• Mark


    Now wheres that remaster?

  • Sergey


    Maybe better collector’s vinyl edition?

  • Dirc Creed


    Adrian’s guitar solo on the track “Don’t Fade Away” is the most passionate, soulful and graceful phrasing I’ve ever heard. It literally brings tears to my eyes every time I listen to it. Well done Mr. Vandenberg!!

  • Paul Black


    Not the finest Whitesnake release by far, but the melodic, bluesy & soulful touches within certainly make it one highly underrated album that stands as one great piece of Whitesnake history.

  • Burney


    Been listening to the record recently. Great varient to David’s work. Great pitch and tone to the vocals. Full of feeling and passion. Adrian’s guitar complements each song perfectly. Music for moods record. Bluesy modern best. An emotional aid that transports me back to the time of its release. Many thanks for the great art.

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