80. nothing beats it ;) cheers peeps 4275
  • Graham   2015-03-30 06:41:52
    Sazzy...Sazzy...Sazzy... So Hot... Yeah Baby... 4274
  • maestegmark   2015-03-30 06:32:30
    VIP tix for Cardiff sorted for me and the good woman can't wait 4273
  • katielove41   2015-03-30 05:45:50
    Hi everyone, can you tell me where I can purchase tickets please :) 4272
  • soldieroffortune76   2015-03-30 05:32:32
    Does anyone remember D.C. saying , just before he did Mistreated , that it would be the last time ever? Donnington I think it was tho not sure.. Ive a sneaky wee feeling that may all change come December ! 4271
  • SazzyJ30   2015-03-30 05:06:20
    Has anyone managed to get standing for Manchester? Been trying for soooo long!! :( 4270
  • isleofwight   2015-03-30 05:05:07
    VIP for London.......Excited as I do not get off the Isle of Wight there electrify on the mainland?......... 4269
  • 666nwobhm   2015-03-30 04:28:08
    YIPEE!! Got tickets for Manchester, UK!! Roll on December!! MESSAGE FOR DC : PLEASE, PLEASE CAN YOU PLAY LIVERPOOL ARENA, just like you did on the last tour with Def Lepard. You have many loyal fans there that want to see you, and support you now just as they did when you first formed Whitesnake, and did your first tour. We wish you and the band well. PLEASE PLAY LIVERPOOL ARENA -IT WAS A SELL OUT LAST TIME YOU DID! I know cos I was there. 4268
  • mazza444   2015-03-30 03:56:17
    anyone know the presale code for Newcastle.xx 4267
  • Graham   2015-03-30 03:30:26
    Success... all done and dusted! Yeah Baby... 4266
  • Graham   2015-03-30 03:16:48
    Having a problem getting Glasgow... ironic considering the G is in Scotland at the moment!! 4265
  • task67   2015-03-30 02:33:43
    anyone know the presale code for manchester? 4264
  • summer rain   2015-03-30 02:24:27
    Glasgow tickets bought. Can't wait. 4263
  • debdoubled   2015-03-30 02:23:11
    Vip tickets brought birmingham cant wait so excited what a Christmas present 4262
  • therocker   2015-03-30 02:18:11
    Ticket bought for Glasgow 4261
  • scottish rose   2015-03-30 02:17:58
    In the heart of the City , Glasgow is ready an willing :) 4260
  • althepo   2015-03-30 02:12:45
    Sorted...a decent seat in the first block at Wembley. Not wishing one's life away, but roll on December (early Chrissy prezzie for moi). Cheers for the pre-sale. 4259
  • soldieroffortune76   2015-03-30 02:11:23
    Got tickets. Are you ready and willing ? we are ! 4258
  • Graham   2015-03-30 01:56:40
    Yeah Baby... Here We Go Again!... 4257
  • isleofwight   2015-03-30 01:21:52
    Just like the olden days queuing at the Box Office.......adrenaline rush much.... 4256
  • debdoubled   2015-03-30 01:11:21
    Yep ready and willing the time to fly 4255
  • SazzyJ30   2015-03-30 00:22:18
    Morning, Snakes.... Almost ticket time... :) XX 4254

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