• Sharfuddin


    Please come to India or Bangkok for a show in 2020

  • Faby


    Wonderful performance in Porto Alegre last October 1st!!! Whitesnake is really HOT!!! 🤟❤️🎸

  • Susie Brown


    Love u!! I so enjoyed ur show in Bensalem Pennsylvania USA!! Please come back again! Would love to see u again!!!

  • Bill


    This might be my favorite song off this cd.

  • Saiful


    Hi guys.. my uncle is ur hardcore fan… but currently warded in hospital… i’ll be attending ur show in singapore next year.. hope u guys can give a “Get Well Soon Bro Man” message ( by clip or pic ) to him… it would meant so much to him.. thanks guys… ROCK ON!!

  • Melody


    Whitesnake is my all time favorite rock band. Hands down they are truly awesome. Seen them 3 times. Saw them with Foreigner. It was my bucket list concert as they are my top two. Got to be in front row. Best concert ever. Treat yourself to this one. It’s so worth it!! They come near Cincinnati I will be front row again!!!

  • laurent


    je n’ai pas pu allez au Hellfest pour voir whitesnake cette année vous reviendrez en france en 2020 ?

  • Paul Farmer


    Roll on Cardiff 1st of June it’ll be good to see you DC and the boys again !!!!

  • Barbara Fara


    Dear Mr.Coverdale
    I was curious are you planning to tour the states one this virus is killed which I honestly believe it won’t be for a long time, as I was asking are you and the boys planning a U..S tour and I hope you play Atlanta I would to cover the show or just be there whitesnake is wonderful the last time and first time I covered your show was ten years ago at the hifi buy amphitheatre
    Thank you again for lovely daily concerts they are wonderful only a libra would come up with this beautiful gift your sharing with us
    Thank you again
    Barbara Fara

  • Cintia Carretta do Canto


    Mr. David.
    Happy birthday yesterday.
    Thanks you for makes my youngness,my life só good with your Voice.
    You Will bê for ver meu eternal Singer.
    O love you.

  • Cintia Carretta do Canto


    Mr David.
    O Will ver love that white t-shirt that You were on the Deep Purple show,you singing Mistreated.
    That t-shirt looks like your Spirit…
    Clean and sofisticated.Eternaly beautyfull.
    Happy birthday ,
    Thanks for makes my life in coloque,since I was born.

  • debbie gentry


    Happy Birthday to you
    you look great in all ur

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