• markus


    if possible i would love to travel down there to join the fun with all those crazy rock fans in indonesia…..maybe i will have the luck to see these bands in the near future!

  • imam


    That is awesome.. Indonesia fans would welcome and must be happy after the last 43 years David come to Jakarta.

    Indonesia now is safe to every rock band to perform here… so don’t miss it. 🤘

  • Scott


    I’m sure there’ll be a few more SouthEast Asian Tour Dates in March 2020?? Probably like South Korea, Taiwan and Malaysia was the Dates last year. So maybeall your dreams and wishes you’re all hoping for at least 3 or 4 more SouthEast Asian Dates will finally come true next year. Whitesnake on the Forevermore Tour page early this main event and you and your Mon’s go offline is at 10pm.

  • Andreas


    Though you never would do It again David.

  • Wenceslaus


    See you there guys with FLESH and BLOOD and ROCK you like a HURRICANE

  • allan whiteford


    support slot again!

  • Martin


    Why no irish date its been a few years since you were last here

  • Lulu


    Can I have a ticket for Meet and Greet with you guys?

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