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  • carlosramua   2014-08-19 22:53:36
    Adrián Vandenberg said to Melodicrock that Ws new guitarplayer is an excellent one with a serious pedigree ánd a great name :)" 3284
  • carlosramua   2014-08-19 22:45:17
    His last name ... It ends with an A? 3283
  • Hey Man   2014-08-19 21:21:24
    I have heard September 1st. I certainly hope so. 3282
  • Ach20   2014-08-19 20:07:16
    When is he going to be named? Is there a date set? 3281
  • Hey Man   2014-08-19 18:54:04
    Cyberbob - is he more of a instrumentalist or the band he plays in does have a singer and this guitarist writes music and lyrics too? 3280
  • Cyberbob   2014-08-19 18:23:47
    I think that there's no need for another guitarist. Reb can easy play all guitars with good keyboard background like Sykes did back in 80s. But that's my opinion because i'm Rebels fan. Аpparently DC thinks otherwise, and i assure you that his choice is excelent. And yes.. the new member is multytalented bluesy shredder/tapper. He is younger, but with his playing he can put in the pocket much older and famous guitarists. Has beautiful guitar tone and he's good looking. 3279
  • Ale the singer   2014-08-19 14:32:39
    Mr. Coverdale, thank you for the new version of "TROUBLE" with Bernie Marsden, like always, your voice is the best! A hug from Argentina! 3277
  • Hey Man   2014-08-19 12:50:47
    robbierob - I understand that he can shredd and tap like Reb Beach can, but my question was he is also known as a blues based guitarist. Has he done anything like early Whitesnake or Coverdale/Page? Its sounding like this guy comes from the Mike Varney Shrapnel shredding days of the 80's as opposed to someone who is Jimmy Page meets Eddie Van Halen. 3276
  • robbierob   2014-08-19 12:35:34
    That's it I don't want Alber t or David angry at me 3275
  • robbierob   2014-08-19 12:34:45
    He has a really good tone 3274
  • robbierob   2014-08-19 12:34:20
    Heyman he shreds he taps he can do it all 3273
  • robbierob   2014-08-19 12:28:16
    By the way heyman Andrew is on the right track as far as the type of player but there are still differences one of them is that he has a strong background in fusion But his name is not the celebrity name like David's is so he would never overshadow David. Put it this way when thinking of guitar players who might fit the bill he's in with the rest of the heap that's about all I can really say 3272
  • Hey Man   2014-08-19 12:09:49
    robbierob - can you answer this: is he more known for being a shredder/tapping or more for being a blues based hard rock guitarist even if he can do both? 3271
  • robbierob   2014-08-19 11:25:46
    Jeff would awsome wouldn't it I can't say who it is or how I know But remember someone line doug is not a safe choice it's just where the and is at... And weather someone's got chops or chooses longer slower passages in a solo doesn't matter it has to simply fit the song. But I think that Whitesnake has done a great job in recent years of connecting the old with the new 3270
  • Hey Man   2014-08-19 11:07:50
    Considering David's love for Jeff Beck, I think it would have been awesome if Jeff became a member of Whitesnake. That would have been an amazing out of the box choice to bridge the gap between early and newer Whitesnake and David could have finally been able to work with Beck. 3269
  • Hey Man   2014-08-19 10:58:12
    robbierob - it's just funny that no one has guessed properly as to who the guitarist is, unless they are denying it's someone that people have already mentioned due to this contract issue. How is it that you know and is Andrew right from MelodicRock in saying that he is very much like Doug, so a safe choice was made as opposed to maybe getting someone outside of the box. 3268
  • robbierob   2014-08-19 10:20:21
    Heyman ...I think people are going to know the name and i think a big welcome abord and yess ,awsome will ensue...I just can't wait for the album ,ya know when you see a studio pic that has a banjo just know something really cool is coming. 3267
  • Hey Man   2014-08-18 22:12:51
    Hey Cyberbob, So I assume that when his name is announced, a lot of people will be saying: WHO? Until we actually get to hear him in Whitesnake. People ARE expecting and apparently wanted a recognizable name, which will probably make the wait all the more frustrating to people since they were hoping for their favorite guitarist to be in Whitesnake. Even I wanted Jake E. Lee or Luke Morley through Coverdale's connection with Thunder - but obviously that's not happening. I want less shredding and tapping and more older Whitesnake mixed with new, so hopefully he can do the Marsden/Moody stuff. 3266
  • Cyberbob   2014-08-18 16:25:11
    heyman you're right, people are expecting some recognizable name, but we all know that doesent mean a successful album or cooperation.I think that the new member has bluesy feeling, but can shred/tap too.... robbierob, i also think that Reb is most underrated guitarist, i mean common man he's a guitar-god, but the media is not so interested about him. Also i pray for a double tap between new member and Reb. :) 3265
  • srdja ws   2014-08-18 09:29:26
    David, congratulation for the Bernie's version of Trouble! You sing it from your heart and soul. I hope you two will do something in the future. 3264
  • robbierob   2014-08-18 08:59:44
    David good morning ,just wanted to say thank you for shareing those pictures of your house,no wonder you"re so happy thats like living in heaven by that lake.... Beautiful 3263
  • bluey   2014-08-18 07:38:19
    Greetings from Down Under. Sorry I haven't visited for sometime but my iPod always has plenty of WS accompanying me on my walks. Interesting updates. "Dogs In The Street" streaming through my headphones as I type. Recently watched "American Masters: Inventing David Geffen" on Fox. Great to see a cameo of WS' "Here I Go Again" video included. WS' 2008 Sydney concert was incredible. Hopefully you will consider it your "Mission From God" to grace our shores again :). Wishing one and all peace and good health. "Forevermore" {acoustic)- amazing. Thanks for this magical musical journey DC. Bluey 3262
  • robbierob   2014-08-18 07:37:30
    cyborBoB , true Reb is the only original since the reformation and i do feel that he seems to get a little overlooked and he is absolutley BADASS no two ways about it. The New guy is very cool and i suspect come solo time there might be a double tap between him and reb. 3261
  • WHITESNAKE Fan Page   2014-08-18 02:07:54
    Today's getting released SHINE, Bernie's new album! 3260
  • Hey Man   2014-08-17 21:06:32
    I assume he isn't much of a high profile name - considering that everyone has brought up every possible guitarist from A to Z, except this person's name as has stated that NO ONE has properly guessed who he is. This isn't to say that he's not incredibly talented, but obviously fans were expecting Jake E. Lee or Nuno Bettencourt or some other more recognizable name when it comes to hard rock fans. I think people are also hoping for a more bluesy guitarist as opposed to just having two guys in the band that can shred/tap. 3258
  • robbierob   2014-08-17 20:45:17
    Yes but our new boy can tap as well bob .... He is indeed quite the guitarist....... As for doug I do hope he gets a proper send off.... It's weird the way it ended so abruptly . 3257
  • Cyberbob   2014-08-17 18:14:59
    It's all about contract obligations. They know for sure. Maybe he'll stay in his current band afterward. I'm so happy that WS gets new fresh blood, but we all have to remember that the tapping wizard is still here. Reb is the only permanent member from reforming till now. 3256
  • robbierob   2014-08-17 17:31:48
    By the way u find it hard to believe his current band doesn't know 3255
  • robbierob   2014-08-17 17:31:40
    By the way u find it hard to believe his current band doesn't know 3254
  • Hey Man   2014-08-17 13:26:44
    September 1st is annoucement day? 3253

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