The Whitesnake 2018 Album Specially Remastered For iTunes & YOU!!!

For a short space of time…The Whitesnake 1987 Album Has Been Released in a Specially Remastered Version For YOU!!!

Soon after its release in April 1987, WHITESNAKE “1987” became a huge success around the world, selling more than multi million copies. It peaked at #2 on the Billboard album chart and spawned four popular singles: “Still Of The Night,” “Give Me All Your Love,” “Is This Love” (which reached #2) and the #1 hit “Here I Go Again.”

Get yours today!

Track, List for the 2018 Remaster:

  1. Crying in the Rain 87 (2018 Remaster)
  2. Bad Boys (2018 Remaster)
  3. Still of the Night (2018 Remaster)
  4. Here I Go Again 87 (2018 Remaster)
  5. Give Me All Your Love (2018 Remaster)
  6. Is This Love (2018 Remaster)
  7. Children of the Night (2018 Remaster)
  8. Straight for the Heart (2018 Remaster)
  9. Don’t Turn Away (2018 Remaster)
  10. Looking for Love (2018 Remaster)
  11. You’re Gonna Break My Heart Again (2018 Remaster)

Don’t hesitate.  This limited time special ends January 10, 2019!

Track By Track Notes On The Original Album from David Coverdale






  • Bert


    Love that album from back to front a truly amazing collection. Hope the new album can compete with Forevermore, that kicks ass.
    Why haven’t whitesnake headlined I Toronto for such a long time…. you played a club called the Rebel but no theaters or outdoor sheds?

  • Johnpaul


    Hi David love all the music of whitesnake happy new year to you and your family see you at donington can’t wait for new album cheers

  • Javier


    David, te deseo tengas un maravilloso año 2019 donde se cumplan tus ilusiones y lleguen a buen puerto todos tus proyectos. Un placer poder seguir disfrutando de vuestra música desde 1976, y de tu voz desde unos años antes. Un recuerdo tambien para todos aquellos que ya no están con nosotros y mas sincero agradecimiento. Ronnie, Lord y Moore entre otr@s. Thanks for the music.

  • Althepo


    What does ‘remastered for iTunes’ actually mean?

  • Take


    really enjoyed your videos. Good to know the stories back in 1986.
    Hope to see Whitesnake in 2019 in Japan.
    Looking forward to listening your new album also please play some song you’ve never played. Domo Arigato!

  • TORU Ikejiri


    David, Thank you for your music make us encourage such a long time.
    Would you mind explaining What is the difference between 1987
    2017 Remaster and 2018 Remaster Version. Thank you in advance.

  • Nelson Barlow


    My name is Nelson Barlow and i really loved all your songs still of the night, here i go again 87 and is this love.

  • Really looking forward to seeing you guys soon in Clearwater FL !!!!

  • Tomaselli



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