One Year Ago today: ROCK & ROLL HALL OF FAME

One year ago today, David Coverdale was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for his work with Deep Purple.


  • Jose Nava


    Felicitaciones David te lo mereces por tu larga y exitosa carrera como vocalista de Deep Purple y Whitesnake… fui al concierto de Whitesnake en el Seminole Hard Rock en Hollywood,Florida..Grandioso…Todavia mantienes la gran voz con la cual enamorastes a Ritchie Blackmore hace mas de 2 décadas. Espero pronto la re-edicion de 2 de los mejores Cd : Restless Heart y Into the light..



    COVERDALE IS GOD !!!!!!!

  • George Kevorkian


    All I hear is BURN!!!!!!#

  • Patricia


    My device is playing about at the moment, but now on system renew.
    Which means nothing. I am so proud of you DC.
    You must tell yourself every morning instead of a night that you
    are The Rock Star of all rock stars (since 1989) do not linger in front of the mirror. I may be a year older than you and will always be older
    than you. | may always be right, but this does not mean that | know
    you better than you do yourself. And as you said yourself it is of no
    consequence what people think about you, only what you think
    about yourself. So go to bed at night and sleep in peace, you are a
    Rock Star and not a rock star, whether you’re aleep or awake.
    You are you.

  • Roselynn



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