Saints & Sinners 35th Anniversary!

Saints & Sinners…Priests & Thieves…
Can’t miss original versions of classics Here I Go Again and Crying In The Rain.
1. Young Blood
2. Rough An’ Ready
3. Bloody Luxury
4. Victim Of Love
5. Crying In The Rain
7. Love An’ Affection
8. Rock An’ Roll Angels
9. Dancing Girls
10. Saints An’ Sinners

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  • Chris Mueller


    still a blast 35 years later. Good record to start the day with: A cup of coffee and YOUNG BLOOD….. YOU´re HOT PROPERTY……..

  • Dave


    First tout I ever organised was the Saints and Sinners Tour. A snowy night at Deeside Leisure Centre. Such a special night and remember it like it was yesterday. I loved that line up and still love the album today.

  • duttka


    With Jon Lord and Ian Paice…

  • Simon Ford


    transitional album.Last one featuring Moody, Marsden, Murray & Paice.
    I was playing the expanded edition recently.The then new boy Mel Galley sung some Backing Vocals and was great onstage with the ‘Snakes.At the Birmingham Odeon in ’82 I was out my seat on the classic lead guitar break in ‘Bloody Luxury’ .
    I recall the Purple MK2 reunion in ’84 and Ian Paice citing in an interview with Tommy Vance that ‘Crying In The Rain’ was a favourite cut of all the stuff he played on.
    Mel got to shine on the follow up ‘Slide It In’.
    Some good tunes to rediscover

  • Shawn W


    Please please please tell me Tommy is on drums for this tour!!!! I can’t seem to find it.

  • José Rendas


    it was my first album.!!!!!! 35 years up`s im old.!!!!!tank`s for the good music
    Cheers for a long friendship.

  • Oscar Cordioli


    meraviglioso Disco…. l’ho praticamente consumato!!!
    dal quel giorno la mia Vita musicale è cambiata….




  • Didier


    Live in the hear of the city, Saints and sinners, Ready an’ willin’, Come an get it what remarquable albums. Would like to hear them on stage again.

  • Desmond


    I just listened to this album again this week after many years. I had forgotten just how good this album was. The lyrics are brilliant, if not a bit predictable for Mr Coverdale. The twin guitars of Marsden and Moody is a joy. Neil Murray and Ian Paice were a great partnership, both probably the best to have ever occupied those berths in the band. Paice’s drumming on this album was superb! Jon Lord – words can’t describe how good the great Jon Lord was and the contribution he made to this band and any other band he was in. David Coverdale’s delivery is exceptional. The quality of the music released by the band curing the five year period between 1979 and 1984 was the very best in my opinion and the Saints and Sinners album is a great example of the high calibre rock and roll they produced at this time. Sadly we no longer have three of the Snakes that featured during this time, Mel Galley, Cozy Powell and Jon Lord, RIP, but no doubt jamming upstairs.

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