Slip Of The Tongue 28th Anniversary!

Congrats Adrian, Rudy, DC, Steve & Tommy…Such An Honour To Know You & Work Alongside You…XX

‘Ere’s Songs For Ya!!!


  1. Slip Of The Tongue
  2. Judgement Day
  3. Fool For Your Loving
  4. Now You’re Gone
  5. Kitten’s Got Claws
  6. Cheap & Nasty
  7. The Deeper The Love
  8. Slow Poke Music
  9. Wings Of The Storm
  10. Sailing Ships

Available on iTunes.


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  • Michael Tembadis


    I’ve always loved this album, for the freshness of the sounds, for the artistic performance of every single element, for the compositions, for the videos, the world tour of which I was present in 1990 at the Monster of Rock in Italy… It’s a record so strong and fucking fantastic, wonderful! A record that is still current today, even if it is an album that has been criticized by idiots… because they have never understood that “Slip of the Tongue” was ahead of its time! For me this album and this training is still one of the best results of the entire Whitesnake career! Please note that I love all the Whitesnake albums!

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