• Hans Hermans


    Great new song ! I have been listening to Michele for a few years now and his voice and performance are amazing. He is a valuable guy for Whitesnake. All the best for you all !! With love, Hans Hermans, The Netherlands

  • Stef


    This is exactly my taste of music, great feelings flowing through a strong dreaming voice able to carry both happiness and tears. Essentially this is what can fulfill my day.
    How about an official duet on Now You’re Gone? I’ll be very curious about it!

  • John


    Kick Ass!!
    Really enjoyed this song and looking forward to more!!

  • Pat Gravino


    Absolutely incredible and my favorite tune from the new album! Been a Secret Sphere fan since Day 1. Amazing band!

  • Fernando


    OMG that voice, Michele Luppi easily is just one of the best singers i’ve ever heard. I’ve been his fan since Vision Divine…all of his works are brilliant (Los Angeles, MLB, Killing Touch, Secret Sphere and many participations as guest), and I think that this song represents all the virtues that Michele have. “Kindness” is warm and powerful, made me smile every time. Un abrazo enorme desde Argentina Michele, que sigan los éxitos.

  • Donatella


    I met Michele with his band, and he is so talented, kind and funny too.
    Love this song, his voice is so powerful and full of vibrations.

  • Valentin


    Just fucking awesome!

  • Loretta Giordanella


    Lovely song. A smile can light up your life.

  • Mary


    Great song with such a lovely message!

  • Analog Junkie


    Should have left a comment sooner….but just love your work 🎶

    Don’t stop moving our hearts ❤️

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