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  • johnbeton   2015-11-25 12:56:50
    I hope Whitesnake still comes to Brussels with al the terrorist troubles in Brussels,already many gigs are cancelled :( 5119
  • WHITESNAKE_Fan_Page   2015-11-25 10:50:15
    Hear David Coverdale's interview for Metropolis Radio!! [link] 5118
  • Barbara Ribeiro   2015-11-25 09:39:19
    PART III I'd love if this material really get to you and I could receive a feedback regarding your experience with my homage. Thank you for your attention and all the beautiful moments Whitesnake provide me. 5117
  • Barbara Ribeiro   2015-11-25 09:38:44
    PART II where band and fans can exchange experiences and celebrate this remarkable date. Also, I developed wallpapers and a taser video for the release of this material. I spent one year and a half developing this material, to show you my very best, just like you do in your records. At the end of this message you'll find two links where you can access the site and a little presentation about the project. I'm using a trial version, so I'd like you not to take the title of the website into consideration. 5116
  • Barbara Ribeiro   2015-11-25 09:37:04
    PART I Hello David,I'm a brazilian Visual Artist. I'm a big fan of Whitesnake. In July I finished my graduation, and as part of the Academy's final tasks, I have to showcase a graphic project with a theme of my choice. I couldn't choose other theme but Whitesnake, for your music and stories have been inspiring and following me for years. To pay the band homage, I developed a site that adapts itself to different screen resolutions as mobile, tablets, notebooks and desktops in roder to celebrate the fourtieth year of your career 5115
  • heloisa   2015-11-25 05:35:07
    PART III I received your last email on 8/30/15 and one of the things he wrote was: "For now:. Life is good and I am always grateful for everything I am a lucky man you know, I always Have Been. A little cancer will not change that.." Sorry that I have extended so much, but could never fail to express how much I loved him and how sorry I am. Often I felt very alone and was with many emails he made me company and made me laugh. I am feeling very lonely now. Rest in peace my friend! 5114
  • heloisa   2015-11-25 05:33:15
    Part II I remember being devastated already there. He told me about the treatment and everything that was going on. In addition to a great friend he was very professional. We used to exchange e-mail every day and one day he "disappeared". After two weeks he reappeared and I vey worried asked what had happened. He then explained, who did not speak with the fans when the WS was on tour in the country of a fan. I found it very funny because the focus of the talks was himself. The chat with him was too good for me to speculate anything about the band. 5113
  • heloisa   2015-11-25 05:30:39
    Part I I don't remember when was the last time I wrote here. Today I write with great heartache and sorrow over the loss of a great friend. It was here that we started talking. I remember sending an email because I was angry, he told me pretty angry too, and then I can say that we started a friendship. He knew absolutely everything about my life and I joked that "one of these days" I would see him ... does not longer. Because of the rush of work, mother's life, my frequency on the site became sporadic. One day I sent an email to him and he told me about the disease. 5112
  • WHITESNAKE_Fan_Page   2015-11-25 04:19:35
    Hi everyone! My friend Martyn Cornock is trying to find some tix for Whitesnake's show in Cardiff! Please let him know where to find it! :) 5111
  • Teodor   2015-11-25 04:03:25
    Hi David yesterdays show was insane in Sofia Bulgaria.Thank you for your music and your voice and your band greetings to all Whitesnake members ROCK ON !!! 5110
  • missmo 1666   2015-11-24 14:04:12
    David, just wanted to say, love,love,love The Gypsy video. You rock! Missmoxxxx 5109
  • missmo 1666   2015-11-24 14:00:40
    Want to wish David and the boys and all the WS fans out there a Happy Thanksgiving.Stay safe David.Love Missmo Hi Giovanni, i'm still around. Take care my friend. 5108
  • Eliana Andrade Silva   2015-11-24 10:28:27
    Hi DC calling from Brazil. Are you coming to this country with this tour? kisses Eliana 5107
  • Jay M   2015-11-24 10:16:20
    Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Check out the new video for "Gypsy"!!! Totally Incendiary!!! CHEERS!!! :) 5106
  • Kris Elis   2015-11-24 05:09:31
    Dear David and all Whitesnake members! I traveled from a neighbour country to Belgrad, Serbia to see your show. It was magic, a lifetime experience. Thank you a million times!!! I will never forget that evening. Wish you the best! 5105
  • Nicky-CRO   2015-11-23 14:17:35
    To DEAR PHILLYPEV FAN! From Nicky-CRO I am one year older than you are, and I heard for Whitesnake first time in the same years of my life. I really grown up with WS, they made me to be a good man and my kids now learned so many good things in their lives from their songs. I saw your post on BBS and I am so sorry about things what is happening in your country these days. But I hope that you, your 7-year-old son and your wife will enjoy in WHITESNAKE gig. The guys are amazing! And hope that David will not cancel the gig! Enjoy PhillypeV!!! I support you! 5104
  • Nicky-CRO   2015-11-23 13:05:41
    Hope that you will carry on your good energy and peace for the many years in future in this turbulent world. Thank you guys thousand times again! 5103
  • Nicky-CRO   2015-11-23 13:05:09
    Dear David and all guys in Whitesnake! Thanks to all of you on another amazing gig in Zagreb, Croatia last Saturday! It was extraordinary! Thank you David on your great words to audience on Concert and on your Twitter post day after. We love you and it was honor to be with you that night. Love and positive energy that you spread is everlasting and irreplaceable!!!! That was my fifth Whitesnake gig in life, and I really hope that your words in interview to Ultimate Classic Rock site this spring are not truth! I cannot accept that one of the greatest bands in my life wants to go in retirement! 5102
  • Giovanni   2015-11-23 07:13:28
    Wishing DC, the Coverdales, Whitesnake members, and those of you in the States and world who celebrate it, a very Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Peace to the world! Giovanni 5101
  • PhilippeV   2015-11-23 05:09:59
    Dear DC, i became a Whitesnake fan when i was 13,i'm 48 now and my first concert i went was on january 30 1983 at Forest National,Brussels,when Ozzy was opening for you,i was 15 and Whitesnake just blew me away.The music and your warm voice sounds always great, but your lyrics is what makes Whitesnake always special to me.Now almost 33 years later i'm going to see you on december 1 2015 again at Forest National,Brussels, but this time i'll bring my lovely wife and 7 year old son with me, he got really into Whitesnake/Deep Purple,he wants to be a drummer.Look out for us as we'll be looking 4 u. 5100
  • Dubroc78   2015-11-22 19:31:15
    Best concert ever an 3 lil girls ages 8 years old had the time of their lives at paragon casino marksville Louisiana just think your music the band an all the feeling you brought to people with your music will never die you def have 3 lil fans who will carry your music onward 5099
  • Teodor   2015-11-22 11:58:23
    Can't wait to see you in Bulgaria in 2 days Rock on !!! 5098
  • isleofwight   2015-11-22 11:12:37
    Loving Jessica Jones and Spectre this weekend.........does it get any better....yes December 18th.... 5097
  • WHITESNAKE_Fan_Page   2015-11-22 11:06:40
    Joel Hoekstra interview for KaaosTV in Helsinki, Finland (11/12/2015) - [link] 5096
  • MAZ   2015-11-21 21:14:02
    Hello David & Whitesnake community. I'm a friend of REB's & a member of his forum (The Beachboard). I've always come here, but only every few months - have never post to the BBS until now. I'm so very sorry to read about your Poor Albert and wanted to extend to you all, my deepest sympathies - not only on my own behalf, but on behalf of The Beachboard (your Brother community? okay, maybe your distant, beer & wings cousin.:)). We too have recently lost a pillar of our community, and fully understand the real, true heartbreak. May faith, love & friendship give you solace. With Sympathy - MAZ 5095
  • wsfan69   2015-11-21 15:22:43
    Hi David ! I wish to You and to Your Band Very Good Tour ! YOU ARE AWESOME ! CHEEERS !! 5094
  • Vinchi_kg   2015-11-21 04:23:28
    Hello, tomorrow is big show in Serbia. Without those songs, better don't coming in Belgrade.(Serbia) ;) -Standing In The Shadow -Fool for Your Loving -Ain't no love in the heart of the city -You keep on moving And -Don't Break My Heart Again [link] 5093
  • dakini   2015-11-21 03:36:10
    Hello to David Coverdale and to your super musicians! I'm 56, I live in Vienna and had the chance to see you there in concert for the second time. Still under the impression of a "damned" good show and having followed your career for the last 35 years, I can only bow my head and say that you managed to stay an extreme sympathic and natural person, despite this incredible career and the hype about you as the front man. I was in the first row and I could see and feel it! Guess I'll have to attend another Whitesnake concert outside of Austria... All the best and keep on rocking!!! 5092
  • Col   2015-11-20 10:48:30
    I know it's a little bit late but I'd like to say farewell to the wonderful PA. I had a few chats with him and he came across as a wonderful human being. Many of us can give thanks for the friendships forged in Poor Alberts unofficial Whitesnake site. I raise my glass to you Sir PA and my heart goes out to the loved ones you leave behind! 5091
  • Alex Kako   2015-11-20 01:30:50
    it was realy great sound and music in Saint Petersberg, I Thank You very much!!! 5090

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