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Whitesnake’s New Live Collection Highlights Singer David Coverdale’s Time In Deep Purple With Performances Of Deep Purple And Whitesnake Classics

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Whitesnake revisited the music that singer David Coverdale recorded with Deep Purple in the Seventies when they released The Purple Album two years ago. The album, and the tour that followed, offered fans new modern interpretations of Purple classics like “Burn” and “Mistreated.” Highlights from the historic tour will be featured in a new live collection, including double-disc versions that feature audio, video and a selection of bonus material.

THE PURPLE TOUR (LIVE) is available NOW as CD/DVD ($24.98) or CD/Blu-ray ($26.98) sets. Additional formats include a double-LP ($29.98), single CD ($15.98), and digital version.

On THE PURPLE TOUR (LIVE), Whitesnake puts their distinctive spin on several songs from Coverdale’s studio albums with Deep Purple – Burn (1974), Stormbringer (1974), and Come Taste The Band (1975). Highlights include: “You Fool No One,” “The Gypsy” and “Soldier Of Fortune.” The double-disc collection also includes video footage of the concert mixed to 5.1 Surround Sound, plus a new music video for “Burn,” band interviews, and a number of bonus performances not available on the CD or vinyl versions.

The Whitesnake line-up that appears on THE PURPLE TOUR (LIVE) includes: singer David Coverdale, guitarists Reb Beach and Joel Hoekstra, bassist Michael Devin, drummer Tommy Aldridge and keyboardist Michele Luppi.

Coverdale says there was never any intention to compete against the original recordings. “We just wanted to play the damn songs. Each member of the band. brought their incredible individual talents and a real band identity to this music. We’ve all done the best we can with this project with respect to the music, and the legacy of Deep Purple Mk3 and Mk4.”

In addition to songs originally recorded by Deep Purple, THE PURPLE TOUR (LIVE) also features performances of killer Whitesnake tracks like “Fool For Your Loving” from Slip Of The Tongue (1990), “Love Ain’t No Stranger” from Slide It In (1984), plus “Still Of The Night,” “Bad Boys,” “Is This Love” and the #1 smash “Here I Go Again” from Whitesnake (1987).

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Whitesnake have released some of the best live albums ever and “The Purple Tour” is certainly no different. It is way up there with the very best of them and is testament to how mesmerizing and thunderous the Whitesnake experience is in a live setting.
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CD/DVD and CD/Blu-ray Track Listing    DVD/Blu-ray Contents
1.    “Burn”
2.    “Bad Boys”
3.    “Love Ain’t No Stranger”
4.    “The Gypsy”
5.    “Give Me All Your Love”
6.    “Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City”
7.    “Mistreated”
8.    “You Fool No One”
9.    “Soldier of Fortune”
10.  “Is This Love”
11.  “Fool For Your Loving”
12.  “Here I Go Again”
13.  “Still of the Night”
1.    Concert Video in 5.1 and Stereo
2.    “Burn” – Music Video
3.    Band Interviews
Bonus 5.1 High Resolution Live Audio:
4.    “You Keep On Moving”
5.    “Lay Down Stay Down”
6.    “Lotsanotes”
7.    “Stormbringer”
CD Track Listing
1.    “Burn”
2.    “Bad Boys”
3.    “Love Ain’t No Stranger”
4.    “The Gypsy”
5.    “Give Me All Your Love”
6.    “Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City”
7.    “Mistreated”
8.    “You Fool No One”
9.    “Soldier of Fortune”
10.  “Is This Love”
11.  “Fool For Your Loving”
12.  “Here I Go Again”
13.  “Still of the Night”
LP Track Listing
Side One
1.    “Burn”
2.    “Bad Boys”
3.    “Love Ain’t No Stranger”
4.    “The Gypsy”
Side Two
1.    “Give Me All Your Love”
2.    “Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City”
3.    “Mistreated”
Side Three
1.    “You Fool No One”
2.    “Soldier of Fortune”
3.    “Is This Love”
4.    “Fool For Your Loving”
Side Four
1.    “Here I Go Again”
2.    “Still Of The Night”
3.    “You Keep On Moving”-LP Bonus Track



  • Bruce


    Awesome news!!!!!!! And going to be released on my birthday!!!!!!

  • WhitesnakeFanPage_SE


    Awesome! I don’t understand, can I or can’t I pre-order the live DVD yet?

    • Whitesnake


      The links are being worked out between Warner and Amazon, and there was a mess up which wasn’t caught until we’d already posted here and Facebook/Twitter. The links will be updated just as soon as we get them!

      • WhitesnakeFanPage_SE


        Thanks for the answer! Gonna pre-order it right away! 🙂

  • Magnus Gudmundsson


    Awesome. I will let my kids know of this and hope they buy for my birthdaygift becsuse I’m born on 24.Nov. 1962. 😀

  • William lee


    It’s advertised as The Purple Tour. Yet out of 13 tracks, there’s only 5 Purple tracks.

  • Noobus


    And where are “Sailing ships” & “Judgment day” 🙁

  • wieslaw


    I have a Purple album. Then I made a movie.
    It’s good to buy and this one. I am waiting…

  • wendy


    Will you be touring any time soon, please ?

  • B


    Where was this filmed?

    • David Byrne


      Birmingham U.K Genting Arena

  • Dave


    No Lady Double Dealer and Stormbringer? Those songs sounded f’n righteous when they were played in Tacoma!

    • Daniel


      Stormbringer is included as a bonus live song on the DVD/Bluray

  • MT


    They were filming for a DVD in Birmingham UK in Dec 2015 with Def Leppard.

  • Bruce M


    As William Lee points out, a purple tour, yet just 5 tracks from the purple era. So what’s with Coming Home? It’s my favorite, and the best track on the Purple Album in my opinion, yet not played wasn’t played live so not on the live album. It just doesn’t make sense to me that Coning Home is ignored.

  • Daniel

    11/15/2017 has changed the release date for the CD/DVD to 19th January 2018 but the CD/Bluray is still saying 24th November 2017

  • Althepo


    Has the release date been put back to next year now?

  • Kevin R


    Just got my tickets for the VA concert. Burn is one of the top three rock albums of all time in my opinion. Cannot wait. Hope the band is “Gettin Tighter!” Last saw Whitesnake in Atlantic City about seven years ago. Terrific band. Still Holding on to those 70s and 80s rock bands. Such good music and musicians. Music today is mostly sad…

  • Dany


    ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ LOVE thissssss

  • Jefferson


    Oh my God, I need to have this masterpiece.

  • Mike


    Noticed no Ontario Canada dates…please come back…CHEERS !!!!!!!!!!!

  • martin


    don’t suppose any chance of a Dublin gig in the near future

  • Althepo


    Has finally arrived and excellent stuff it is. I didn’t expect the Forever tour to be topped but the Purple tour did so with an emphasis on songs without the usual three solo spots, unnecessary anyway when all musicians have the opportunity to shine within the songs themselves. An excellent recollection of what I saw at Wembley and Cardiff. Well done to all. Look forward to seeing what the new album and tour brings. Cheers.

  • Cyril


    Have you ever wondered why Deep Purple haven’t made a Whitesnake tour ?

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  • roman


    we are still waiting for purple tour Whitesnake in Poland – please do this for many many polish fans Whitesnake and Purple 🙂

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    COVERDALE IS GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kate



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