• Mrs Patti Willmott


    I’m not a member of social media I am a fan of life outside of my window and I live in reality. Have you really retired Mr David Coverdale or are you going to ‘come out of the woodwork’ with your splendid boys and girls ‘well, hello there’ well educated speaking voice and vocal ability to match. Have both had a good rest? Am I not a nice person.?
    Probably not but then the word ‘nice’like ‘sorry are the two most irritating words in the English Language. I’m from the UK and I wanted to come to your last Whitesnake concert
    to see/hear Foreigner and not White snake! At least I’m honest., yeh and we all still adore the Rolling Stones & Paul McCartney. I’m a year older than you are and my education was probably better than yours. Honesty rules OK dishonesty does not. Goodbye, I doubt you will see /hear read this message with so many servantile staff to wait upon you.

  • Zlata Kenny


    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 🎄🎅♥️

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