Shut Up & Kiss Me One Year Anniversary!

Valentines Day marks the one year anniversary of Shut Up & Kiss Me, the first single and video from the 2019 album, Flesh & Blood.

If you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past year, and not been one of the 2.1 MILLION rockers to watch, check it out below!  If you’ve already watched it, we’d like to thank you from the bottom of our snaky hearts for making it such a scorcher! (and it’s always a good time to watch it again 🙂

“This is much more of a lite-Snake kind of video, in that it’s fun stuff,” Coverdale told Billboard. “We’d released a very dark, intense video for the song ‘Burn’ from The Purple Album (in 2015). This has the same sense of fun we had back in the halcyon MTV days. The people who are coming to the club and see (the car) are going, ‘Omigod! That’s the Whitesnake Jag!’ and having their pictures and stuff taken with it. It’s just a lot of fun.”

Flesh & Blood




  • Ricardo Maia


    Dear Mr. David Coverdale;
    What can I say?!… “Amazing” it’s the word That I found in order to express myself . I follow the whitesnake from the beginning. Congratulations for being better and better. If I may, I’d like to make a suggestion… An album of ballads, recovering songs such as “Time an again”, “Northwinds”, “Only my soul”, probably a long version of “We wish you well”, including “Is this love”, of course. A kind of “SNAKE BALLADS”. It is only a suggestion.

    I wish you well

    Kind Regards

    Ricardo Maia

  • Jerry Nash


    You guys rock and I will always jam to Whitesnake. I just wish I knew what the communication between DC and me, Jerry Jay Nash was all about. It was coming from his verified Twitter page to my messages on my android. The communication was reciprocative and lasted for a short time and then stopped. Does that happen to a lot of people and I was just a random one. Would just like to know, that’s all. Thanks.

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