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  • SwedeJess   2015-04-17 07:53:55
    I'm @ youtube-channel and google+ as SwedeJess :) Happy weekend to y'all and ..over n' out ;) m/ ~J 4407
  • SwedeJess   2015-04-17 07:46:02
    hm..I'm deffo not a high-tech woman but where did my whole message go? Can only see my first line and sentence though, Anyway, new try new opportunties here I go again :)) Well, I asked, Any meet and greet? Please, if I beg/ask nice and sweet ;) And I also wished ya guys a greeting like ya, stay on and rock nooot, sorry I meant, stay safe and rock on indeed and uff course :) And just because I now rewrite my lost previous message it would prolly suddenly appear properly and this message will look awkward...but I'm pretty nice anyhow ;) 4406
  • SwedeJess   2015-04-17 07:30:54
    Warm and genuine welcome to Stockholm, Sweden in November! 4405
  • Giovanni   2015-04-17 06:26:31
    Michele: Benvenuto al grupo! In bocca al lupo, Luppi! Migliori auguri, Giovanni Castellano 4404
  • toms   2015-04-17 05:43:30
    Is this a full FUll dates list of Europe?No more any countries will be added? 4403
  • mamica   2015-04-17 03:48:25
    Mr Michele Luppi, Welcome to Whitesnake! Hope you enjoy the band...;) I'm looking forward to your voice and performance. Please come to Japan!! Love from Japan, Mamica 4402
  • Oonaa   2015-04-17 03:41:47
    tich & dizzy r still w/ daisies? having a gap in my ram :) puurfect. baci 4401
  • Oonaa   2015-04-17 03:07:21
    ma che figata, great call. for some who may not know this bello (apart from great looks & many musical talents :) is an amazing singer. we gonna have a ball peeps mark me words. love me some italiano :) hello daises nice one too. xx 4400
  • isleofwight   2015-04-16 23:58:29
    Welcome to New Italian .....big shoes for Purple Tour and your resume is excellent....this is the review I liked most on Purple [link] 4399
  • ibanezhead   2015-04-16 20:53:49
    I was fortunate enough to see Whitesnake open for MotleyCrue 28 yrs ago in Nashville, Tn. @ Municipal Auditorium. Adrian Vandenberg and Vivian Campbell with Coverdale's powerhouse voice! That show was an inspiration for me,.... the highlight was Vandenberg kneeling,and laying back while playing the lead to "STILL OF THE NIGHT!" Still loving that sound,Via and all the guys that has graced the stage as a member of Whitesnake,...THANKS! FOREVER A FAN! 4398
  • assafnroses   2015-04-16 01:07:16
    So two things on my mind: 1. No chance of seeing you perform in israel...? 2. Since new guitar hero and rockband are coming out i would for whitesnake to be on it. Songs like sailing ships, lonely days lonely nights, lovehunter, fool for your lovin, crying in the rain, girl, forevermore, judgement day and many more would be crazy good 4397
  • Graham   2015-04-15 14:49:40
    Wishing you all a wonderful Whitesnake Wednesday... Turning in early after a grueling Long Day... New (G's 'Old' Photo's) are now up on the 'Twitter' photo section... Hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking some of them back in '79 and '81... only wish I could have afforded a better quality camera, back in those days! Cheers and God Bless... Remember G and Nigg. are keeping our eyes on you!! 4396
  • forever1snake   2015-04-15 10:49:04
    Hey dhardin1971 ....I'll be in biloxi!!.....get there early....if you are least by 5!!!!...its gonna be an awesome time!! 4395
  • jovann   2015-04-15 10:18:24
    Just heard that Whitesnake is coming to Macedonia in November. Great!!!! 4394
  • Arja   2015-04-15 09:55:16
    You are very welcome to Finland! You made my day so happy:D 4393
  • Children of the Night   2015-04-15 07:41:41
    Hello David! Thanks a lot for coming to Finland. We're here ready and willing to see and hear your awesome band on stage! Have a nice day! 4392
  • helena73   2015-04-15 05:09:06
    Welcome to Sweden :)!!! 4391
  • Tessan   2015-04-15 04:29:52
    I'm absolutely thrilled !!!! WS are coming to Sweden ! :) so excited omg ! I'll see you in Stockholm definitely .... and maybe in Denmark or Berlin :) Thank you David XX you made my day :) lots of love from Sweden XOXO 4390
  • Oonaa   2015-04-15 03:50:48
    you're sweeter than the morning when the sun is shining down on me, there is nothing you can say that could make me go away you see, but you keep saying to me baby hold on I feel I'm getting ready hold on i feel im rockin steady....:) Yeah EUROPE babe you've got to love me when I want you to. now all i need is a time machine ;) 4389
  • marina28   2015-04-14 23:55:20
    Does anyone know how early queueing start usually for a WS London show? I wanna be front and center, but never been to a WS show in Brittain before!!! Taking the plane from Amsterdam to see the snakes, Woohoo!! Please help. Who else is going? 4388
  • dhardin1971   2015-04-14 22:42:28
    Hello my friends I'm so excited about seeing whitesnake in Biloxi I'm taking my daughter we are going VIP who all here are going to Biloxi? 4387
  • Graham   2015-04-14 13:59:43
    DITTO...Twirlidge... God Bless yer G. 4386
  • Alex Kako   2015-04-14 09:50:55
    My new shirt Whitesnake mmm, dress it and feel myrself like David Coverdale (It's hand made by good friend of mine) Now i am ready to purple snake tour !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! chek out here [link] [link] 4385
  • Gobberz   2015-04-14 06:14:41
    I agree with you there Johnin however for me, any playlist I have must have Still of the Night as a closer. 4384
  • JohninNJ4you   2015-04-14 06:00:01
    I made one heck of a Whitesnake compilation album on a burned CD. So here it is: -Can you hear the Wind Blow (live);Dogs in the Street; Can't Stop Now; Help Me Through the Day;Shake My Tree; Love Will Set You Fee (alternate version);Give Me Just A Little More Time (original version);Wine Women an' Song;Rock n' Roll Angels;All I want, All I need;Trouble (Bernie Marsden's Shine version; Lay Down Your Love; Sailing Ships (Moonkings); Wanna Be Your Dog;'Til the End of Time;Love to Keep You Warm; Can't Go On; Need Your Love So Bad (original Jon Lord version) ONE CRACKIN' CD !! 4383
  • Mike Twirl   2015-04-14 05:35:17
    Purple4ever - The preference is for set lists not to be posted here on the BBS. Spoils the surprise, for those who would prefer not to know... 4382
  • purple4ever   2015-04-14 01:07:25
    Just bot tix to the San Francisco show after learning that the new Whitesnake LP will be updated versions of DP Mark III songs-- can't wait to see the setlist so if anyone gets to see the May concerts, please post the setlist. Thanks! 4381
  • Graham   2015-04-13 12:17:52
    Game of Thrones ... Series, or as the Yanks call it... Season 5... Tonight on Sky Atlantic... Yeah Baby... Just What the Doctor ordered... Ooh Matron... you're gonna have sponge me down, I'm peaking early Darling!! 4380
  • Graham   2015-04-13 07:53:49
    Come An' Get It Tour 1981.. Ooh... Personal pics up close and front... can you handle it?? Some things are just too personal to share.. I'm trying to upload some of my early personal photo's/ pics, Oh my Good Lord, its no where near as pleasurable as hearing those immortal words.. "Come for me"... "Give me your Love".. "Give Me Your Load"... "Don't Stop".. "Just like that".. "Faster.. No, Slower".. "Peel the skin back, ooh gently its not a fuckin' Banana"... "Deeper.. Deeper.. Ooh yeah" Enough, starting to sound like a Rufus Wainwright - Judy Garland / Whitesnake special in London.. Ha.. G. 4379
  • captainsnake84   2015-04-13 01:16:45
    Keep on pushing for more...Lay Down Stay Down!!! I can't stop singing this....hurry up December so I can see you snakey boys again. The Yorkshire people are ready for you!! See you Newcastle,Manchester and Sheffield and maybe a couple more if I can wangle the time off..LOL Keep it snakey x 4378

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