Tour Cancellation Statement

Once again it breaks my heart to be the bearer of even more sad news affecting Whitesnake’s touring schedule for this increasingly challenging year, 2020.


All tours, Europe, UK & US, are being cancelled owing to health issues, related specifically to a bilateral inguinal hernia requiring me to have surgery.

At this time, I can only offer You & my amazing musicians in Whitesnake & our crew my love & my sincere apologies & also my regrets to my friends in Foreigner, Europe & Sammy Hagar for this unforeseen personal health issue, which I will have addressed at the first possible opportunity.

Until then, I send my love to you & yours & hopefully we will meet again along the road.

David Coverdale
March 23rd 2020

Live Nation UK refunds note: “Given the extraordinary circumstances, our refund process is taking slightly longer than usual. You don’t need to do anything; please rest assured we are working through these as quickly as possible and will issue a refund for your tickets onto the credit card you used to buy your tickets. We will be back in touch again to let you know when this has been done and can only apologise for the delay.”



  • Tami Holcomb


    So sorry to hear the news about the tour being canceled. Hope all goes well with your surgery.

  • Britbabe


    Been there and it’s not pleasant. You have my sympathy x

  • Laura Oinonen


    Get well soon David Coverdale ❤ And Stay Safe all band members and all others ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • MaryAnn



    Sorry to hear about the tour being cancelled and about your surgery. Wishing you a speedy recovery and hope to see you in NJ again soon! Please keep us posted! Sending you lots of healing wishes and love


  • Karianne


    So sad news:(
    I was really looking forward to the concert in Oslo.

  • Javier I


    Fuerza David!!!! Desde Argentina!!!!! 💗💗💗

  • Javier I Ulerich


    Fuerza David!!!! Desde Argentina!!!!! 💗💗💗

  • John Scarrott


    Sorry to hear this David, but your health must be priority!

    Get well soon and hopefully we’ll see you back in action next year!

  • Timo


    Dear David,
    Healthy comes first, hopefully WS tour again in 2021.
    Then opening song from Flesh&Blood, “good to see you again”
    will be special, at least to me.

  • NOBU


    I am very worried.
    Please concentrate on the treatment.
    I hope you will be restored.
    We fans are waiting forever for David and WHITESNAKE to come back.
    I hope you get well.

  • ron


    Sorry to hear about your health issues and the tour being cancelled. Had tickets to see your final show in Australia but was sadly cancelled. Had then planned an overseas trip to catch a leg of your UK tour but that has now been dashed due to the current virus running rampant. Stay safe all and hope 2021 is a better year and maybe a chance to see whitesnake in action.

  • Max


    That sucks. How we go about getting our VIP money back?

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  • Graham Davies


    G wishes your well David…
    Hope the surgery goes well and you make a rapid recovery.
    The WS. Choir will be there for you 💜🙏💜 God Bless… G xx

  • Maria


    We wish you well.
    Until we meet again…
    I was flying from Spain to Glasgow to attend the concert, but will do it in the first opportunity.
    Take care. Hope to see you all again soon.

  • nicole


    Hey David
    Sorry to hear that the tour is cancelled. But healthy comes first so take time do you need and take care.
    I’m sure the next tour will come and your fans will be waiting for you!!
    Again TAKE CARE!! xxx

  • derek


    Keep your spirits up David. I had this many years ago , there is quick recovery and we all look forward to making some noise. There is no need to apologise when there is nothing you can do about it except accepting that surgery is inevitable , and subsequent consequences.
    Get the Yorkshire tea on the go from
    Wishing you all the best and a speedy recovery from a fellow tyke from Gods own country.

  • Jason


    Get well soon Dave hope you tour again next year

  • Werner


    Hallo David & Band!
    Die Gesundheit ist wichtiger in den heutigen Zeiten!
    Wir freuen uns alle auf Whitesnake , wenn alle wieder gesund sind!
    Gute Besserung an alle !

  • Floyd E LaRue III


    Ill be crying in the rain and hope to see you again ,we wish you well your awesome your music your happy smiling soul is what we keep hering for … we all love you and cant wait for you to be on stage and giving your all …

  • Shannon K.


    Morning is gods way of saying one more time David. Get up, get on with it, get back to singing my brother. God bless.

  • Gary


    Get well soon David..your heath comes 1st always pal..hope to see you tour next year..godbless xx

  • Rachel Shields


    Hi David – I am very sorry to hear this and wish you all the best. I have contacted Ticketmaster for a refund based on purchasing a very expensive Whitesnake VIP Tour Package. They are not being cooperative and have made me very upset. I explained to them that I specifically purchased this package and since Whitesnake is no longer part of the tour it will only be fair to give refunds to those that purchased the Whitesnake VIP Tour package. Wouldn’t you agree? Please do something about this because it is very unfair. Thank you.

  • JL


    Get well, David. Your follower since the DP days. Saw you twice with the band @Rock in Rio 1985 and several times here in the SF Bay Area. Still have the ticket for the upcoming September. Hope to see you (again) soon.

  • Bernard Naughton


    Best wishes to David Coverdale in treatment and speedy recovery, maybe this happen at good time as lots of tours cancelled at moment so hopefully Whitesnake will be back touring in 2021 and please come to Ireland will be worth the wait and celebrate

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  • YASU


    Focus on treatment. There is no need to overdo it. I wish you a full revival singing fine. May God bless you.

  • Darío


    David, gracias siempre por tu buena onda, que te repongas pronto y te deseamos lo mejor desde buenos aires.

  • Peter Hodgson


    Sorry to hear about the health issues David. We hope that you do eventually finish the tour of Australia and New Zealand when you have recovered. Kiwi Pete

  • Trevor G


    All the best DC, we were blessed to see one of the last concerts in Melbourne Australia and I believe it was the first for the year.

    What a truly amazing experience, the Snakes as a collective are nothing short of A graders, the set was great, we heard some of the news songs, the 87 classics, some tunes from Slide it in and you also managed to sneak in Ain’t no Love in the Heart of the City and Fool for your Loving……what more can we ask for in what has turned out to be an incredible and challenging going 2020 for the globe.

    Everyone keep safe, keep your distance, keep clean and be patient, we shall get through these time as humans, we always do…….

  • Mark Coulter


    Sorry you feel bad, but a lot of us are losing a lot of money because the promoter is saying the show is still on. Now they are selling equivalent seats for half the price. Dude, this is wrong. What is your fix?

  • john


    Sad news about your health issue and I wish you a quick recoverery. Hopefully we will see you again in concert as soon as possible as the choir is missing their choir master

  • NOBU


    David looks fine and relieved.
    Oh, I want to listen to David’s song after all!
    Believe that the day will come and endure now!

  • Wolfgang Sprung Jr.


    Get well David. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  • Mike


    I am deeply touched, and wish you a speedy recovery, not because of the selfish wish to see U deliver again soon, but for your own sake and well being… you have become a long time friend, a part of our lives, if I may say so. I read the surgery can be done in a day. And then, you might take a good homely recovery break. Don`t worry…. Whitesnake forever, has become a synomym for great, honest and inspiring music over the decades. This will stay, no matter what . Long live Rock´n Roll (even when it hurts sometimes!) Best, Mike

  • Thomas


    Hallo David!

    ich wünsch Dir alles Gute vor allem Gesundheit, habe auch grad eine kleine OP überstanden. Wir sehen uns Rock On!

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  • HIroki


    Hey David,
    Take care of yourself. We’ll be waiting for you.

  • Rock Chick


    David, Hope you’re feeling better soon & Hope to see U & Whitesnake in 2021!
    BTW thought you would want to know that Ticketmaster refuses to give USA Whitesnake ticket holders Refunds! Please Help!😩😩😩

  • Christa


    David, this is very sad news. I hope when you have the surgery that you have a speedy recovery. Stay safe!

  • Gary Schermuly


    Was looking forward to your London show, but health comes first, get well and look forward to seeing you in the future.

  • riccardo


    Ti aspetto di nuovo in Italia, il più presto possibile!

  • Peter van Veen


    Enjoyed the Tilburg-gig from 2019 pretty much and I send you my sincere recoveringtime riddance rocknestor ! Greetz from Utrecht and precious prongs for the band(s)

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  • Marsha L Hoskins


    I saw you last summer and yours was by far one of the best concerts I have seen. You were incredible!!!!! So sad for I was looking forward to seeing you again this year! Heres to prayers for a full recovery to you with your health issues. Hope you are well ❤

  • Richard Carley


    So sorry to hear about the cancellation but your health is more important. I’ll definitely be looking for your up coming concerts after your back and in NJ. Your one of me and my brothers favorite bands. He had bands of his own and always did Here I Go Again. Sadly he was murdered in 2013 and wont be able to see you in concert. I prayed to him promising him I would get the tickets to see you when you came to NJ. My girlfriend surprised me with the tickets on my birthday for your concert with Sammy and the circle. It wont be the same without you guys.. Prayers for a speedy recovery David Coverdale and hope to get to see you and WHITESNAKE rock out camden!!!!!!

  • Paul Miller


    still no ticket refund ,just saying

  • Yvonne


    No tour and no money back……Hoping 2 see u next year 2021 <3

  • Yvonne


    No refunds in Germany – I `d prefer to wait 4 u but who knows ….. ??

  • David Danby


    I was due to go and see the snake on the 3rd of June in Birmingham UK. So I’ve decided to prepare my own gig by digging out live dvds of all three bands. More Whitesnake though lol. Hope to see you soon Sir David of Coverdale. Stay safe.

  • MaryAnn


    Ticketmaster USA is giving vouchers for future events….no money but hey, this way I’ll have them for Whitesnake in Holmdel,NJ next year!!

  • Mike


    Wishing you a speedy recovery David and hope to see you in 2021!
    All the best,

  • Kim


    Sad news. The surgery is painlessl, but afterwards it’s painfull as hell.
    I had tickets for Copenhagen, but IT would have been cancelled anyway due to Covid-19 lockdown as probably in most of the World.
    So actually a good time for surgery/recovery .
    Get well.
    See you some other time.

  • Caroline


    Bonsoir. J’ espère que tout c est très bien passé pour vous et que vous vous remettez bien c est le plus important pour vous et votre famille. Prenez tous bien soin de vous. On se donne rendez-vous en France en 2021 ?🎸🎶🌟

  • Marc Antony


    Get well soon. Thank you for all the amazing music and positive energy. Here’s to prosperity. Here we go again!

  • Christian Anton Josefsen


    Hope you are getting better… Wish I can see you live once in my life! You changed the way I was singing, whitesnake changed the way I compose and perform music (Lyrics, keyboards, piano, guitar and drums)

    Just want to thank you very much and from the bottom of my heart!

    Wish Odin, Thor and Freyja take care of you and the ones you love!

  • M M Bailey


    I have not as yet received any refund pls could you inform me when this will be??

  • Ana Galan


    Hope you are well from your surgery. Hugs and blessings. From Puerto Rico-USA with a lot of love.

  • L


    We are so sorry You had to have surgery. We pray You have a speedy recovery. David We Thank-You for caring about Your fans. We care about You,Your Family,and Bandmates! Your health is very important!! Hopefully My Husband and I will get to see a show of Yours someday. We have yet to see one! God Bless You Kind Sir and Our Brother!!
    Love You All!!

  • Linda Sebastian


    This is now 2021, and I’m hoping the new year finds you well, and able to tour again! I was supposed to see you with my sister in 2019, but things got messed up, so I didn’t get to see you in Cincinnati with Foreigner 😔 Please tell me you are well and touring agin in this area! I love your take on Led Zeppelin’s Still of the night!!!!🥰

  • Shawnee Grant


    Please speak with ticket master so fans can have their money refunded

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