6 years ago, Forevermore

6 years ago, with the release of “Forevermore” Coverdale reignited an explosively fruitful vein of creativity with guitarist and co-writer/producer Aldrich, Reb Beach (Winger, Alice Cooper) on guitar, Briian Tichy (Ozzy, Billy Idol, Foreigner) on drums and Michael Devin (Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Lynch Mob) on bass, and as with all Whitesnake’s albums, Coverdale aided so capably by Aldrich opens up his heart and soul to express emotions and empathy rarely heard these days in any musical genre.

What is your favorite track, or memory from the album or tour?



  • DiegoMooreyra


    Ahhhhhh! Fantástic album, great rock. …
    Happy aniversary!

  • nigel plant


    it is always a great album to play anytime day or night..lets have another epic like forevermore

  • uv


    4ever> and I share the same day so thank you for remembering 😉 all good things happen in pisces xx

  • jose Tomas guerrero


    great…. i cant wait for the new record.. mr coverdale!
    greetings from chile

  • Gabriel


    coverdale is god

  • Alfredo Pérez


    Steal your heart away, Forevermore, One of these days, My evil ways, Easier said than done…

    • Alfredo Pérez


      Greetings from Buenos Aires Mr. Coverdale…

  • Chris Handley


    Steal Your Heart away is my fave from that album. I was delighted when it was performed live at Newcastle O2 Arena later that year.

  • Andre Ricardo


    Saudades do DOUG

  • Paul Jacklin


    Steal Your Heart Away is my favourite

    Had a great night at Manchester O2 Apollo on UK leg of Forevermore tour

  • Schuster- teruel


    The best song forevermore. Song like Still of the night. Himno total. A hug

  • Trevor G from Down Under


    Forevermore the song is simply classic, rock, blues tune with that epic uplifting tempo to it
    DC at his best and how well such a song suits his classic bluesy/rock voice
    Whitesnake and DC are still capable of writing such a classic.
    Whether you listen to the album, the live version or the alernate all ballad version, the song maintains its integrity and roots.
    Absolute classic

  • Ahmed


    Forevermore for me. The great thing about music is that each person can be taken away to a different place. David’s soulful bluesy voice is always there. As the title track builds up to its crescendo for me the music and the scales Doug used took me for a journey through the exotic splendour of Marrakesh and then across the sand dunes of Egypt into the Valley of the Kings and to a most exotic damsel. I promise that this state was not drug induced. Cheers

  • Petit-Luc


    What a fantastic album !!!

    Doug come back to write another one !

  • Jon-Kåre


    Dogs In The Streets, My Evils Way

  • Pierced


    Forevermore was a classic for sure! The two epic standouts for me were Tell Me How- Forevermore!! But really their were no weak tracks on that CD. I know David has a couple more of those in him.

  • Dino


    This album was a masterpiece… thank you for your music…. thank you for your inspiration…

  • Dino


    I miss DOUG :((((( O come on now!!! do us a favor :((((((

  • JayMSnakeFan


    Forevermore is 1 of my favorites as I had it playing on my wedding day as Lady T made her way to me. Very special in my ♡!!! CHEERS!!! 🙂

  • Milos


    Forevermore is a great album, love all songs… I have a cd, but Im still searching for a vinyl to complete my collection of Whitesnake LPs….only this one is missing and here is hard to find.
    Im longtime fan, from 1983. when I heard (IMO) best ever song Gambler!… I have been on every Whitesnake concert in Belgrade Serbia last years: 2006., 2011 (with Judas Priest), 2013. and 2015…hope to see you soon again.

    God Bless mr. DC and Whitesnake, all the best to rock people around the Globe.
    Long Live Hard Rock and Heavy Metal!



    Best album of the lot and up there with the best of anyone anytime!

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