• LoveChild


    lets make it July 26 shall we.
    nice coverage over from rocklab brothers

  • Candi mcgough


    Omg he’s still a fine glass of wine..✌🏼️✌🏼

  • Where can I see the full show??

  • MarcosCobbra


    Finally i gonna see Whitesnake on stage here in São Paulo – Brazil.

  • LoveChild


    what a pity there is no live stream from wacken 🙁 wouldve made a lot of fans happy to say the least…

  • Lorraine Kekessi


    I saw Whitesnake on July 1, 2016 in Atlantic city at the Taj, great show, David is really supberb, I have always loved his voice so soulful, and reaching. He is enjoyed by huge audience of Black followers, he should know that he is appreciated and loved by all. Great show, great band, and wonderful audience. This is my second time seeing the band. He should consider doing Is this Love with Rhianna. Like Roy Orbison did Crying with KD lang. A Rock God and Female powerhouse , both sexy with great voices A fan forever. Lorraine

  • Brian friend


    When or are you ever going to play in California again or even Tahoe would be great

  • I want to thank you Mr. Coverdale for continuing to peruse all your musical endeavors.

  • Frank King


    When I was younger like in the eighties I never paid much attention to Whitesnake that much. I recently discovered what I was missing when I heard “Hear I Go Again” on a TV commercial for WalMart. I fell in love with that song. Count me as a new Whitesnake fan. I am now seventy years old, but I still really like most of the older Rock and Roll. Better late than never for me to discover Whitesnake.

  • John Landry


    What a fun Interview!!

  • Sheila jo


    Love this ❤️❤️Best interview I’ve ever seen.l Really love to hear David Coverdale tell about his life an future plans … hope to get to see you & the band.. The song ” Here I go again ” came out when I got married.. So never got to see them in concert … would love to get to see you in 2017 the 30 year anniversary tour…. ❤️❤️❤️😎😎

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