• Tsutomu MARUOKA


    Will go on 20thMAR at Nagoya/KARIYA,my birthplace!Thank you David!

  • NOBU


    Fucking Great!!!
    Very Happy!
    Thank you David and WHITESNAKE !

  • Scott Langford


    Where are Whitesnake gonna Tour after Japan? Are there going to be any SouthEast Asia dates? Usually is. And Australia /NZ dates and more North American dates cause I wanna see them again. … Saw them this past May in Connecticut, Foxwoods show my first time seeing them and they kicked major ass!!!

  • Paul Atkins


    Will they tour the uk

  • Scott


    It’ll happen eventually, Paul Atkins, we must be patient! But I was checking out tour date research on Google and I did actually I’m not kidding you I’m dead serious about this is so a UK Tour date scheduled for May 2020! Don’t remember the exact date or city though,

  • allan whiteford


    summer tour of the UK would be good

  • Bob Ricci


    I saw Whitsnake when they recently played in Atlanta Georgia and Sayreville New Jersey. I sure hope they come back to play in the States. We all sure want to see you again !

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