The BLUES Album

14-Song Collection Completes
The Red, White And Blues Trilogy
With Remixed And Remastered Versions
Of The Band’s Best Blues-Rock Tracks

Available NOW From Rhino On CD And Blue Vinyl

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LOS ANGELES – Whitesnake celebrates the blues sound that helped inspire its multi-platinum career on a new collection that features remixed and remastered versions of the group’s best blues-rock songs. THE BLUES ALBUM is the third and final release in the band’s Red, White and Blues Trilogy, a series of compilations organized by musical themes that began this year with LOVE SONGS (red) and The ROCK Album (white).

THE BLUES ALBUM is available for order now, and is available digitally and on CD and as a double-LP set pressed on 180-gram, blue vinyl. Like The ROCK Album and LOVE SONGS, all the tracks on THE BLUES ALBUM have been revisited, remixed, and remastered.

Whitesnake’s singer-songwriter David Coverdale says, the music reflects how blues artists like Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, and the three Kings (Albert, B.B. and Freddie) continue to inspire him. In the album’s liner notes, he writes: “It’s hard to find the words to show how profoundly they connected with my soul. But ‘blues’ to me is a beautiful word that describes emotional expression… feelings, be it feelings of sadness, loneliness, emptiness… but, also those that express great joy, celebration and dance, sexiness and Love!!!”

The new compilation delivers a potent mix of hits and deep tracks that originally appeared between 1984 and 2011 on six Whitesnake studio albums and Coverdale’s solo album, Into the Light.

THE BLUES ALBUM showcases two of the band’s biggest songs: “Slow An’ Easy,” a Top 20 Mainstream Rock hit in 1984 from Whitesnake’s double-platinum album Slide It In, and a BRAND NEW guitar based remix of the smash hit “Give Me All Your Love” from the band’s 1987 self-titled album, which was certified multi multi platinum. Other choice tracks from Whitesnake are also featured: “Looking For Love” and “Crying In The Rain,” and “Steal Your Heart Away,” which is available now.

Restless Heart (1997), Good to Be Bad (2008), and Forevermore (2011) are all represented on THE BLUES ALBUM by multiple tracks (“Too Many Tears,” “A Fool In Love” and “Steal Your Heart Away”). The collection also includes “If You Want Me,” a studio recording released in 2006 as a bonus track on the live album, Live…in the Shadows of the Blues. Coverdale also taps his 2000 solo album, Into the Light, for “River Song.”

Order Your Copy of The BLUES Album Today!

“Give Me All YourLove” The BLUES Album 2021 Version


“Whipping Boy Blues” 2021 Version

The New 2021 Remix of “Lay Down Your Love”

The New 2021 Remix Of “Steal Your Heart Away”

The New 2021 Remix Of “Slow An’ Easy”


CD Track Listing:

  1. “Steal Your Heart Away”
  2. “Good To Be Bad”
  3. “Give Me All Your Love”
  4. “Take Me Back Again”
  5. “Slow An’ Easy”
  6. “Too Many Tears”
  7. “Lay Down Your Love”
  8. “The River Song”
  9. “Whipping Boy Blues”
  10. “If You Want Me”
  11. “A Fool In Love”
  12. “Woman Trouble Blues”
  13. “Looking For Love”
  14. “Crying In The Rain”


LP Track Listing

Side One

  1. “Steal Your Heart Away”
  2. “Good To Be Bad”
  3. “Give Me All Your Love”
  4. “Take Me Back Again”

Side Two

  1. “Slow An’ Easy”
  2. “Too Many Tears”
  3. “Lay Down Your Love”

Side Three

  1. “The River Song”
  2. “Whipping Boy Blues”
  3. “If You Want Me”
  4. “A Fool In Love”

Side Four

  1. “Woman Trouble Blues”
  2. “Looking For Love”
  3. “Crying In The Rain”


  • maria costa


    Great news! Can´t wait for the album to come!

  • James Dean


    Can’t wait 😀 thank you!!! vinyl it is for me and download. Take care guys

  • George


    AWESOME! Can’t wait!
    What’s next I wonder …. on to new stuff? OR if I could get ya to scratch an itch David – I’d LOVE – to hear the current band do material from those early recordings. From Snakebite through Saints & Sinners, there be some killer jams on those that I think the current ‘Snakes could really sink their teeth into and are sadly overlooked! Them early tunes need some love!

  • Walking in the shadow of potentcy


    Any Whitesnake ‘ blues album that does NOT include ‘Ain’t no love in the heart of the city’ ,’Northwinds’,Blindman’ or ‘ Lonely Days,Lonely Nights’…is lamentable( I was expecting so much more range of possible material)

  • Tammy Bell


    You can never have too much Whitesnake or Whitesnake music!!😈😈😎

  • Pazurek


    Fine, just, fine…but I miss a lot of blues tracks in new mixes like Hungry for love or even Sailing Ships…

  • Robert Rooney


    I was hoping for some deep, slow songs with Mr. C using his bluesy voice to the max. I’ll love it anyway but I’m sure others would agree with me. The unique voice making the hairs on my neck and arms stand up with excellent songs like Northwinds or Sailing ships would have been great!

  • Alan Smith


    As much as I love Whitesnake I appreciate this new album and will be purchasing it for sure but I would love to hear some of the older Bernie Marsden era songs too.

  • Kevin C Selbig


    DC doesn’t own the rights to the early Whitesnake recordings; only the stuff from ’84 till now. I totally agree that all those songs you mentioned would be incredible if refreshed, remixed, and remastered. But, the original versions are pretty damn good in their own right.

  • Kevin C Selbig


    OK, now I love Whitesnake, and have just about every studio album ever put out. I’m overjoyed that Looking for Love, and If You Want Me, are included on this album. But, Too Many Tears – again? It’s on the Love album, which I have. It’s on the Restless Heart album, which I have. It’s also on the Into The Light Album, which I have. I sure hope the blues version is noticeably different than the love version (which is great). Can’t wait until 2-19-2021.

  • ETK


    Looking forward to hearing how different this remix of Give Me All Your Love sounds from the Rock album one

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  • AndyC


    Anyone that is disappointed by the omission of songs from early Whitesnake must understand that David doesn’t own the rights to the songs pre Slide It In. They belong to the estate of their former manager & Sunburst label. Sad though that is, this is still a great tracklist 👌

  • Brongwyn K Williams


    I agree with George. I would love to hear the new band rip through the old pre Slide It In material. Just a little food for thought before you fully retire.

  • Сергей


    Есть ещё порох в пороховницах!!!

  • Ladislav Blažek


    Skvělá trilogie škoda že není i ze starší tvorby whitesnake. 🎸🇨🇿👍

  • Andrew Simpson


    I hope to God DC’s plan for the future includes all remixed and remastered real blues albums…. Saint & Sinners, Come & Get It, Ready & Willing, Live in the Heart of the City. He ain’t stupid cause many people are going to go WTF is this?!

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  • Paulinho rock in roll Blues


    Obrigado meu Deus. Pelo primeiro grande disco de 2021 . O bicho vai pegar. Temos que trazer eles de volta ao rock in Rio. Valeu Coverdale

  • Kaz.F


    Oh yes, I’m the one of the Whitesnake quire, and love to hear the new versions of your great songs, but I’m afraid to say that there are some songs in this album should not be categorised as “Blues”.
    I would like to suggest you to raise the cloud funding to buy back your precious masterpieces of the rhythm and blues during the Sunburst years.

  • Mark Mercer


    Why oh why was Lonely days, lonely nights from “ come an’ get it”not on this album.
    Pure blues and one of your greatest triumphs in my opinion.
    Or as one very wise person from a previous comment stated doing reworks of your early albums?
    Great idea that as I’m a great fan of that era up-to and including “ Slide it in”
    Fingers crossed?

  • Ssmith


    Ждём с нетерпением! Спасибо за отличную музыку!

  • Kevin Towse


    Shame nothing from the early classic albums

  • Kevin Towse


    The Blues Album Vol 2 The Early Years. David please sort

  • Davd D.


    What a best of blues without Walking In Tne Shawdows Of The Blues??? Not to mention Love Hunter or Gambler…. but you have Good to be Bad???

  • Potency


    KF totally agree.
    UK needs a bloody good sing song.

  • John


    He doesn’t own the rights too anything from anything after Slide It In. Hence the date period explained in the notes above. Nothing he can do about it.

  • Rich from Grangetown, Middlesbrough


    What you have here,is a needy old has-been,exploiting his audience, for more of their money,by getting them to buy material,they already own.All artists know many of their fans,are completists,and these new remixes will be at the current royalty/publishing rate,not from when they were originally released.Probably needs it for legal purposes,to continue her tax avoidance….
    Love & Light Y’all…..

  • Chris M


    I absolutely love the Red and White albums! I’m very much looking forward the Blues album. Great to hear remixes of songs that have been a part of my life for over 35 years. Cheers!

  • john shields


    hi david john shields here visiting on web got internet at new apafarfment it will be 2 years in june just got lil box ‘o’ snakes on cd this month no live email 7023456866 mesquite nv if you ever need that love john

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  • Leslie Mondragon


    Hi David,
    Can’t wait to get my hands on this. Now, come to the US, maybe even Reno, NV! Would love to see you in person! Big fan!! Thank you for the Blues album, this will make a great 60th birthday present for my husband next month as he is a big fan as well! Love you guys!!

  • Mark McCleary


    Disappointed the lay down your love video appears to show that the fantastic guitar solo what’s been cut out!! spoils the track for me

  • Daniel Shakesheff


    @ Mark McCleary Only The Video cuts the solo

  • Stevo


    “Ain’t no Blues in the Heart of the Album”…..where’s the proper early blues stuff gone ….if it’s a Whitesnake blues Album it’s got to back to basics ….”Trouble” , “Walking in the Shadow of the Blues”, “Lonely Days Lonely Nights”,
    Those were the days of Whitesnake’s Bluesy best
    The Purple Album was terrific because it picked the right songs …I’m not sure this selection hits the target

  • Douglas Cloutier


    I can’t believe Fool For Your Loving is not on the trilogy. Surely Mr. Coverdale owns rights to the 89 remake.

  • Winckel


    🤘🤘🤘🤘 Vinyl in my hands…..THANK YOU😝

  • Piotr Langtvedt


    Whitesnake need a proper box/compilation of their material from 1984 to 2019. I mean like Deep Purple’s extraordinary box “Listen Learn Read On”. One comprehensive box.
    These small compilations are not enough!

  • Helen Jansson


    Great album.
    Love it!
    Love from Sweden.

  • Jack Bracan


    Who are the Musicians?

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  • René Søby


    Its Fantastic and F…… awesome album, Whipping boy blues is my favorit 💪🎸
    Best regards from Denmark

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  • Tony


    I maybe right ,I maybe wrong..But, wherever you get your shot of WS blues.This CD is very far from ‘lamentable’ (I apologise). This mix has a whole lotta soul under the wire..You have to feel it for yourself ( 0h come on + 50s)

  • Shellie


    I mean is there anything that gets you moving to the music more than the riffs and beats on Steal Your Heart Away?!?! I very much appreciate the new mixes and how this very good music is getting a refreshing that preserves it for old and new fans. Such a rich and emotional voice backed with always exceptional band members.
    Thank you, Mr. Coverdale 🙂

  • nathalie


    j’ai sauvegarder ta page xxxxxx david oups j’allais oublier de signer ton blog me le rapelle c’est cool

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  • Cindy


    The blues album i have buy today is a good to listen now om a sunny day .

  • Cindy


    The blues album i have buy today is a good to listen now on a sunny day .

  • Alex


    It’s cool, but to be honest, i would like to see totally new album. It’s cool to see remixes and that kind of stuff, but I’d like a new album, not a remix.

  • Jes



  • FatBlob


    I get why the CDs are compredded but why release 24bit Hi Resolution files with a DR 0f 6???

  • FatBlob


    I get why the CDs are compressed but why release 24bit Hi Resolution files with a DR 6 ???

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